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From the beginning of June cyber-Wear invites viewers live to its CG Lounge Talk every Wednesday at 10 a.m. With its new format the promotional products specialist thus enables viewers midweek to start their day well informed about all the latest news. In a crisp and compact quarter of an hour the cyber team and its partner suppliers will keep their industry up to date on the most interesting current information relating to promotional articles.



Every week CEO Steven Baumgärtner meets with selected partner suppliers in a specially set up studio in Mannheim and chats live with them about the latest products and current topics affecting the world of promotional products.  Here suppliers and customers receive in-depth information not only about product highlights, but also about development, quality, regulations and standards in the industry.  Those participating in the discussions are a varied mix of companies from the promotional goods industry and prominent manufacturers.


The format offers the opportunity to present products and news in a completely new setting. The informal atmosphere, the live broadcast and the personal interaction make CG Lounge Talk so authentic and special. cyber-Wear is kicking off what will initially be a weekly broadcast of CG Lounge Talk with the premiere on 5 June.

05.06.2019 | Earebel



The start-up Earebel from the foothills of the Alps sells stylish caps, beanies and headbands with directly integrated and removable high-end headphones. The products became known above all from the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" ("Dragon's Den"), in which Dietmar "Didi" Hirsch and Manuel Reisacher presented their unusual idea back in 2016. They were awarded the deal back then, but have since developed their label further with just as much power of their own.


Manuel Reisacher from Earebel and Cybergroup CEO Steven Baumgärtner talked about the special features of probably the most comfortable headphones in the world, listening to music and making phone calls without restriction. The start-up founder explained the original idea behind the premium headphones integrated into headwear. Starting with home-knit hats, the brand now offers a wide range of hand-knitted caps, lifestyle beanies and lightweight headbands in which the high-quality Bluetooth headphones can be inserted. The advantages are comfortable wear, no more pressure or slipping. On first acquaintance the idea of customising the products for B2B, too, was born. Cybergroup's customer Porsche was a more than successful start into the B2B business as a second source of income for the still young brand Earebel.


The caps as well as the headphones and even the packaging can be customised in a variety of ways. From a minimum quantity of 150 pieces the headwear can be photorealistically sublimated, lettering knitted in, patches applied and more. From 2000 pieces the headphones can even be ordered in an individual Pantone colour and logo.


Together with its cooperation partner JBL, the brand is next planning a headband for the headphones, so that they can also be used without headwear, as well as waterproof models that can be inserted into a bathing cap, for example. There will also be a player integrated into the headphones. The headwear is produced in Poland, or hand-knitted by mum in the Allgäu. The headphones of course come from China. The products are mainly distributed via the company's own online shop, as well as sports and electronics retailers.


12.06.2019 | Mahlwerck



Tobias Köckert, Managing Director of Mahlwerck Porzellan from the beautiful town of Kolbermoor near Rosenheim, presented his latest products, innovations, forms of finishing, production processes and trends in conversation with CEO Steven Baumgärtner. A special tradition at Mahlwerck is that all employees can put forward their ideas for new products and then it's just a matter of trying them out. Two brand-new glazes, for example, which have a deceptively realistic concrete and asphalt look, were created as a result of this process. Almost in the same way a very special glaze has been created in which three different coloured glazes are sprayed on top of each other in so-called 'wet finishing'. Thanks to these different processes every cup is unique. The cup becomes an absolutely one-off piece as a result of individual finishing, for example the engraving process. The most distinctive of the cups developed in-house by Mahlwerck is a cup in a completely new form. Its corners and edges in the so-called 'polygon' shape make it an absolute eye-catcher on any table.


Sustainability and the concept of reusability are particularly close to Tobias Köckert's heart. Accordingly Mahlwerck has developed a vending machine system that can dispense returnable cups 24 hours a day. These can be returned after use and the deposit is refunded. At the same time Mahlwerck is also working on replacing plastic packaging in staff canteens with more sustainable alternatives. Here, too, there is a deposit system in which microwaveable containers made of glass with sealed lids are dispensed in a keep-warm bag. This means that staff can eat conveniently and at any time in their office, and then return the bag and collect their deposit later. 


Mahlwerck also offers refreshing promotional items which are ideal for hot weather. The smoothie-to-go glass mug in a healthy design and the cute ice cream Jogi in an appealing cult shape completely dispense with cardboard and plastic and bring the summer directly to the customer with a smoothie, sorbet or frozen yoghurt. They are ideally suited for when you're on the go, at home or in the office, and can of course be used again and again.



