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Tuesday, 15-09-2020

Germany needs a strong rail network

And diverting more traffic onto Germany’s railways is the top concern of Deutsche Bahn. The company’s “Starke Schiene” (“Strong Railway”) strategy is all about creating the conditions for this to happen. more >
Monday, 14-09-2020

Innovator of the year: 20 sustainable projects already in the pipeline

With the new special "Innovator of the year" category of the PSI Sustainability Awards we wish once again to emphasise the importance of sustainability. In close cooperation with suppliers and customers 20 sustainable projects have already been put i... more >
Monday, 14-09-2020

Painstaking manual craftsmanship at mbw

In large companies we are seeing less and less manual work on the product during production - but not at mbw! To demonstrate this, Managing Director Jan Breuer will take us on a tour of the production facility. more >
Friday, 11-09-2020

Tech lifestyle products that have an extra dash of design

Co-founder Alexander Nolte takes us on a journey through a digital world filled with super-cool and stylish tech accessories for everyday use and featuring great functionality. more >
Monday, 07-09-2020

Vonmählen to be the first guest after the summer break

Our CG Live Talks are about to resume. As our first guest we will be visiting the tech newcomer Vonmählen in beautiful Lüneburg. Starting on 09.09.20 we will as usual transmit the latest and most exciting news from the world of promotional product... more >
Thursday, 20-08-2020

Hygiene Key for everyday life

Safe travel with Deutsche Bahn: the company is implementing a comprehensive package of measures to guarantee its customers a safe journey. The Hygiene Key is one of these measures. more >
Tuesday, 18-08-2020

Starter kits for change of logo

For Amprion's new brand identity and logo change we have produced a multi-facetted starter kit which has been presented to every single employee at Amprion's 36 locations. more >
Monday, 10-08-2020

"So that you can keep smiling!"

For Deutsche Bahn AG we are producing paper bags in which face masks can be stowed safely and hygienically while you enjoy a tasty snack. more >
Wednesday, 23-09-2020

CG Live Talk | SND | 23.09.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Silke Eckstein from SND. more >
Tuesday, 29-09-2020

CG Live Talk | Lamy | 29.09.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with André Hammelsbruch from Lamy. more >
Wednesday, 07-10-2020

CG Live Talk | Kalfany | 07.10.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Jeanette Baiker from Kalfany. more >
Wednesday, 14-10-2020

CG Live Talk | Daiber | 14.10.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Kai Gminder from Daiber. more >
Wednesday, 21-10-2020

CG Live Talk | UMA | 21.10.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Alexander Ullmann from UMA. more >
Wednesday, 28-10-2020

CG Live Talk | Stabilo | 28.10.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Harry Saffer from Stabilo. more >
Wednesday, 04-11-2020

CG Live Talk | Intraco | 04.11.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Jacques Nieuwkamp from Intraco. more >
Wednesday, 11-11-2020

CG Live Talk | Koziol | 11.11.2020

On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. with Mohamed Rhiyourhi from Koziol. more >
Tuesday, 12-01-2021

PSI l 12.-14.1.2020

When the PSI opens its doors in January 2021, everything at the Düsseldorf... more >
Thursday, 16-04-2020

“You don’t have to be a scientist to do science.”

Supporting scientific research with processing power: because with free computer capacities, any company can support and even accelerate research projects worldwide. more >
Tuesday, 24-03-2020

"We are facing the current challenges actively and we take care!"

In these difficult times it is more important than ever to say THANK YOU and stick together. While many people work from home to avoid contacts, there are still many others who give everything for the... more >
Friday, 20-03-2020

Personal, up close and authentic

With our friendly cyber-Communicators, our aim is to provide you with an insight into our daily business. Who works for cyber-Wear, and what do we actually do all day? Personal posts about products, e... more >
Wednesday, 11-03-2020

CG Live Talk cancelled until further notice

No need to panic! – but extreme caution is advised with regard to coronavirus (COVID-19). more >
Monday, 02-03-2020

New Business Unit: Calendars

In addition to Full Service, Merchandising and E-Shop Solutions, we are now also offering our new Calendar Business Unit. Here we focus on calendars of all kinds - with one goal in mind: to remain pro... more >
Monday, 02-03-2020

When ‘greater data security’ is no longer simply enough

The greater part of the work in respect of cyber-Wear’s TISAX certification has now been achieved. This represents a significant step for us as a business, and once again, we have embarked on comple... more >
Thursday, 20-02-2020

CG Lounge Talk with a new Concept: Now CG Live Talk

New Year, new concept: The well-known and popular CG Lounge Talk has in the meantime become well established in the promotional materials sector and is already fully booked for the first half of the y... more >
Tuesday, 11-02-2020

Our next big step: AUTOSTORE

Only 10 months after moving into our new headquarters, our two Managing Directors are initiating another big step. In just five weeks' time, the warehousing system at our premises in Mannheim will be ... more >
Thursday, 06-02-2020

New faces for 2020 – heading into the New Year with four new team members

Four new members of staff joined cyber-Wear at the beginning of 2020: Both our Design department and our Customer Service department are pleased to be getting extra members of staff. A replacement wil... more >
Tuesday, 04-02-2020

Something completely different - the catalogue of »The Paris Club Art Experience« exhibition

Paris and art made up the main theme of both our participation in PSI 2020 and our exclusive evening event. In keeping with the theme, my design team and I have showcased the 42 individual works of ar... more >
Thursday, 23-01-2020

After the PSI fair, it's now time for the boat show

We are currently spending around 10 days at "boot", the boat show in Düsseldorf, where we are presenting the merchandise collection specially developed for our customer Mercury Marine, the leading ma... more >
Friday, 17-01-2020

What's new at the PSI?

With even better equipment than last time my Marketing colleagues and I once more went on a "trend hunt" during the entire trade fair. You'll find all the interviews with suppliers on our website or d... more >
Tuesday, 14-01-2020

Unique, exclusive and a resounding success

The cyber-Wear VIP event on the first evening of the fair once again exceeded all expectations: an art exhibition with 42 works in the Paris Club on the 17th floor of the 25hours Hotel with more than ... more >
Friday, 10-01-2020

Trade fair participation sets new benchmark

A stylish lounge that warmly welcomed guests; a sensational evening event that will be remembered by all involved for a long time; a media buzz during the entire course of the fair - with its appearan... more >
Tuesday, 07-01-2020

PSI highlight »The Paris Club Art Experience«

Cybergroup enhances the PSI with an exclusive sneak preview event for VIP guests, who can look forward to over 30 unique exhibits from all over Europe in "The Paris Club" Düsseldorf. more >
Monday, 06-01-2020

Wow! – What a year!

2019 was exciting, trailblazing but also demanding. As we start a new year, the Cybergroup management would like to thank the cyber-Team, and also its partners and customers, for the shared journey an... more >
Friday, 03-01-2020

CG Lounge Talk at the PSI trade fair

In this new year too, Cybergroup will be taking part in the PSI trade fair with its own lounge. As well as the annual interviews with partner suppliers, Steven Baumgärtner will be talking to Michael ... more >
Thursday, 02-01-2020

Trip to Paris at the PSI 2020 fair

What has already inspired people twice will be even better in its third year. At the upcoming PSI, Cybergroup will be carrying its guests off to Paris with the new concept of the cyber Lounge. more >
Tuesday, 03-12-2019

Celebrating 25 Years of cyber-Wear in Style at Heidelberg Palace

cyber-Wear hosted an exclusive anniversary celebration at Heidelberg Palace. With a tour through the Palace’s old walls, a red carpet reception amidst a flurry of camera flashes, classical music and... more >
Thursday, 07-11-2019

The PSI Journal takes a look behind the scenes of the CG Lounge Talks

This time the shoe is on the other foot: in the CG Lounge Talk last Wednesday Ursula Geppert from the PSI Journal asked Steven Baumgärtner the questions. The questions were mainly about supplier sele... more >
Monday, 04-11-2019

Congratulations on cyber-Wear's 25th birthday!