03.07.2019 | Sanders Imagetools


cyber-Wear once again surpassed itself in the first part of the CG Lounge Talk Summer Special. Plenty of sunshine, a fresh breeze and a great view. Spontaneous comments were "Wow, what a view" or "cyber-Wear always manages the impossible". Rightly so, because this time the CG Lounge Talk took place on the roof of the new company HQ in Mannheim.


The guest at the third Lounge Talk was Birgit Neyer, Sales Manager at Sanders Imagetools. In conversation with CEO Steven Baumgärtner, the focus was on the latest products, production processes for PET bottles and tubes, current topics and trends.


It's 10 a.m. and the sun is already blazing. The brand-new, transparent sun protection spray with sun protection factor 30 is perfect for these conditions. In a practical silicone bumper, it is the perfect companion because it is always at hand and can therefore protect the skin at any time. It absorbs quickly, doesn't stick, is waterproof and, contrary to classic white sun cream, leaves no visible residue on the skin. The formulation with a balanced UVA and UVB filter combination and beneficial vitamin E reliably protects the skin from sunburn and, if used regularly, helps to prevent the effects of light-induced premature skin aging.


Companies often use drinks with their own logo in order to stand out as a business or host of an event. Here Sanders Imagetools offers differently sized bottles and cans or Tetra Paks, all with a variety of fillings. The range is comprehensive: from apple spritzer and orange juice via isotonic and energy drinks to latte macchiato, secco or beer. The classic is the refreshing thirst quencher, mineral water, as a perfect promotional article at events and trade fairs. The cans can be enhanced with a robust paper or foil label or, in the case of large quantities, printed directly.


Sanders Imagetools aims to set an example with regard to sustainability and, from the end of this year, will use 30 percent recycled materials in the production of its PET bottles. Also recyclable is the Tetra Pak carton filled with table water which, from 10,000 pieces, is an ideal and deposit-free alternative to PET bottles. Each order is filled fresh and supplied to the customer with a shelf life of 24 months. Thanks to its full-surface printing the Tetra Pak is highly expressive and an absolute rarity in the promotional goods sector. 



10.07.2019 | MAGNA sweets



In the first sessions at the beginning of June, CEO Steven Baumgärtner invited the headphone start-up earebel and the porcelain specialists Mahlwerck to Cybergroup's Mannheim base. In the lounge of the company's new HQ building the business partners chatted in a relaxed atmosphere about the products and topics that are important to the individual supplier. High product quality, innovative developments and the topic of sustainability were important to both of them.


The next partner supplier on the way to Mannheim also represents these values. MAGNA sweets GmbH, based in Moorenweis near Munich, is one of the leading companies in the sector of confectionery as a promotional product. The company specialises in the packaging and printing of foils and tins with customer logos, and among other facilities has its own printing plant. Mario Siebig, a member of the Management Board, will be representing the company in the CG Lounge Talk.


A particularly hot topic at the moment is "Good Chocolate": for every five bars of chocolate sold, a tree is planted to counteract the greenhouse effect. In 2007 the then 9-year-old Felix gave a presentation on the climate crisis to his class at school. He ended by calling on his classmates to plant trees - thus starting a worldwide children's and youth initiative.  With the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation which he created, Felix then among other projects launched his own chocolate. With this chocolate as a promotional article, customers communicate the message of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to the world.


In April MAGNA launched the MAGNA sweets Challenge. The customers who ordered the most "Good Chocolate" bars by the end of the month were given trees to plant. Cybergroup won the challenge. In line with the motto "Stop Talking. Start Planting." Steven Baumgärtner plants the seedling together with Mario Siebig on the grounds of the Cybergroup HQ.


As is customary in the industry, for MAGNA sweets Christmas normally comes in May. This is the month when the Christmas catalogue with new promotional ideas appears. Mario Siebig is sure to present both some new products and proven classics during the conversation.



17.07.2019 | Xindao


The aim of the live talk from the beach in Holland was to spread the holiday mood before the CG Lounge Talk takes a short summer break until the end of August. In bright sunshine and with the beach empty of people, the Lounge Talk team dragged all the equipment what felt like 100 steps up the dune and 100 steps down again to the Zuiderduin Beachclub in Zoutelande.


The Zuiderduin Beachclub, part of the Fletcher Zuiderduin Beachhotel, is situated in an exceptional location, directly behind the dunes of Zeeland on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. Surrounded by comfortable deckchairs, sun loungers and beautiful terraces, Steven Baumgärtner and Han van Houten, XINDAO's Marketing Manager for many years, talked about the latest products and trends.


The Dutch partner supplier attaches great importance to sustainable components in its products. As a result, among other things, the company has created a complete range from the rapidly renewable raw material of bamboo. As far as sustainability is concerned, both parties agreed that there needs to be a step-by-step rethink in the industry. In addition to the large selection of sustainable products, van Houten presented a wide range of outdoor articles.


The two backpacks on display were a perfect match for the bright sunshine and the setting. The fully equipped "party backpack", as van Houten calls it with a twinkle in his eye, includes an integrated, removable Bluetooth speaker that can be effectfully illuminated. The backpack is suitable for the beach thanks to its water-repellent surface and is even available as a cool bag. A further backpack for urban users features a detachable 7-watt solar panel that can charge a smartphone, for example, in 3-4 hours. The product shows the technical combinations possible in promotional gifts and features the clean, modern and unique look of XINDAO's proprietary XD design.


Certainly just as innovative are the sunglasses made of wheat straw, a raw material that is otherwise burned but can now be used in a new form. Upcycling can be a trend-setting approach not only in the promotional products industry. In the same vein, cork is also popular for its versatility and soft feel. XINDAO uses the material as a highlight on attractive, reusable bottles and cups. The high-quality thermal containers keep beverages warm or cold for hours.


Added value, design and 'story behind' generally make sustainable products even more successful. This also applies to the drinking straw made of bamboo, the fast-growing, less thirsty material that is currently becoming increasingly popular. The sustainable straw not only replaces plastic straws, but also looks cool with summer drinks. XINDAO offers a set in the same look as to-go cutlery. According to van Houten, smart design and innovative products don't have to be expensive.


XINDAO presents further articles in its catalogue of more than 1,200 products, offering a wide range of colours and stock available at almost any time. In the cooperation between Cybergroup and XINDAO these are the ideal prerequisites for implementing projects at short notice. The fantastic Zuiderduin Beach Club and its team also offered equally good conditions for the CG Lounge Talk, many thanks!


28.08.2019 | Vonmählen


Gordon Iqbal, Head of Sales DACH, sees the talk as the right format to optimally communicate the values of the still young company and to give potential customers an overall picture of the Vonmählen brand and its high-quality products. "For us as an innovative tech lifestyle brand, this modern form of presentation is the ideal platform", said Gordon Iqbal on Wednesday morning before the live talk started as usual at 10:00 a.m..


The short history of Vonmählen is characterised by rapid growth and numerous successes. Over 1,500 percent growth in its first two business years made it the fastest growing technology newcomer in Germany in 2017, winning the Rising Star Award. The company attributes the strong growth of 7000% in four years to its innovative product concepts and above all to its intensive sales and marketing activities. Vonmählen sells its award-winning products in around 50 countries worldwide, and cooperates with many well-known companies in the field of co-branding.


Probably the best-known product to date is the bestselling "Allroundo", the world's first 6-in-1 charging cable. The Allroundo not only offers different adapters for each device in the smallest space, but also features a strong design, both in terms of the product and the packaging. The compact gadget can be customised from as few as 50 pieces, and from 1000 pieces can be supplied in the customer's own corporate colour. The products are available from a German warehouse in a delivery time from one to four weeks. The main branding area on the front can be finished with UV digital direct printing.


The "High Five" 5-in-1 charging cable has also won several awards. Here, too, all the necessary connections for the global market can be found in the smallest of spaces in a clean, attractive design. Designed as a key fob, the High Five offers the effective display of a logo.  In addition to a large number of standard colours and variants, individual colours can be implemented from 500 pieces. 


Gordon Iqbal presented the Wireless Concert One premium headphones as a completely new addition to the company's range. In addition to the glossy design, the headphones are distinguished by their consistent "signature sound" with its outstanding quality. The excellent finish and the well thought-out design convey the premium quality of the product. Due to their pricing the headphones represent an attractive incentive or merchandising item for the retail sector. Vonmählen attaches great importance to sophisticated, high-quality overall solutions, here with the waterproof case and a colour-coordinated charging and aux cable. These can be customised, for example, by engraving a name on them.


Another new development is the "Backflip" mobile phone holder. The advantages lie in its intuitive use, the anti-slip function and the possibility of setting the mobile phone upright with the Backflip - for example so that it doesn't slip on the folding tables of aeroplanes and trains. With this product the clean-lined look and flat design make a strong impact. The dot can be applied to all smartphones with a high-quality 3M adhesive. In addition, a fitting is available to attach the Backflip to a car dashboard or other places using a magnet. All products are available in paper and blister packs with customisable inserts.


04.09.2019 | Reflects


“We are REFLECTS” – that is the motto and the guiding principle of REFLECTS. Alexander Derosas, longtime key account manager at REFLECTS, presented the latest products, technologies and trends in the CG Lounge Talk.