Steven Baumgärtner and Roman Weiss have known each other since their school days, when for fun they had T-shirts printed with their own designs and sold them locally. They then turned what began 25 y... more >
Friday, 01-11-2019

The PSI-Journal at Cybergroup's Mannheim HQ

The PSI-Journal recently toured the CG HQ in the person of Ursula Geppert, who spontaneously accepted an invitation to participate in a video interview relating to the CG Lounge Talk. more >
Tuesday, 15-10-2019

Anika Merkel becomes the official Cybergroup HR Manager

Anika Merkel has long been a trustworthy contact person and coordinator for personnel matters, and now she has been officially given the authority to act as personnel manager. more >
Monday, 14-10-2019

Eight new employees in the second half of the year

After five new employees had already started work in various departments on 1 September, another three new people joined the team on 16 September more >
Tuesday, 01-10-2019

CG Lounge Talk pauses for another week

In the last week, the CG Lounge Talk had to be canceled because of illness in the team at short notice, so unfortunately this week. But postponed is not lifted. more >
Thursday, 26-09-2019

The cyber-Wear team continues to grow

On 1.9.2019 a number of new employees, including two apprentices, started at cyber-Wear in the areas of account management, design and warehousing. more >
Monday, 23-09-2019

New Member of the Management Team

Senior Sales Manager Florian Stindl has been appointed CTO at the executive management level while celebrating his ten-year anniversary at the company. more >
Wednesday, 18-09-2019

Training ambassador at cyber-Wear

Trainee informs pupils about his vocational training, talks about personal experiences and provides insights into his daily work. more >
Monday, 16-09-2019

Creative Addition to the Design Team

The design team is being merged at the Mannheim location and will receive additional support from graphic designer Christian Mente. more >
Wednesday, 11-09-2019

The customer Vitamaze has its own cyber-Team: fulfillment the premium way

Food supplement manufacturer Vitamaze and CG Fulfillment are both experiencing strong growth, and the brand now has its own logistics chain with its own dedicated team. more >
Wednesday, 28-08-2019

cyber-Wear receives GoGreen certificate

The use of the GoGreen products and services provided by the Deutsche Post DHL Group means that greenhouse gas emissions generated by the shipment of packages has been offset through climate protectio... more >
Monday, 05-08-2019

Cybergroup now has a total of six hazardous goods officers

As a result of the increased order situation and the expansion of the logistics centre at the company's Mannheim headquarters, a total of six Cybergroup employees are now qualified hazardous goods off... more >
Thursday, 25-07-2019

We miss the BeachCup!

"Play + Fun + Party = BeachCup", but what takes place behind the scenes? Among other things, the well-rehearsed BeachCup team manages the large quantities of drinks, food, give-aways and everything re... more >
Monday, 01-07-2019

The BAUHAUS corporate run – WE'RE JOINING IN!

This year the great BAUHAUS corporate run is taking place for the fourth time. The cyber team has plenty of ambitious runners, and no fewer than four teams will be taking part. more >
Wednesday, 26-06-2019

Fantastic weather and breathtaking curves at the Family Race Day on the Hockenheimring

Courtesy of the Pistenclub Cybergroup offered staff and their families a special day directly on the Ring, including a drive in the Mustang GT Camo with CFO Roman Weiss as the driver. more >
Monday, 24-06-2019

BeachCup please 19

A great atmosphere, exciting matches, cool music, perfect weather and cold drinks: that was BeachCup 2019. Thirty-two teams competed for the coveted trophy, which a new winner was able to raise in tri... more >
Friday, 21-06-2019

Cybergroup International certified according to environmental management standard DIN ISO 14001:2015

Certification in accordance with the international environmental management standard confirms that the company is now systematically integrating environmental protection into its operational processes... more >
Saturday, 01-06-2019

Summer, sunshine, BeachCup

Summer has finally come, and with it the BeachCup! Only three weeks to go until the sporting mega-event of the promotional goods industry. 32 teams have been eagerly looking forward to it for a long t... more >
Thursday, 23-05-2019

Cybergroup holds Family & Friends Day at its new HQ

Only a year after the ground-breaking ceremony, the team has already settled into their new headquarters. Cybergroup celebrated this last Friday with its Family & Friends Day. more >
Thursday, 16-05-2019

Hot new live format: CG Lounge Talk launches 5 June!

From the beginning of June cyber-Wear invites viewers live to its CG Lounge Talk every Wednesday at 10 a.m. The company is once again setting new benchmarks with its latest news format. more >
Thursday, 09-05-2019

Social responsibility creates space for creative potential

Cybergroup is aware of its responsibility towards its employees and has created an optimal working environment at its new headquarters. more >
Tuesday, 30-04-2019

Small label increases environmental awareness

The operation of websites also generates greenhouse gases. Under the banner of its "Climate-neutral website" label Cybergroup offsets the emissions which are caused, a project that also raises environ... more >
Monday, 15-04-2019

New court sponsor for the Cybergroup BeachCup 2019

No matter how cold it is, the first plans for the yearly BeachCup means the summer is not far away! This year, the sporting highlight starts with Senator as the new court sponsor. more >
Wednesday, 10-04-2019

Cybergroup for the future

Cybergroup is aware of its responsibility to employees, suppliers and the environment. With the move to the new headquarters in Mannheim, the company is putting even more emphasis on social responsibi... more >
Thursday, 28-03-2019

The future is now

The construction of the new headquarters and the associated relocation to Mannheim is one of the THE milestones in the 25-year history of cyber-Wear. And the results are impressive. more >
Tuesday, 12-03-2019

Applying creativity and giving it space - the new Design Lab

The Design Lab in the new cyber-Wear building in Mannheim has been equipped and stands for new ideas, creative thoughts and innovative processes. more >
Friday, 08-03-2019

Women of cyber-wear

Half of the cyber team is female, and women shape the company in all areas. For World Women's Day Cybergroup says thank you and introduces some employees. more >
Friday, 01-02-2019

New Year, new building, new location

The waiting has come to an end. The building in Mannheim, Germany is finally completed and the employees have happily moved into their new offices. more >
Friday, 18-01-2019

High-quality cocktail set for cyber-Wear customers

After the first day at the PSI fair cyber-Wear invites customers to cook dishes and prepare cocktails at an exclusive evening event in cyber's Kitchen. more >
Wednesday, 16-01-2019

"WA media's" promotional goods year 2018

The trade journal WN regularly interviews opinion leaders on the latest developments and trends in the promotional goods industry. The conclusion: the industry is currently confronted with many confli... more >
Monday, 14-01-2019

cyber-Wear hunts for trends at PSI 2019

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, our social media team takes a close look at all new products from more than 20 suppliers. Customers can see them live in the cyber Lounge only minutes later. more >
Friday, 11-01-2019

cyber-Wear creates new highlights at PSI 2019

After the successful launch with its own lounge last year, Cybergroup was once more present at the PSI trade show in 2019. Many things were similar and yet everything was different, or rather: even be... more >
Wednesday, 02-01-2019

Hello 2019!

Last year the course was set - now all roads lead to Mannheim: to the new headquarters of Cybergroup! 2018 was once again a record year for cyber-Wear, with the strongest growth since 2011. more >
Monday, 17-12-2018

Ready, set, PSI

In the period before Christmas it is not just shopping that goes into overdrive. The final preparations are ongoing for the PSI, the most important advertising trade fair in Europe. more >
Tuesday, 04-12-2018

The countdown has started

There will be a very special highlight for cyber-Wear at the end of the year. Construction of their new office and warehouse building in Mannheim is due to be completed, and the company will soon be a... more >
Friday, 16-11-2018

That little bit of business at the end of the year

The lead-up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year – and it's not only a matter of handling large orders for Christmas gifts, for at the beginning of January it will also be time for the indus... more >
Monday, 12-11-2018

cyber TV on the updated CG news portal

One year ago, Cybergroup restructured its Marketing department. The news portal of the company's own website now presents the company's intensified marketing activities in the form of a clearly design... more >
Wednesday, 24-10-2018

Construction of the new building in Mannheim: Shell construction completed

Construction of the new office and warehouse building making visible progress. After completion of the shell construction, work continues on the building´s interior. Floor screed is laid, windows ins... more >
Friday, 19-10-2018

Cybergroup returns with its own lounge at the PSI 2019

When the international promotional goods industry converges on Düsseldorf for the PSI trade show in January 2019, for three days the entire focus will be on our core expertise - promotional articles,... more >
Wednesday, 10-10-2018

Cybergroup welcome their new trainees

To mark the beginning of the apprenticeship year, the Cybergroup team has now gained further new members and is pleased to welcome Johannes Wolf and Kevin Olbert to the team. The two young men started... more >
Wednesday, 03-10-2018

Squeezing creativity – Fresh MEDIA to be new partner in Dubai

Cybergroup welcome the agency Fresh MEDIA, based in Dubai Media City, as their new partner for customers in the Middle East. Along with his team, the owner of the company, who was born in Stuttgart, w... more >
Wednesday, 19-09-2018

Meet our team: Clair Hermesch, General Manager CGUS

Cybergroup is proud of its international orientation. It is precisely this aspect that makes the company so powerful and creative. In the latest "Meet our team" video we present our US General Manager... more >
Monday, 03-09-2018

The construction work on the new building in Mannheim is taking shape

Now that the first concrete columns, struts and walls have been erected we get an initial impression of the size of the new building at our Mannheim location. more >
Monday, 27-08-2018

The exclusive Pebble Beach Concours d‘Elegance

cyber-Wear, Cybergroup UK and Cybergroup US once more work hand in hand on behalf of Aston Martin at the premier event for the world's automobile industry more >
Wednesday, 01-08-2018

When the temperatures are tropical the Marketing team moves its work outdoors

In our YouTube "Meet the team" videos Cybergroup provides an insight into the everyday work of our colleagues. With tropical temperatures of 33°C and high humidity levels it's often more pleasant to ... more >
Monday, 30-07-2018

The new headquarters in Mannheim begins to take shape, on the basis of lots of memories

The previous few weeks here at Cybergroup were not only characterised by the much-loved BeachCup. That same weekend also laid the foundations for a successful future for the company’s new headquarte... more >
Friday, 27-07-2018

It's a new record: cyber-Wear has just recruited its eleventh new employee since the start of the year

cyber-Wear is reinforcing its sales and design team and welcomes new members of staff Maren Lehmann and Saskia Hoßfeld, wishing them every success. more >
Wednesday, 25-07-2018

WA Media interviewing Steven Baumgärtner, Managing Partner

Mr Baumgärtner, you started the BeachCup in 2011 and this year are inviting teams to join what is now the seventh edition. How did this come about? more >
Monday, 25-06-2018

#MusclesAchingLikeHell @ #CybergroupBeachCup2018

AND THERE IT WAS AGAIN: THE CYBERGROUP BEACHCUP 2018! What an amazing event, what an amazing weekend! That was the uniform opinion of all participants who made their way home on Sunday, more or less e... more >
Wednesday, 20-06-2018

Meet our team: Chris Ashworth, UK managing director

Our latest staff member interview introduces another colleague from the UK – this time the managing director of the UK office, Chris Ashworth. With his many years’ experience, he founded the UK of... more >
Friday, 15-06-2018

Visible progress on the construction site for the new building in Mannheim

A large amount of soil was removed during the first construction phase, and for the past few days visible progress was made. Initial conjectures can be made about the building´s size. more >
Wednesday, 13-06-2018

The trick is finding a way: The GDPR can´t stop us looking forward to the Cybergroup Beach Cup

Today, volleyball players from both cyber-Wear teams received their Beach Cup bags, filled with vital accessories for next week´s Cybergroup Beach Cup more >
Monday, 11-06-2018

"Party your brand" - the cyber team in cyber look

"We are part of your brand" is the Cybergroup slogan. "Party your brand" is the statement made by the company's own employee collection. more >
Wednesday, 30-05-2018

Cybergroup BeachCup on 23 June 2018 : Good to know

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming BeachCup, so that you can prepare yourself in body and spirit for this mega event: matches, teams, groups, arenas, match schedule, final more >
Monday, 21-05-2018

New ISO standard at cyber-Wear

cyber-Wear has successfully passed the audit required under the new version of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard, which represents the basis for the continuous improvement process of the i... more >
Friday, 18-05-2018

The long-awaited day has come - the teams now know who their opponents will be. It's time to start training!

Less than 36 days to the Cybergroup BeachCup. 36 days until the summer, sun, fun and hotly contested matches on the sand. The website is already bursting with fearsome team names, the first training s... more >
Wednesday, 16-05-2018

Meet our team – Rachel Oliver, Key Account Manager UK

With its team presentations Cybergroup is crossing the Channel this time and presenting our UK colleagues based in Manchester. We're starting with Key Account Manager Rachel Oliver, who has since the ... more >
Monday, 14-05-2018

cyber-Wear's apprentices

cyber-Wear trains young people as wholesale and export trade and as warehouse logistics specialists more >
Monday, 07-05-2018

Team expansion: Reinforcement in controlling

cyber-Wear has strengthened its controlling team, and would like to offer a warm welcome to new employee Marko Matuzovic. With his degree in business economics, he brings with him his experience of ac... more >
Friday, 04-05-2018

Growth at Vitamaze and CG Fulfillment - thanks to a succesful cooperation

Together with Cybergroup subsidiary CG Fulfillment + Logistics GmbH, producer of high-quality food supplements Vitamaze has experienced successful growth in recent months, from which the end customer ... more >
Wednesday, 02-05-2018

CG Fulfillment + Logistics GmbH implements business processes worldwide

For two years now the Cybergroup subsidiary has been successfully providing comprehensive services along the entire logistics chain, from warehousing to shipping more >
Friday, 27-04-2018

Behind the scenes

Movie time at cyber-Wear: What happens behind the scenes during filming more >
Monday, 23-04-2018

New additions to the warehouse team in Viernheim

The new storage facility in Viernheim, which received its own team of three stores specialists in March 2018, creates new capacities and relieves the pressure on the warehouse in Dossenheim. more >
Wednesday, 18-04-2018

Meet our team: Thomas Metzke, Key Account Manager

Cybergroup presents its team With the help of his own team Thomas Metzke, Key Account Manager from Heidelberg provides support to a regular customer base more >
Monday, 16-04-2018

BeachCup participants and Cybergroup organise prize game on Facebook

Only a few more weeks to the Cybergroup BeachCup! In order to heighten the anticipation in the social media and among followers, Cybergroup is organising a prize game on Facebook in cooperation with t... more >
Friday, 13-04-2018

The cyber team continues to expand

The new year has brought new clients, new orders and many new employees to backup the existing team more >
Thursday, 12-04-2018

A new chapter has begun – the sod-turning ceremony in Mannheim

For cyber-Wear, the construction of a new building in Mannheim is a major step and an important one too more >
Friday, 06-04-2018

Groundbreaking ceremony in Mannheim: the start of a new chapter

The building site has been fenced in, the excavators have arrived and are already digging at full speed. The new building is to be ready for occupation in December 2018. more >
Wednesday, 04-04-2018

Meet our team: Melina Lukasseck

Cybergroup presents its staff in Skype videos: this week we would like to introduce Melina Lukasseck, since October 2017 Assistant to the Management and Junior Marketing Manager in the Wipperfürth ... more >
Monday, 02-04-2018

cyber-Wear is appointing a new member to it's team for Key Account Management and Strategic Purchasing

A new Key Account Manager will help strengthen the partnership between cyber-Wear and Ford and will also act as a strategic purchaser. more >
Friday, 30-03-2018

32 teams are eagerly looking forward to the Cybergroup BeachCup

Summer has finally come, and with it the BeachCup! Only 12 more weeks to the sporting highlight for the promotional goods industry, at which suppliers and dealers relax together and enjoy hotly contes... more >
Sunday, 18-03-2018

cyber-Wear is clearly pursuing a strategy of sustainability

cyber-Wear received good marks for Corporate Social Responsibility on the EcoVadis supplier assessment portal more >
Thursday, 15-03-2018

Meet the team of Cybergroup

Cybergroup presents its staff in Skype interviews more >
Wednesday, 07-03-2018

Construction work has finally begun on the new building in Mannheim

cyber-Wear is looking forward to its move to Mannheim, which is planned for the end of the year more >
Tuesday, 06-03-2018

A new level of lifestyle: cyber-Wear presents the Aston Martin Merchandise Collection

At the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, cyber-Wear will be presenting the complete merchandise collection for Aston Martin for the first time, together with the luxury brand more >
Monday, 05-03-2018

cyber-Wear with and on behalf of Ford at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show

Once again the Ford Lifestyle Collection shop will be prominent as an integral component of the Ford stand more >
Thursday, 22-02-2018

The cyber-Wear team welcomes new members

At the start of the year three new employees began work in back-office operations and the warehouse in Dossenheim more >
Wednesday, 14-02-2018

The cyber team selects its ombudsperson

At cyber-Wear Inga Clausen is not just Head of Design, but has also been elected company ombudsperson until the end of this year. more >
Tuesday, 30-01-2018

cyber-Wear is an approved exporter

All customs declarations are implemented internally. more >
Tuesday, 23-01-2018

At cyber-Wear hazardous goods are monitored and transported in line with statutory regulations

Two hazardous goods officers are responsible for carrying out the relevant tasks. more >
Monday, 15-01-2018

Cybergroup's own customer lounge was a huge success at the PSI

At the start of the year, Cybergroup was represented at the PSI for the first time with its own customer lounge. more >
Thursday, 11-01-2018

The course has been set: 2017 was awesome, and 2018 will be even better!