The portable digital radio was the first highlight. Digital audio broadcasting, or DAB for short, is the new technology of the future when it comes to radio. DAB is the technology that is set to replace conventional radio stations. The goal is to be able to provide more radio stations for the respective regions. Digital broadcasting isn’t all that different from conventional radio in terms of functionality. In order to listen to digital radio, users only need a DAB-ready device. It can also be connected to a computer via a USB cable. Alternatively, it can also be operated by battery or power cord. In the Lounge Talk, Alexander Derosas spoke about the customisation process, calling it “old school meets new school”. The radio is an absolute eye-catcher with its full-surface customisation using pad or UV printing. It’s perfect for on the go, for the office, for travel or for parties.


Power banks are another important topic for REFLECTS. The approximately 25 to 30 models come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes and meet almost every customer requirement. The wireless charging power bank with suction cups is a particularly useful power bank. It is mounted onto the smartphone via suction cups for wireless charging. A metal ring at the back allows for better handling and horizontal positioning, e.g. for watching videos in landscape view.


Wireless charging products are also very popular at the moment. REFLECTS offers them in a wide variety of designs. For example, as a power bank or a charging station in a whole host of shapes and materials for any number of different uses. The Lounge Talk highlighted a wireless charging station with a visually appealing bamboo surface. It can be customised over the entirety of its surface with laser engraving or pad printing. The desktop organiser, also made of bamboo, with its wireless charging surface offers plenty of space to charge a smartphone as well as various additional surfaces to help organise one’s desk.


Besides electronics, drinkware is the most important product group at REFLECTS. This product group also offers customers a large selection of individual products. For example, the 360 ml cup with a modern stainless steel cover, recessed grip and transparent lid. It is available in the colours green, blue, red, black and white. The cup itself is double-walled and the opening in the lid can easily be moved back and forth. The double-walled stainless steel edition of the same cup is equally sleek and practical. The large insulating cup with high-quality laser engraving is definitely a highlight. Made of double-walled stainless steel with a practical twist fastener, the push button for opening and closing the lid makes it particularly appealing. The RELFECTS range also includes the stylish tea bottle, the sporty fitness bottle or motto editions such as the double-walled insulated mug with stainless steel coating in a Christmas design.


The 1,600 different products are shipped directly from REFLECTS’ own warehouse. What’s more, the products can be customised in-house with laser engraving, doming, or with pad or UV printing.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to get into concepts (e.g. watches, lanyards, pins etc.). But this topic is covered extensively in the respective catalogues:


Or discover the whole world of RELFECTS here:



11.09.2019 | Roemer Praesente


There’s a first time for everything: at the last CG Lounge Talk on 11 September 2019, the boss himself put on the apron for a live cooking show. Of course he wasn’t alone: Sebastian Römer from Römer Präsente joined him to present products revolving around cooking, gifts and Christmas. The entire Lounge Talk equipment was set up in the cyber’s Kitchen to create a completely unique event. 


Steven Baumgärtner and Sebastian Römer felt right at home behind the large kitchen island showcasing many delicious products. The large pot filled with tasty tomato tagliolini was bubbling and olives and ciabatta were waiting to be snacked on. Enough to make anyone’s mouth water. And when the Sangiovese di Toscana red wine was finally uncorked, the Italian dream was perfect. The pasta was served either with authentic Italian pesto genovese or sugo pomodoro e basilico. And all of these extra-special culinary delights are available as ‘ready-to-eat’ gift sets directly from the Römer family business.


The premium gift set ‘Pasta basta’ contains the red wine, pasta, pesto and tomato sauce in a natural-coloured corrugated carton with decorative material. The olives were served in pretty Rominix ceramic bowls on an elegant slate board. Toothpicks were used as skewers, presented in true style in a Rominox toothpick dispenser. The Rominox bread cutting set including a bread knife is perfect for cutting ciabatta. The bamboo board has a crumb tray so the crumbs don’t end up on the floor, and the knife can be stored in a recessed compartment at the top. To go with the ciabatta, but of course also suitable for salads and other dishes, Römer offers a 4-piece kitchen set with a selection of premium vinegars and oils. The set features four 100 ml decorative bottles with aceto balsamico, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and walnut oil. The four gourmet varieties are packaged side by side in a sliding gift box with a decorative lid. The lid can be individually customised. The vinegar and oil dispenser with cork stoppers are ideal for serving salads. The elegant design perfectly complements the bamboo tray used to serve the two dispensers. The Rominox cooking spoon made of the finest olive wood can be used to stir pasta or tomato sauce and can be set aside on the matching tray. Once the pasta is al dente and the sauce is hot, it’s ready to serve. The birch wood trivet is a useful space-saving gadget that can be halved in size as required. With the electric spice mill, seasoning is something to look forward to. The elegant spice mill with a customisable surface on the lid has an automatic ceramic grinding mechanism that can be operated with just one hand thanks to an innovative tilt sensor.