2017 was an exciting, strenuous but above all successful year for the promotional goods specialist Cybergroup! more >
Friday, 05-01-2018

cyber-Lounge @ PSI 2018

cyber-Wear and the Cybergroup will for the first time be present at PSI with their own lounge and an own trend team more >
Friday, 08-12-2017

5, 10 and 15 years of service - cyber-Wear is celebrating anniversaries with long-term employees

Continuing employee loyalty - a sign of trust and appreciation more >
Tuesday, 05-12-2017

cyber-Wear expands its space and staffing

cyber-Wear expands its space and staffing more >
Tuesday, 28-11-2017

cyber-Wear on behalf of and with Ford at the 50th Essen Motor Show

Once again, the Ford Lifestyle Collection’s shop will shine as a fixed component of Ford’s stand more >
Tuesday, 31-10-2017

cyber-Wear, Cybergroup UK and Cybergroup US @ Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

On behalf of Aston Martin, three Cybergroup companies worked hand in hand for and at the global automobile industry’s crowning event. more >
Tuesday, 24-10-2017

After a company history stretching back 100 years, it's all change: Viessmann celebrates its anniversary 100 years of Viessmann

At the 100th anniversary celebration, it was cyber-Wear that rang in the future in the merchandising field more >
Monday, 09-10-2017

cyber-Wear is growing both in Germany and internationally

Seventeen new employees have joined the teams more >
Tuesday, 12-09-2017

cyber-Wear with the Ford Lifestyle Collection at the 67th IAA Car

This is the 4th time that Ford and cyber-Wear are exhibiting together at the International Automobile Exhibition more >
Wednesday, 12-07-2017

Cybergroup Teams Join Ford & Aston Martin at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Tribute to Motorsport in the South of England Attracts 180,000 Visitors more >
Wednesday, 28-06-2017

The sixth Cybergroup Beachcup once more a resounding success!

Mohr Print Stars win the 2017 competition, which is now international more >
Thursday, 22-06-2017

New Host for the Cybergroup BeachCup

Radio Regenbogen man Christian Pudlo takes over the mic for the first time more >
Wednesday, 05-04-2017

The cyber-Wear team has grown

Reinforcements for the event team more >
Wednesday, 29-03-2017

Joint Order for cyber-Wear and CG Fulfillment + Logistics

For a Bonus Promotion of the Caravan and RV Accessories Specialist Truma, the Two Companies Are Working Hand in Hand more >
Wednesday, 15-03-2017

International Showdown at Cybergroup BeachCup

European Teams Will Be Taking Part for the First Time at the 6th Edition of the Industry Sporting Event more >
Wednesday, 08-03-2017

Three trade fair participations in the first three months of the year

Cybergroup teams from Germany, UK and the USA will be staffing merchandising shops for Ford, Aston Martin and Wacker Neuson at the first 2017 trade fairs. more >
Wednesday, 01-03-2017

Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd. makes a rapid start

New employee recruited, move to new office more >
Wednesday, 04-01-2017

Cybergroup Shanghai Limited starts operations

New sales location for booming Chinese market more >
Wednesday, 21-12-2016

cyber-Wear gets on board with Mercury Marine

The outboard and inboard engine manufacturer takes cyber-Wear on board in the EMEA economic area more >
Wednesday, 14-12-2016

more >
Wednesday, 30-11-2016

cyber-Wear is going „off-road“ for Ford

Elaborate photo production showcases the Ford Ranger Great Barrier Reef Beach Patrol more >
Monday, 21-11-2016

Relocation to Mannheim

cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH and CG Fulfillment & Logistics GmbH move to the Friedrichsfeld-West business park more >
Tuesday, 15-11-2016

New partnership in India

With immediate effect, Company Store, the highly skilled and experienced promotional article supplier, will be looking after Cybergroup customers locally. more >
Tuesday, 08-11-2016

Full-Service Advertising Material Support for TÜV Rheinland Extended

The internationally operating company and cyber-Wear sign full-service contract for the sixth time in a row more >
Wednesday, 21-09-2016

New Cybergroup Internation Subsidiary Founded

CG Fulfillment + Logistics GmbH handles business processes worldwide more >
Thursday, 15-09-2016

The cyber-Wear Team Has Grown

Five New Employees at the German Locations more >
Saturday, 30-07-2016

Cybergroup UK joins British Promotional Merchandise Association

Newly founded subsidiary joins the British Promotional Merchandise Association more >
Monday, 25-07-2016

c-W for M + W

cyber-Wear assumes responsibility for full promotional article services on behalf of M + W Group more >
Monday, 04-07-2016

BeachCup 2016

WIL Langenberg 100 defends its title at the 5th edition of this special event more >
Friday, 24-06-2016

Cybergroup International expands into Great Britain

Cybergroup International was established as cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH in 1994 and in its 22 year history it has developed into a global business with annual group turnover in excess of €25 million... more >
Tuesday, 31-05-2016

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen & cyber-Wear @ drupa 2016

cyber-Wear provides trade fair support with its own staff more >
Tuesday, 24-05-2016

cyber-Wear Heidelberg welcomes a new customer, AO Deutschland Limited

Creative advertising materials for a prize-winning online retailer more >
Wednesday, 27-04-2016

Audi and cyber-Wear extend contract for promotional material until 2018

We are proud that the premium car maker has chosen cyber-Wear to be its partner for the third time. more >
Thursday, 17-03-2016

The cyber-Wear Team Has a New Member

Lisa Spohr joined the team on 1 March 2016 more >
Wednesday, 02-03-2016

Ford Lifestyle Collection @ Motor Show Brussels

First trade fair stop of 2016 for the Ford team from cyber-Wear more >
Wednesday, 17-02-2016

New Year, new blog

cyber-Wear launches more >
Wednesday, 10-02-2016

more >
Wednesday, 13-01-2016

cyber-Wear for Audi: Special presentation of special client equipment

An attractive special microsite presents the scope of services for the premium brand more >
Wednesday, 30-12-2015

cyber-Wear supports brand kick-off of HEIDELBERG online and on site

Relaunch of the promotional product shop simultaneous with that of the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen website more >
Wednesday, 09-12-2015

Expansion of the Heidelberg location

cyber-Wear builds up the logistics capacity of its corporate HQ more >
Wednesday, 25-11-2015

Service provider becomes a customer

Toll Global Forwarding entrusts the production of its promotional products to Cybergroup International more >
Wednesday, 18-11-2015

Three nominations for the PSI Sustainability Awards

cyber-Wear among the finalists in the very first year of the competition more >
Wednesday, 04-11-2015

Always on the run: the Ford Lifestyle Collection is touring Europe in the Airstream

Ford events are enhanced by the cyber-Wear merchandising shop and its crew more >
Wednesday, 28-10-2015

International Affairs

cyber-Wear is joining the German-Turkish Institute for Work and Education (DTI) more >
Wednesday, 30-09-2015

Close cooperation in a global service

Cybergroup operates a full service for advertising materials in Asia for the US company NCH more >
Wednesday, 23-09-2015

After the game is before the game

Registrations for the Cybergroup BeachCup 2016 are being taken via the waiting list only more >
Wednesday, 09-09-2015

cyber-Wear raises its cooperation with Ford of Europe to a new level

A key account manager based at Ford headquarters in Cologne is integrating the partnership between the automobile manufacturer and the agency even more closely more >
Wednesday, 19-08-2015

Adequate display area

Cybergroup develops the Hero Display for the merchandising collection of the Honda NSX more >
Wednesday, 15-07-2015

cyber-Wear is not afraid of criticism

Bachelor dissertation helps improve the user-friendliness of the Ford Lifestyle Collection webshop more >
Sunday, 05-07-2015

Cybergroup BeachCup 2015: Total commitment, 100% enjoyment

Four volleyball courts, 28 teams, 100 games, 1,100 minutes of playing time and 100% enjoyment - these figures express the Cybergroup BeachCup which was held on 27th June 2015 in Ketsch, Baden-Wuerttem... more >
Wednesday, 01-07-2015

Friends and partner - 20 years cyber-Wear

Steven Baumgärtner and Roman Weiss have known each other since their school days. At the time, they had T-shirts printed with their own designs and sold them in the local scene, just for fun. What be... more >
Wednesday, 24-06-2015

"Supersport" for the super sportscar

Cybergroup USA has won the contract in its specialist discipline of full service for the merchandising of the Honda NSX more >
Wednesday, 03-06-2015

DEA: Welcome back!

After sale of the former RWE-subsidiary to the investment company LetterOne the budget for promotional material reverts to cyber-Wear more >
Wednesday, 06-05-2015

A grand stage for the new textiles from Smithfield Foods

Reference customer appears at press conference wearing Cybergroup designs more >
Friday, 01-05-2015

New manpower for new markets

cyber-Wear targets Ford dealers in the Middle East and Africa with its new sales team near Dubai more >
Wednesday, 29-04-2015

cyber-Wear & Ford Lifestyle Collection go Asia

The full service account base has been expanded even further to include a large number of countries more >
Thursday, 05-03-2015

cyber-Wear promotes the Ford Lifestyle Collection in Geneva

An in-house team runs the Ford Performance shop as part of the Ford stand at the Geneva International Motor Show more >
Wednesday, 21-01-2015

The Heidelberg Selection Shops are getting a facelift

cyber-Wear adapts the Heidelberg Printing Machinery e-commerce platforms to the company website more >
Friday, 09-01-2015

Ford Lifestyle Collection on tour in the UK

Pre-Christmas sales to employees at four locations more >
Wednesday, 07-01-2015

A work horse for the wild pony

cyber-Wear expands Ford Kuga vehicle fleet, complete with Mustang branding more >
Wednesday, 05-08-2020

At PSI 2021 sustainability will take centre stage

Brand new highlights of the upcoming PSI 2021 trade show will be the PSI Sustainability Awards with their new special category "Innovator of the Year", together with the actual pre... more >
Thursday, 23-07-2020

Back to Normality

After no less than 25 supplier meetings, we successfully brought the first half of the year to a close after a much too long pandemic-related break. “Digital works in a pinch, bu... more >
Monday, 13-07-2020

Exceptional snacks from wellnuss

wellnuss doesn't do run-of-the-mill articles. Whether it's nut varieties, combinations of sweets or unusual spices, with wellnuss one thing is always certain: there will be no pres... more >
Monday, 06-07-2020

Full speed ahead to Christmas!