All products from Römer Präsente are ideal as Christmas presents and come in particularly pretty and appealing box sets. For example, the pasta set consists of Christmas tree-shaped pasta and festive sugo in holiday-themed packaging. What’s more, the Römer product range also features classic Christmas products. These include the Lindt Surprise in a festive Christmas tin. When you open the tin, you’ll find a Lindt Father Christmas, Lindor truffles and a Christmas card. The Christmas range also includes a sparkling bottle of chocolate. The elegant champagne bottle contains Lindor truffles in all flavours and is packaged in a black tube box.


Römer Präsente is the perfect partner for last-minute Christmas shopping, because the Christmas presents are packed very early on to make sure they can be delivered on time for the big day, even for orders placed on 23 December.


The table is set, the plates are filled and the team can join the feast. Buon appetito!




18.09.2019 | koziol


For the Lounge Talk on 18.09.2019 the whole cyber-Wear film team travelled to Koziol in the Odenwald region. The equipment was set up in the Glücksfabrik, founded in 2009. The Glücksfabrik is a special kind of walk-in time machine park. The factory has been manufacturing happiness for 85 years now, producing a wealth of fascinating stories and exciting products to see and discover. After all, simply browsing and looking for ourselves also makes us happy.



During the talk Mohamed Rhiyourhi, who is known to everyone as "Momo", introduced the world of reusable plastic and brand new Koziol products. Stefan Koziol himself threw the first product into the live talk right at the beginning of the conversation. The three-part cutlery set "KLIKK" is perfectly suited to outdoor use and for people on the move, and has a good size. In no time at all, this Design Award nominated product can be dismantled into spoons, knives and forks. The set can, for example, be enhanced with customer colours and a corresponding logo, giving it a very individual look. This is possible even with very small quantities.



The latest development at Koziol is the attractive and compact Bentobox. Especially in times when mobility is becoming more and more important, to-go articles are more popular than ever. The Bentobox is a three-part set consisting of a 0.5 litre bowl in which even soups can be transported thanks to the leak-proof screw cap. The size leaves nothing to be desired, as there is room for both small and large meals. A further compartment is then screwed onto it, which for example provides space for vegetables while the small box offers space for sunflower seeds for soup or other small items. Mixing the ingredients for lunch or dinner just before consumption is a highly popular trend. The hexagonal design and the organic surface give the box an irresistible urban-nature look, as Momo calls it. 



The four-piece set "PASCAL READY", consisting of three containers of different sizes for separating salad, baguette and dressing for example, is also new and offers plenty of space. The fourth part of the set is the three-piece cutlery "KLIKK" mentioned above.



The counterpart to the urban-nature look is the modern-retro style, which can be found in the "PLOPP TO GO" drinking bottle, for example. Its iconic top and modern design make it an absolute eye-catcher and very chic. The bottle can be divided into two parts for cleaning and filling. 



The SAFE TO GO cup, with an allround drinking edge for maximum convenience, is also highly popular. What many may not have known is that the cool lamella structure is not just for the look, but also offers heat protection, so that the 70-80 degree hot coffee or tea can be held in the hand immediately.



Many of the products already mentioned come from the Organic Collection. The material of this new collection consists of cellulose fibres and thermoplastics. This mixture is 100% recyclable because it is not a compound or a thermoset. The products are absolutely food-safe, of course BPA-free, dishwasher-safe up to 100°C and particularly hygienic to use.



Koziol represents "Good design with a clear conscience". Koziol is a design house: each product is developed with dedication by Stefan Koziol himself or by the works design team. The contemporary, creative design and functionality of the products have often won awards. The "good conscience" aspect is based on a number of certifications, on the longevity of the products, which can and should be used for a lifetime, and on ecological criteria, in that up to 90% less energy is consumed during production than, for example, in the manufacture of glass, ceramics or aluminium.


So what could be more sustainable than re-usable plastic products?






09.10.2019 | Halfar


For the current CG Lounge Talk, already the tenth in the series and this time with HALFAR, cyber-Wear introduced entirely new technology. During the previous two weeks almost all the old equipment had been replaced by even more professional technology not just for the upcoming talks, but also with a view to the company's big plans for 2020. However, it was the high-resolution cameras with the latest 4K technology and correspondingly large amounts of data that brought the livestream via YouTube to its knees on Wednesday morning.


In spite of this the conversation with Halfar was both interesting and informative. Unfortunately it could not be watched in the live stream, but since Wednesday afternoon it has been available on YouTube and cyber TV. In its company presentation the bag specialist asks "What makes a good bag", and displays a selection of its high-quality products, which offer the optimal platform for brand presentation. During the talk Sales Manager Jens Brand explains the details.


For over thirty years the Bielefeld-based company has stood not only for equipment bags for special purposes, but above all for a sophisticated range of promotional bags. In the promotional goods industry HALFAR is often regarded as a pioneer in the field of sustainability. The company's values are put into practice in everyday company operations and are accordingly reflected in its product ranges. The "Organic" series is manufactured from GOTS-certified organic cotton, a seal of approval that stands for a seamless and traceable standard in environmental and social compatibility - a subject that is rightly in increasing importance to the industry and needs to be addressed. The range consists of various small cosmetic and organiser bags, the continuing trend towards drawstring bags and particularly environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable bags. In addition, it is clear here that "ecological" does not always have to be undyed wool white, but can also come across as colourful.


Jens Brand is particularly proud of the agile product management team at HALFAR, which actively visits trade fairs, makes store checks and develops its own designs in-house. As a result new ideas for colours, materials and shapes are constantly being developed. However, in terms of quality and workmanship HALFAR always applies the high standards that it has developed with its many years of experience. After all, both the product and the advertising message are only enduring if the bag lasts a long time and is used with pleasure.


The second highlight presented by Jens Brand is a series in which the customer logo is especially eye-catching, thanks to the quilted design. Here the fast-lane technology specially developed by HALFAR is used, in which a logo created in digital printing on a backing material is integrated into a frame element already attached to the bag. This process allows the goods to be individualised and delivered within just one to three working days, depending on the quantity. Full-colour CMYK motifs, colour gradients or spot varnishes that accentuate the logo are possible. Even lasered labels can be glued in here. The overall look created by the attractive product design results in a wide variety of high-quality promotional bags that can be produced with great speed even from the smallest batch sizes - two further strengths that distinguish HALFAR as a supplier. 


Watch now:



16.10.2019 | wellnuss Premium Snacks


That's why Steven Baumgaertner once again welcomed his current guest in the cyber kitchen in Mannheim. As its name indicates, the guest company wellnuss Premium Snacks is all about high-quality nut mixes. However the brand has a lot more to offer, as interview partner Malte Wietbrauk explains during the CG Lounge talk.


The Key Account Manager has been working for three years at wellnuss Premium Snacks, which itself has been on the market for eight years now. Today's colleagues got to know each other in the wellnuss Racing Team, because the company's managing director is a passionate marathon runner. The brand is committed to the belief that the quality of a promotional product fully reflects the appreciation of the giver for the recipient. For this reason the team puts all its dedication and passion into the development of lasting gift ideas.


In fact, from the outset wellnuss has concentrated its high-quality offer on industrial customers and not, as some people might suspect, on food retailing. It all started with the Snackboard, conceived for conference catering as an alternative to the same old plate of cookies on the conference table. At the same time the idea of developing high-quality promotional articles was born. wellnuss was the first to design an appealing folding carton, which has been continuously developed and regularly used ever since. In conversation, Malte Wietbrauk describes this folding carton as the customer's shop window, as it is precisely here that individualisation can be applied. It is also important to the sustainably oriented company that the box is not a composite material, but that the individual components can be removed and disposed of separately. 

Currently the range offers 16 different snacks made from sweet, savoury and natural ingredients. All the snacks, however, are united by the wellnuss purity law: no preservatives, no colourings, no artificial flavours, no genetic engineering. All products are processed and packaged in Germany, while wellnuss obtains its raw materials from the best growing regions worldwide. The BBQ Rubs, for example, were developed by the owner himself while barbecuing.


The company offers a wide variety of packaging sizes, ranging from three to 60 grams to suit every budget. Of course, this also determines the quantities purchased, which nevertheless start at only 250 pieces for the second-largest unit. wellnuss offers the folding cartons in attractive gift boxes, optionally even in birch wood. This high-quality wooden box can be individualised with a brand stamp from just 50 pieces. Especially for Christmas there are not only new varieties, but also attractive presentation variants, most of which can be delivered from stock in the shortest possible time.


Of course, wellnuss has also thought about something for the summer, namely delicious ice cream. Together with a Hamburg ice-cream parlour the company has developed an ice-cream powder, also without additives, from which the best ice-cream can be made in the home refrigerator in no time at all. The fine powder is available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and Christmas chocolate cinnamon. Each variety is available with a practical mixing glass, which accurately displays the mixing ratios.