That's the slogan of the upcoming CG Live Talk with Timon Feld from wellnuss. And it's guaranteed to be delicious, because wellnuss specialises in high-quality and healthy premium ... more >
Friday, 03-07-2020

Exceptional gadgets and practical everyday helpers in the CG Live Talk

A sustainable overall concept, re-usable and durable products, innovations and the efficient eradication of germs at home or in the office were the topics of the most recent talk w... more >
Tuesday, 30-06-2020

Upcycling at Viessmann

A collection of bags, produced in Europe and made from recycled Viessmann banners used at winter sports events, underlines Viessmann's own brand values: united, responsible, innova... more >
Monday, 29-06-2020

Spranz in personal conversation at the CG Live Talk

The Spranz family business attaches particular importance to being close to the market and to personal contact. Managing Director Lorne Spranz will now be demonstrating this in the... more >
Friday, 26-06-2020

British attention to detail in the CG Live Talk

"A comprehensive range of premium-quality, innovative promotional merchandise," is the distinguishing feature of Desktop Ideas, and it was precisely these top-class items that Matt... more >
Thursday, 25-06-2020

These are what we call real fans!

100 orders were received in just 18 minutes: the fans of DTM champion René Rast almost bought the entire contents of the merchandise shop and already love his new racing articles. more >
Monday, 22-06-2020

The first UK CG Live Talk

Cybergroup UK Managing Director Chris Ashworth talks digitally to his supplier Desktop Ideas about the latest gadgets and technologies for the promotional goods sector. more >
Thursday, 18-06-2020

Elegance, design, functionality, quality: BrandCharger

In the most recent CG Live Talk on the subjects of mobility and smartphones which make our everyday life much easier and more organised, Mike Stas from BrandCharger presented some ... more >
Monday, 15-06-2020

Charge up your day!

Mike Stas from BrandCharger will be our guest at the upcoming CG Live Talk. We're looking forward to unique high-tech products, smartphone accessories and cool practical gadgets fr... more >
Thursday, 04-06-2020

The journey towards sustainable headwear

In the latest CG Live Talk, Master Italia's Federico Pasini presented a range of new, sustainable headwear and revealed to us as the very first company their future concept. more >
Tuesday, 02-06-2020

The next CG Live Talk reveals a passion for headwear

Crossing digital borders: Federico Pasini from Master Italia digitally shows us the latest hits, together with some seriously cool caps and beanies. In part already well-known but ... more >
Thursday, 28-05-2020

The CG Live Talk: REFLECTS 2.0

REFLECTS is repositioning itself on the market and presenting its three strong brands RETIME, RETUMBLER and REEVES, which are all grouped under the REFLECTS umbrella brand. more >
Tuesday, 26-05-2020

A notebook with beautiful visual memories

How do a notebook and a single-use camera go together? Perfectly. From now on, you can capture memories and emotions together in pictures and text. more >
Monday, 25-05-2020

Reflects to appear on the next CG Live Talk

At the next CGLT, Reflects will be welcoming us at their Cologne location. The promotional products specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the industry will show us th... more >
Wednesday, 20-05-2020

A global first in the CG Live Talk

During our last talk Myrix presented a unique new coating for notebooks that reduces bacteria and germs by up to 99.5%. more >
Monday, 18-05-2020

Myrix makes a second appearance in the CG Live Talk

And this time with a global first. This much we can reveal: it has never been seen before. In addition some brand new notebooks, high-quality all-over finishes and much more will b... more >
Friday, 15-05-2020

DTM driver René Rast drives an online race during the talk

While participating in his current new challenge, online racing, René Rast takes the time to talk to us about the present situation, the job, his fans and of course his new collec... more >
Tuesday, 12-05-2020

We have a new full-service customer

In the HELLA group we have acquired a globally positioned, innovative and performance-oriented family business, for which we are now providing a premium full service in the promoti... more >
Monday, 11-05-2020

DTM Champion participates in the CG Live Talk

On Wednesday we will be experiencing a completely different kind of talk with a very different type of customer. The 2017 ADAC Motor Sportsman of the Year and two-time German Touri... more >
Friday, 08-05-2020

The Ocean Towel can do all of this!

An entire promotional campaign for sustainability, with the theme of the beach woven into a high-quality all-round towel: not possible? In the current CG Live Talk Patrick Polaniok... more >
Tuesday, 05-05-2020

Unique new anti-microbial coating for notebooks

The special anti-microbial coating of the notebooks is unique worldwide and its effect has been clinically tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute. An efficient germ reduc... more >
Monday, 04-05-2020

Alta Seta in the next CG Live Talk

Now it's getting exciting, because we can tell you one thing: The topic will be the new product: Ocean Towel. What cool campaign is it and what is the Ocean Towel? More on that on ... more >
Thursday, 30-04-2020

Christmas in April

Finally another CG Live Talk! Steven Baumgärtner speaks to Mario Siebig von MAGNA sweets about the new Christmas items and lots of new, more sustainable packaging options. more >
Wednesday, 29-04-2020

Protect yourselves and your fellow human beings together with us!

In cooperation with our suppliers, we have for weeks been working at top speed on the development of cool and stylish face masks in individual customer designs. After all, in futur... more >
Tuesday, 28-04-2020

„My Key Distance!“

An entirely new practical tool now enables us to avoid touching things and always remain a key distance away from the virus: My Key Distance acts like an eleventh finger, and takes... more >
Monday, 27-04-2020

All the latest news packed into 15 minutes!

Our CGLT is back again! Now every Wednesday once more at 10 a.m. Next Wednesday Mario Siebig from Magna Sweets will be discussing a subject with Steven Baumgärtner which is still ... more >
Tuesday, 21-04-2020

„We care about your content!“

They can hold a lot. Three new notebooks communicate the new Jokey logo and the new claim. more >
Tuesday, 14-04-2020

Perfection, passion, luxury: BRABUS

BRABUS, probably the most individual among premium automobile brands, has brought us on board as merchandising partners. From now on we will be planning, producing and coordinating... more >
Monday, 06-04-2020

The brand worlds

Did you know that startups, "Made in Germany" and sustainability are all part of the brand worlds of more >
Wednesday, 25-03-2020

The Don’t Be a D**k – Campaign

Support with us and the #dbad #stayathome compaign with cool and stylish stuff that all people stay at home in these difficult times and to avoid all contacts. more >
Monday, 23-03-2020

The new items are online! 30 new catalogues containing thousands of ideas

Not all promotional materials are equal, and they don’t have to be boring, or just be a ballpoint pen. We have often shown you just what is possible in our industry. Find your ow... more >
Friday, 06-03-2020

Follow us around the Mahlwerck factory

The CG Live Talk goes to the Czech Republic! In the Mahlwerck porcelain factory we also came up with something special in terms of video production. more >
Monday, 02-03-2020

For the next CG Live Talk, the team will once again be boarding a plane

We will be travelling to our long-term Partner Mahlwerck in Czechia, to visit their manufacturing facilities. There we will be posing questions about how the cups and mugs are made... more >
Friday, 28-02-2020

The Live-Talk team are guests of the bag experts at HALFAR

In the CG Live-Talk at HALFAR's new headquarters, Armin Halfar himself presented his truly sustainable bags and the company in a way you certainly haven't experienced before. more >
Tuesday, 25-02-2020

Dreaming of your next holiday at the breakfast table?

No matter whether it's a fantastic beach, a city break or a safari, there's something for everyone. Breakfast boards with different designs immediately create that holiday feeling. more >
Monday, 24-02-2020

A look over the master bag maker’s shoulder

For our 28th CG Live Talk we're travelling to Bielefeld to visit HALFAR, an ‘old’ guest from Talk 10, to check out the company’s production facilities and see for ourselves w... more >
Friday, 21-02-2020

‘CG Live Talk with a veteran in the sector.'

In the most recent Live Talk, Ursula Will presented the new Appeel collection, which is made from apple leftovers, along with Lediberg’s company philosophy and lots of super-cool... more >
Monday, 17-02-2020

"Planning the modern way."