23.10.2019 | mbw


At mbw Lutz Franke is a certified expert for toy safety and, as quality manager, is responsible for product safety. mbw's products fall into the category of baby toys, i.e. for children under 36 months, and must therefore meet strict quality requirements. For mbw, this quality starts with the manufacturing process. Producers are carefully selected and regularly audited. At the same time, mbw has an employee in Shanghai who is responsible for quality at the production sites themselves. She checks the quality either during production or before shipping, in order to ensure that faulty or defective articles are not even shipped in the first place.  In addition, the eyes and seams of the stuffed animals, for example, are randomly inspected and compared with a reference sample for factors such as size and symmetry. The DIN EN 71 standard plays an important and mandatory role in this, as the products must meet not only chemical requirements but also specific mechanical and physical properties. For example, the strength of the eyes is tested by pulling them for 10 seconds with the aid of a 9 kg tensile tester. In addition, all seams must be clean and tightly sewn.


Under these conditions mbw produces really cute soft toys, squeaky ducks and many other little gifts in different versions. To start with the smallest ones, the Schmoozies® have a high-quality microfibre surface on their underside, with which the displays of smartphones and tablets can be cleaned easily, quickly and without streaks. With a diameter of 7 cm, the small, soft Schmoozies® are perfect to hold and are a distinctive eye-catcher on the desk because they look simply irresistible.


The cuddly toy selection leaves nothing to be desired, with the mbw range offering a wide variety of choice. From lions, hedgehogs and rhinos via classical bears right across to the panda, moose and elephant. The MiniFeet® brand offers cuddly toys of all different sizes, shapes and colours, but in one respect they are all the same: they're cuddly soft.


The Schnabels®brand includes all the squeaky ducks that mbw offers in every possible variation. Here you will find a mechanic with a matching cap, a football fan with football and flag, a brewer with a beer barrel and even a unicorn. This product group covers an enormous range, and even Dracula, Grandma Duck and the Carnival Prince are represented. There is also a duck in giant proportions and different colours.


In addition to the huge selection of standard articles, custom-made products are also possible. But here, too, quality and adherence to all the applicable standards and regulations come before design. All the articles to be manufactured must first be individually checked for these factors.



30.10.2019 | MYRIX


On the same day the new cyber notebooks from MYRIX were delivered, the optimal basis for discussing the individual product developments of the notebook manufacturer.


The company's high-quality notebooks and book calendars are individual and always special. It is the many small details that matter in this respect. These details, the processing in product and logo printing, the quality, the individuality and the incredible variety of different decoration possibilities make MYRIX articles ideal brand ambassadors. For MYRIX, production in Germany and Europe is an important factor. This means not only short distances, but also fast delivery times. For customers with lower budgets, MYRIX can also offer products from the Far East via its own office in Hong Kong.


A notebook may be a classic promotional product, but even here individual solutions are needed. The new cyber notebook was also produced in an uncomplicated way in a small edition. On the one hand, this is made possible by regularly available stocks which can be printed on at short notice, including on the spine, embossed or otherwise finished - and then delivered immediately. Advertising leaflets, for example, can even be inserted at a later date.


However, the main business in which MYRIX specialises is printing to customer specifications. The interior design can be individually adapted from as little as 250 pieces. Countless surface finishes, materials and colours are available for the cover. For the Camo Collection of the Ford Lifestyle Collection, for example, such unusual surfaces as well as textile covers were created jointly. The elaborate design was faithfully applied to a Setalux material and even continued in detail on the spine.


In general customers opt for the standard range, but the wide range of variations is ideal for presenting a brand in a progressive way. The company's own cyber book, too, is rich in individual details. In another cooperation, the current hardcover will be followed by a softcover notebook. In this context Patrick Döring also discusses the topic of sustainability. As far as paper is concerned, sustainability can be implemented using raw materials such as grass-based or recycled paper. Customer perceptions are also changing, and today products must not only look sustainable, they can also cost a little more. In addition to this new willingness to pay more for sustainability, the products themselves no longer look "eco", but are available in colours which are no less brilliant than in those produced conventionally. Their appearance is so good that their sustainable features have to be highlighted on the products to make them clear.


Another current topic in the talk is that order quantities are constantly falling, but at the same time more and more individuality is required. MYRIX is responding to this with its new MyCollection concept, which can basically be broken down to individually produced one-off items such as soft or hard covers, printed in four colours - and even individual pages of a book such as a personalised foreword can be printed in a different type, and all this in a maximum of three to four weeks! This concept in particular shows how versatile even a supposed classic of promotional materials can be.



06.11.2019 | PSI Journal

13.11.2019 | PROMOWOLSCH


From the very beginning PROMOWOLSCH has specialised in the production of
high-quality plastic products for the advertising and sales promotion sector.

The entire range is manufactured in Europe, mainly in Germany. Well-qualified employees, high-quality raw materials and value for money are backed by fast and reliable delivery times and top quality at budget-friendly prices.