That's the slogan of our next CG Live Talk with Lediberg on Wednesday, 19 February, as always at 10 a.m. In addition the focus will be on notebooks made 100% from apple waste and t... more >
Thursday, 13-02-2020

Not all plastics are the same: so where do we find real sustainability?

Hans-Jürgen Hammer from Elasto joined us in the CG Live Talk and of course sustainability was once more the theme. This time the focus was on why not all plastics are the same, an... more >
Monday, 10-02-2020

"Go green in style"

In the next CG Live Talk, which will be coming up on Wednesday, everything will be turning green. With their Do it Green product range, manufactured from renewable raw materials, E... more >
Friday, 07-02-2020

Hi-tech meets design

In the most recent CG Live Talk, Danilo Linoria from Nestler-matho filled the table with a new and sustainably-produced product portfolio. He explained how this traditional company... more >
Monday, 03-02-2020

For the next CG Live Talk we'll be back in Mannheim

On Wednesday 5 February 2020 at 10 am Nestler-matho will be presenting their latest products with all their special features, in keeping with the slogan "hi-tech meets design". In ... more >
Thursday, 30-01-2020

Some special travel flair for the home

In the course of the ICE modernisation we are offering attractive highlights at With unusual original equipment such as old train seats our customers can now add some ... more >
Monday, 27-01-2020

How are sweets actually produced?

Following last December's CG Live Talk on site at JUNG, the confectionery specialists, we were given a guided tour of the factory and the secret of how exactly sweets are made was ... more >
Monday, 20-01-2020

"You wouldn't believe how many parts a ballpoint pen has."

Our visit to Pagani Pens in Switzerland resulted in more than just the CG Live Talk: during the guided tour of the production facilities we filmed the individual manufacturing stag... more >
Thursday, 16-01-2020

"Travelling with organisation" - TROIKA in the CG Lounge Talk

In the first CG Lounge Talk since the PSI, brand ambassador Ursula Kindlein takes the opportunity to present a range of products and explain their many well thought-out, practical ... more >
Wednesday, 15-01-2020

Camo highlight for the beginning of the year

Ford fans are delighted by the Ford Performance Camo Collection. Now, for the beginning of the year, cyber-Wear has created a particularly extravagant highlight in the form of the ... more >
Monday, 13-01-2020

TROIKA is the first Talk guest after the PSI

After the more than eventful and successful trade fair in Düsseldorf, things are continuing at a rapid pace - which of course includes the CG Lounge Talk. The next guest in Mannhe... more >
Friday, 20-12-2019

The CG Lounge Talk: A crowning conclusion to the year with Pagani Pens

“There is a good proportion of Switzerland in our ballpoint pens,” says Prodir, and the Lounge Talk team is also absolutely convinced of this. Tours of the production facilitie... more >
Thursday, 19-12-2019

The Ford ST Collection gets a tune-up

cyber-Wear is expanding the fan collection with many new articles in the signature Ford ST look. The collection is being supplemented by stylish key rings, cool caps and smartphon... more >
Tuesday, 17-12-2019

“#11” – Cybergroup With New, High-Speed Partner

Cybergroup launches the official merchandise shop for professional racing driver Marco Wittmann. Competing with his lucky driver number #11, he already won the DTM twice. more >
Monday, 16-12-2019

The CG Lounge Talk: personalised writing implements - Swiss made

The upcoming CG Lounge Talk is the last talk of this year. Together with their longtime partner Pagani Pens, for this occasion the team has thought of something very special: Switz... more >
Friday, 13-12-2019

The CG Lounge Talk in the historic 'Bonbon Museum'

At JUNG's Bonbon Museum Arne Bender and Steven Baumgärtner talk about the history of JUNG as well as the history of sweets, together with more than 40 new products. In an exciting... more >
Monday, 09-12-2019

The CG Lounge Talk at JUNG's 'Welcome Home'

In the upcoming CG Lounge Talk at JUNG, insights will for the first time be provided into the production of promotional sweets. Arne Paul Bender will also present some of the compa... more >
Friday, 06-12-2019

ZOGI presents its new products in the CG Lounge Talk

Jörg Herzog, just back from China, introduces four cool new products. In the recent CG Lounge Talk he demonstrated how they work, what their special features are and what new tren... more >
Monday, 02-12-2019

Energizing Ideas with Zogi

Promotional product specialist Zogi will be our guest at the upcoming CG Lounge Talk. Jörg Herzog will be presenting the freshest advertising ideas, product newcomers and trends i... more >
Friday, 29-11-2019

Venerable Ink in New Clothing

Writing instruments are a topic firmly rooted in the DNA of the company uma. Managing director Alexander Ullmann presents new developments and trends. more >
Monday, 25-11-2019

Promotional products that make an impact

The firm of uma makes pens - individual solutions which are perfected by technical know-how. In the next CG Lounge Talk, Managing Director Alexander Ullmann will present the highl... more >
Friday, 22-11-2019

Long-standing partner participates in the CG Lounge Talk

The weather in the hilly region was appropriate for the fascinating topic of umbrellas: specialist FARE presented the complexity of umbrellas, the technology that goes into them, t... more >
Monday, 18-11-2019

An upgrade for your trip

It goes without saying that has a luggage manufacturer as one of its brands. Horizn Studios does not stand for classic luggage, but for the next generation of luggage. more >
Friday, 15-11-2019

At the centre of creative umbrella development

In the latest instalment of the CG Lounge Talk, Steven Baumgärtner exchanges the backdrop of the Mannheim Lounge for the showroom of umbrella expert FARE® in Remscheid. more >
Thursday, 14-11-2019

"Practical items for use that are guaranteed not to land in the sea!"

Last Wednesday Promowolsch was a guest at the CG Lounge Talk. Promowolsch specialises in plastic injection moulding products "Made in Germany" and presented many practical gadgets. more >
Monday, 11-11-2019

Three backpacks for new adventures

Three new backpacks have been added to the Ford Ranger Raptor Collection With one waterproof, one trend-conscious and one modern functional backpack, there is something for everyo... more >
Friday, 08-11-2019

The CG Lounge Talk hosts PROMOWOLSCH

PROMOWOLSCH is a specialist in the sector for promotional items made of high-quality, useful plastics and will be presenting some cool new promotional items in the Lounge Talk in t... more >
Thursday, 31-10-2019

MYRIX in the CG Lounge Talk – and in the Mannheim warehouse

Steven Baumgaertner received the last CG Lounge Talk guest unconventionally in the warehouse of the Mannheim HQ - and for a very good reason. more >
Monday, 28-10-2019

Creativity leads to individuality

In the upcoming CG Lounge Talk MYRIX will demonstrate that notebooks are anything but standard, run-of-the-mill products, and that there are no limits to creativity. The more creat... more >
Friday, 25-10-2019

The CG Lounge Talk has never been so cuddly

Colourful, large and small, soft and fluffy. In addition to the wide variety of his company's product range, Lutz Franke from mbw explained above all the high quality standards to ... more >
Monday, 21-10-2019

Flexibility, balance and mobility at

With BLACKROLL®, Deutsche Bahn AG has incorporated a health-promoting company into its merchandise shop, whose products focus on improving the flexibility of the muscles and fasci... more >
Friday, 18-10-2019

Quality cuddly toys in the CG Lounge Talk

mbw® represents quality when it comes to soft toys. In order to make this clear, in the CG Lounge Talk QM Director Lutz Franke turns his cuddly companion inside out and even cuts ... more >
Thursday, 17-10-2019

wellnuss presents healthy snacks in the CG Lounge Talk

Last week the CG Lounge Talk achieved a significant milestone, namely its tenth broadcast. The eleventh talk was once more all about the subject of food. more >
Friday, 11-10-2019

Sustainably delicious: wellnuss at CG Lounge Talk

With its high-quality premium snacks, wellnuss offers healthy snack alternatives in sustainable packaging. Key Account Manager Malte Wietbrauk tries them live. more >
Thursday, 10-10-2019

HALFAR shows its strengths in the CG Lounge Talk

The bag specialist HALFAR stands for quality, fast production and sustainability and, in the tenth CG Lounge Talk, defies the teething troubles of the new Talk equipment. more >
Tuesday, 08-10-2019

Natural beauty at Deutsche Bahn AG

The rail and transport giant relies on dishes made of cellulose fibres and thermoplastics, which are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable more >
Monday, 07-10-2019

Limited edition René Rast Fan Package made by Cybergroup

The winner has been known since the penultimate weekend. Audi driver René Rast has been giving his fans an exclusive fan package for the finale at the Hockenheim ring. more >
Friday, 04-10-2019

CG Lounge Talk with bag specialist HALFAR

In the next Lounge Talk on 9th October we will be talking about bags - as our guest will be the specialist HALFAR from Bielefeld. more >
Monday, 30-09-2019

Travelling with a clear conscience

The popular drinking bottles from Dopper make sustainable travel possible. In accordance with the principle of "Drink tap water", this bottle can be refilled again and again and pl... more >
Friday, 27-09-2019

Christmas Time – Gift Time

The Winter Catalogue features a wide range of inspirations and gift ideas for a variety of occasions. This is particularly convenient because Christmas is approaching fast. more >
Wednesday, 25-09-2019

cyber-Wear is participating in the 2019 Genoa Boat Show on behalf of Mercury Marine

At the exhibition cyber-Wear is presenting its specially developed merchandise collection for Mercury Marine, experts in outboard engines, at one of the most important boat shows i... more >
Tuesday, 24-09-2019

CG Lounge tomorrow has to be cancelled

The team around the CG Lounge Talk is small, if one of them is missing, the talk has to be cancelled. The CG Lounge Talk with Spranz on the 25th of September unfortunately has to b... more >
Thursday, 19-09-2019

"Good design with a clear conscience": this is what Koziol represents

In the CG Lounge Talk from Koziol's Glücksfabrik (happiness factory) the topic of plastic in connection with sustainability was explained anew and trendy to-go articles and brand ... more >
Tuesday, 17-09-2019

Bees by the railway

Deutsche Bahn AG is supporting bees and it providing private bee-keepers area belonging to DB free of charge. more >
Friday, 13-09-2019

CG Lounge Talk at the Koziol Glücksfabrik

The Glücksfabrik (‘factory of happiness’) stands for creativity and design. Key account manager Mohamed Rhiyourhi will be presenting the latest trends, new products, designs a... more >
Thursday, 12-09-2019

The Culinary Lounge Talk Special: Live Cooking at the cyber’s Kitchen

cyber-Wear went the extra mile for this time around: for the first time, the CG Lounge Talk featured live cooking while Sebastian Römer presented a range of fascinating products r... more >
Monday, 09-09-2019

Cooking Together in the CG Lounge Talk

Someone must have been hungry! Because now the team from Römer is spontaneously stopping by at the cyber’s Kitchen in Mannheim to cook with us. more >
Friday, 06-09-2019

He also is REFLECTS: Alexander Derosas in the CG Lounge Talk

In a conversation with Steven Baumgärtner, Alexander Derosas presented all the latest products, new technologies and current trends for REFLECTS. more >
Wednesday, 04-09-2019

"Welcome, you're a good match for us."

cyber-Wear develops 20,000 welcome packages for Deutsche Bahn AG for all career starters who begin their training, studies or new job from 1 September 2019. more >
Tuesday, 03-09-2019

Innovations and visions in the CG Lounge Talk with Vonmählen

Last Wednesday the successful tech pioneer Vonmählen took the opportunity to present its products in the CG Lounge Talk. more >
Monday, 02-09-2019

Earebel: one of the brand worlds of the new

Excellent sound and a stylish look. With Earebel headphones built into beanies or headbands, you'll discover a wholly new way to travel. more >
Friday, 30-08-2019

Cybergroup welcomes REFLECTS to the CG Lounge Talk

Guests at the weekly CG Lounge Talk are now following each other on a regular basis. Next week the firm of REFLECTS will be represented by Key Account Manager Alexander Derosas. more >
Friday, 23-08-2019

The CG Lounge Talk: a young tech company is first up after the summer break

After its successful initial sessions the CG Lounge Talk will start again after the summer break on 28.8.2019. The technology newcomer Vonmählen with its impressive design product... more >
Wednesday, 21-08-2019

Cybergroup at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

For Aston Martin, four Cybergroup companies worked hand in hand at the global automobile industry’s crowning event. more >
Monday, 19-08-2019

Sustainability at the station shopping centre

cyber-Wear develops re-usable coffee cups for the opening of a REWE To Go store in Mainz. more >
Friday, 16-08-2019

Stylish caps made of "ocean plastic"

Industry is looking for environmentally friendly materials. One way is to work with what is already out there: for example plastic waste on beaches, which can be re-used before i... more >
Wednesday, 14-08-2019

Who doesn't know this pattern from the ICE train?

The official online merchandising shop of Deutsche Bahn AG offers only the most individual products: for example a shoulder bag made of original 2nd class ICE seat covers. more >
Monday, 12-08-2019

Ford Mustang World Record Attempt

Goal of bringing together more than 1,000 Ford Mustangs in the city of Lommel in Belgium. cyber-Wear's Event Team will be there with a wide range of merchandise. more >
Thursday, 08-08-2019

cyber-Wear on behalf of Ford at the Mustang & Shelby Meeting in Switzerland

There was plenty for the fans and visitors to admire: for example a 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible, a 1968 Shelby GT350, a Ford Mustang GT, a Ford Mustang Bullitt and matching artic... more >
Thursday, 01-08-2019

Vista Portuguese® as new CG Fulfillment customer

The attractive Vista Portuguese® products generate wanderlust. As logistics partner CG Fulfillment now distributes these products as holiday memories throughout Germany on behalf ... more >
Monday, 29-07-2019

High season for Christmas gifts and annual calendars

The end of the first half of the year is the peak season for the promotional products industry - this is when the orders for the Christmas season and the beginning of the new year ... more >
Monday, 22-07-2019

Successful start with professional racing driver René Rast

The racing driver pro's official merchandising collection is racing successfully out of the starting blocks - not least thanks to his social media support and sales in the DTM shop... more >
Thursday, 18-07-2019

Summer Special from Zoutelande

After the "Summer Specials" CG Lounge Talk on the roof of head office and on the new terrace in Mannheim, Cybergroup goes one better and broadcasts live from the beach in Zouteland... more >
Tuesday, 16-07-2019

International Mustang get-together in Germany's 'Western city'

At the Mustang get-together the cyber-Wear event team presented the cool Ford Mustang Collection in a stylish Airstream. more >
Monday, 15-07-2019

Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

Full power: The Cybergroup event team, Managing Director UK and their contact at British premium manufacturer Aston Martin present the exclusive merchandise range. more >
Friday, 12-07-2019

The CG Lounge Talk Summer special with Xindao

The summer special with Xindao is taking place in a very special location. The latest products will be unpacked and trends set on the beach at Zoutelande. more >
Thursday, 11-07-2019

The CG Lounge Talk Behind the scenes

Live is live. At the last Lounge Talk we experienced the pitfalls of the live broadcast for ourselves. However, everyone reacted quickly and professionally and the stream started a... more >
Wednesday, 10-07-2019

The CG Lounge Talk Christmas preparations in summer

The racing driver pro's official merchandising collection is racing successfully out of the starting blocks - not least thanks to his social media support and sales in the DTM shop... more >
Tuesday, 09-07-2019

The CG Lounge Talk Above the rooftops of Mannheim

At the CG Lounge Talk Summer Special the focus was on cosmetics and refreshing drinks - in tune with the weather. Birgit Neyer presented new products, production processes, trends ... more >
Friday, 05-07-2019

CG Lounge Talk hosts MAGNA sweets

Partner suppliers are now following each other on a regular basis as guests at the weekly CG Lounge Talk, Cybergroup's brand-new live format. On 10 July it will be the turn of MAGN... more >
Friday, 28-06-2019

CG Lounge Talk: Cybergroup HQ hosts Sanders Imagetools

The CG Lounge Talk has got off to a more than successful start, with partners and the press enthusiastic about the new live format. As its third guest Cybergroup has invited Sander... more >
Monday, 17-06-2019

There's no such things as 'can't be done'!

For cyber-Wear, mission impossible doesn't exist This was again shown by one of the latest projects with Deutsche Bahn AG, in which cyber-Wear delivered products to very special a... more >
Friday, 14-06-2019

Second CG Lounge Talk a resounding success

In the second live talk, Steven Baumgärtner spoke with Tobias Köckert, Managing Director of Mahlwerck Porzellan, about his company's latest products, innovations, forms of finish... more >
Monday, 10-06-2019

CG Lounge Talk: Premium manufacturer Mahlwerck

On Wednesday mornings customers are now informed live about new products by the CG Lounge Talk. After start-up earebel, cyber-Wear has now invited major manufacturer Mahlwerck to i... more >
Friday, 07-06-2019

Successful premiere of CG Lounge Talk

For the cyber team and their first guest, Manuel Reisacher from Earebel GmbH, the acid test has now been more than successfully passed. Apart from the short but intensive preparat... more >
Thursday, 06-06-2019

Simply untameable

cyber-Wear is launching a brand new collection of various articles for the Ford Lifestyle Collection: must-haves for all Ford Ranger Raptor and outdoor fans. more >
Monday, 03-06-2019

Official webshop of the Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection now also in Chinese

Cybergroup now also offers the Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection webshop in Chinese, proving its international expertise at a new level. more >
Wednesday, 29-05-2019

CG Lounge Talk: Not just „something to be done“

Live streaming is not a hype, but THE trend in marketing. So it was clear that the CG Lounge Talk should be broadcasted live. The technical background posed exciting challenges to ... more >
Monday, 27-05-2019

CG Lounge Talk: Start-up Earebel is the first guest

With its live format "CG Lounge Talk" cyber-Wear is developing a brand-new way to present reports from the world of promotional products and merchandising. The first guest on 5 Jun... more >
Tuesday, 14-05-2019

Cybergroup presents the Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection at the Shanghai Auto Show

At Shanghai Auto Cybergroup has unveiled the Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection to Chinese dealers, the press and customers - at the same time as three other international events. more >
Friday, 03-05-2019

SENEC relies on CG Fulfillment Logistics

Cybergroup subsidiary begins the year with the acquisition of a major new customer. more >
Thursday, 02-05-2019

Target group-oriented, campaign-accompanying, cost-effective? Triple check!