The product range comprises the promotional product sector with, for example, frisbees, ice scrapers, bottle openers, fly swatters, rulers, sharpeners, note boxes, money trays, buckets, shoehorns, thermo cups, parking discs and much more.


A new product highlighted in the CG Lounge Talk is the 2K Alpenrambo ice scraper. The designer ice scraper with its brass blade looks particularly stylish and is especially popular in the higher-priced range of promotional items. Numerous imitations by competitors and as many successful cease-and-desist orders testify to the popularity of this bestseller. 


Since October 2018 PROMOWOLSCH has taken over the products of Gustav Selter GmbH, as Selter wants to concentrate more on its core business. The PROMOWOLSCH product range now includes new products such as screwdrivers, multitools, cutters, letter openers and calipers, which are mainly sold to the promotional products trade via the import company CONDEDI GmbH belonging to the owner's son.



20.11.2019 | FARE


The brand FARE stands for the highest quality and consistent optimisation. They are a specialist in high-quality advertising screens that combine excellent functionality with target-group-oriented design. For company-related advertising messages, FARE offers a comprehensive range of designs: From subtle advertising in the form of a noble doming (photo sticker) or elegant laser stickers to partially or fully printed covers to individual custom-made – almost all requirements for the perfect advertising screen are realized by the FARE team. For their trend-setting design and functionality, FARE umbrellas have already been awarded many (inter)nationally recognized prizes. The current range includes over 100 different umbrellas, including a variety of TÜV-certified models.

27.11.2019 | uma Schreibgeräte


uma, the writing instrument manufacturer from the Black Forest, produces proven success models as well as recent developments thus underscoring its reputation as an innovation driver. New colours, new designs, new writing instruments, new offer packages – advertising can hardly be more individualised. uma’s complete range leaves nothing to be desired – here everyone can really find his own favourite, from plastic to metal to natural products, and in every price category. 

04.12.2019 | ZOGI


Founded in 2002 under Herzog Products GmbH, the company specialises in design-oriented promotional products in the electronics and multimedia sectors and also has in-house developments in its range under the brand name Zogi. Since the company was founded Zogi Europe GmbH from Keltern has gradually developed into one of the leading specialists for electronic promotional products. With enthusiasm for good products and fresh design ideas, the name ZOGI has established itself as a strong, innovative brand that appeals with its ingenious range and its own distinctive developments.


11.12.2019 | JUNG since 1828


Colorful printed bags with gummy bears, chocolate with advertising logo or peppermint cans as giveaways for trade fair visitors - in this profession, JUNG is known as a successful, reliable supplier and trendsetter in the industry. The company was founded as early as 1828 and has since developed into the Europe-wide innovation leader in the segment "Tasteful Advertising Ideas". Home-made sweets, a mix of innovative products and classics, strong and popular brands and an extensive selection of Christmas products complete the diverse product range, leaving nothing to be desired from the trading partners.

05.12.2019 | Prodir


Sometimes they are supposed to provoke and attract attention, then tend to be quiet and restrained again: writing instruments not only have to write well, they also have to be credible. Always new and different. With 250 employees in Switzerland and seven sales offices around the world, Prodir is constantly reinventing ballpoint pens so that they can present demanding brands credibly and sustainably. Because for Prodir both belong together, writing and communicating. The brand stands for writing instruments that not only write well and look good, but tell stories.

05.02.2020 | Nestler-matho


Nestler-matho GmbH & Co KG is a company with more than 100 years of tradition based in Baden-Baden. Since 1965, the importer and stockist of design advertising materials has been working exclusively with the advertising trade. Long-standing connections, good partnerships and reliable references distinguish Nestler-matho®.

Nestler-matho® focuses on the exclusive advertising trade and an all-round service where discerning customers receive "everything from a single source". In addition to goods directly from stock, Nestler-matho® also offers its customers the possibility of direct import and custom-made products. Thanks to many years of experience and partnerships, the realisation of special customer projects and custom-made products with their own designs from the Far East at favourable prices is part of day-to-day business. 

12.02.2020 | Elasto


For over 35 years, elasto has been producing and refining promotional items, advertising materials and POS materials in Germany. From in-house toolmaking and pre-press to injection molding and printing, they are the specialist for promotional items, premiums and POS, especially for large orders. They guarantee flexibility, reliability, speed and cost-effective processes!


19.02.2020 | TROIKA


TROIKA sells products that give you joy. Yourself, a friend, a customer or business partner. TROIKA products have been extremely successful for more than 20 years. They give joy and fun. From the smallest key chain to the most elaborate desk object. So you can be sure: if it’s not fun, it’s not a TROIKA product.