With 15,000 Chupa Chups lollies, the tool expert Festool draws attention to his new, German Instagram account, which particularly appeals to young end customers and potential appli... more >
Thursday, 25-04-2019

So wild and so tasty

Back in January cyber-Wear was offering spring greetings in the form of Em-eukal with wild cherry flavour. Now that the cherry trees are blossoming, these healthy sweets are gettin... more >
Wednesday, 17-04-2019

Promotional goods are unbeatable - at any occasion

For what occasion can promotional goods be used? For a long time they have been used more than just at Christmas and Easter. Creative presents round off any campaign and event. more >
Friday, 12-04-2019

Star racing driver relies on the services of cyber-Wear

cyber-Wear develops merchandising collection and operates fanshop for René Rast. CG Fulfillment implements the entire services along the logistics chain. more >
Thursday, 11-04-2019

Mechanical engineering company receives its own flagship store

cyber-Wear has conceived and developed a merchandise shop for Sany Europe and at the same time presents the latest products. more >
Monday, 08-04-2019

cyber-Wear at the "Go Further" event in Amsterdam

For the fourth time Ford of Europe has invited its European dealers to the "Go Further" event to present the company's latest developments. The Ford Lifestyle Collection Team from ... more >
Friday, 05-04-2019

Urban, safe and indispensable

Even sophisticated anti-theft rucksacks can be improved. The modern backpack in an urban roll-top design has an indispensable hidden detail. more >
Wednesday, 03-04-2019

Audi e-tron - Energy made visible

For the start of series production of its first fully-electric SUV, the e-tron, Audi has visualised electrification in a spectacular design. Based on this design, Cybergroup has de... more >
Monday, 01-04-2019 is live!

After months of planning, is now live! Together, Deutsche Bahn AG and Cybergroup pulled off a project to make travelling by train even more fun. more >
Friday, 29-03-2019

The mega analogue memory for a digital world

For all those who are constantly travelling and are always online: The Hashtag rucksack has been designed right down to the last detail for modern, digital nomads. more >
Tuesday, 26-03-2019

Long-standing customer TUI continues to place its trust in CG Fulfillment

CG Fulfillment impresses with its expertise in all services along the logistics chain. At the same time cyber-Wear develops and produces promotional articles. more >
Wednesday, 20-03-2019

New shop, new products - Jokey Group and Cybergroup intensify their collaboration

This month the successful cooperation between the two companies is bearing fruit: The merchandising shop developed by cyber-Wear is going live more >
Monday, 18-03-2019

cyber-Wear for Aston Martin at the Geneva International Motorshow

cyber-Wear presents it own merchandise collection for the luxury brand Aston Martin at the motorshow of motorshows in Geneva. more >
Friday, 15-03-2019

Today there's a real treat for your ears!

In two respects: It is now possible to get both a cool hat and have the perfect sound underneath it. How does that work? With earebel. more >
Thursday, 14-03-2019 heads for its destination station

In, its current mammoth rail project, Cybergroup is approaching the destination. In addition to a completely renovated shop with extended features, there are above all ... more >
Thursday, 07-03-2019

Showcase your brand message with light

The puristic LIGHT TO GO provides atmospheric light, which is wireless and can be used anywhere. Thanks to printed films, it can be customised in the blink of an eye and provides a... more >
Friday, 01-03-2019

Hoodie? Gym bag? Hoodie String Bag!

The hoodie string bag makes the popular gym bag a new must have. Using the bestseller from the Ford Lifestyle Collection, Cybergroup shows how to properly integrate the bag into th... more >
Monday, 25-02-2019

cyber-Wear develops a colour concept for PSI 2019

Four products, four materials, four colours – that's the colour concept. cyber-Wear has taken up the challenge of developing various different products with a range of different ... more >
Friday, 22-02-2019

Global cyber power at the 2019 Aston Martin China Dealer Conference

Cybergroup is on the road worldwide meeting customers and showing their collections – in February, they took part in the 2019 Aston Martin China Dealer Conference in Ningbo, Chin... more >
Wednesday, 20-02-2019

A big player weighing only 95 grammes

With the latest highlight in umbrellas you no longer need to decide whether one of them will fit in your handbag. This practical companion weighs only an incredible 95 grammes. more >
Thursday, 14-02-2019

Merchandising can be so tasty!

Advertising materials are not just classic ball point pens, a cool cap or a nice cup. cyber-Wear has set new standards with its customer gifts during the PSI show. more >
Tuesday, 12-02-2019

Ban on plastic straws – so what?

Around 40 billion drinking straws are used and subsequently thrown away every year in Germany alone. Along with many other single-use products, this results in huge quantities of r... more >
Thursday, 07-02-2019

Unboxing the cyber-Wear PSI exhibitor bag

At the PSI, cyber-Wear gave out cool, on-trend exhibitor bags to their customers, filled with a wide range of goodies that you're guaranteed to need when you're out and about. more >
Monday, 04-02-2019

Ford's luxurious Vignale Collection has been given a new colour

The Ford Vignale Collection shines in new splendour: new products gleam in elegant black leather and are definite must-haves for luxury lovers. more >
Tuesday, 29-01-2019

High-quality tools for Sennheiser

cyber-Wear has developed a seven-piece professional tool set in Sennheiser corporate design for the experts in electroacoustic products and systems. more >
Thursday, 24-01-2019

"Industrial Customer Day is a top opportunity"

It isn't only the Industry Customer Day that makes PSI the ideal trade fair at which dealers and customers can find inspiration together. Christoph Luthe, Key Account Manager at Cy... more >
Monday, 21-01-2019

Big, bigger, the biggest: boot Düsseldorf 2019

cyber-Wear participates in boot Düsseldorf with its own Mercury Marine event team and presents its specially developed merchandise collection there. more >
Friday, 21-12-2018

Gaining attention with camouflage!

As part of the cooperation between three trade fairs during the PSI 2019, a new knowledge platform has been created with presentations and live demos. Ford of Europe and Cybergroup... more >
Wednesday, 19-12-2018

A sports shop becomes a lifestyle programme

The Viessmann Selection celebrates its 20th anniversary and for this occasion, cyber-Wear has developed an anniversary catalogue, in cooperation with Viessmann, with many new and w... more >
Friday, 14-12-2018

Best Practice Merchandising Ford Camo Collection: a special design for the PSI

Cybergroup has developed the stylish Camo Collection for the Ford Lifestyle Collection within a very short time. With a spectacular presentation the flamboyant design and the uniqu... more >
Wednesday, 12-12-2018

cyber-Wear will present the Mercury Merchandise Collection at the Nautic Paris International Boat Show

cyber-Wear presents its specially developed merchandise collection for Mercury Marine, experts in outboard engines, at one of the most important boat shows in the world more >
Monday, 10-12-2018

A feast for all the senses

Christmas will be a true celebration for selected customers of Vaillant, the heating technology specialist. cyber-Wear is producing the popular JBL loudspeakers in the Vaillant des... more >
Friday, 07-12-2018

Red hot innovation in the Viessmann Selection online shop

New online shop presents brand new products – cyber-Wear has developed a "performance headband" with integrated headphones for all sportsmen and women who want to enjoy making ph... more >
Monday, 03-12-2018

Audi to remain a full-service customer for a further three years

The last few weeks of 2018 are already providing a more than promising outlook for the coming years. Immediately after Cybergroup succeeded in retaining Deutsche Bahn AG as a custo... more >
Friday, 30-11-2018

MAN wishes its customers Merry Christmas

At the end of the year MAN wishes to thank its customers for their business and trust with sinfully delicious chocolate. For this purpose cyber-Wear has designed three stylish adve... more >
Wednesday, 28-11-2018

All about Ford Merchandise – three days, three employees, three locations

Right on time for the start of Advent, Ford employees can enjoy shopping at reduced prices at the big Ford Lifestyle Collection employee sale. This year, the cyber-Team will be cov... more >
Monday, 26-11-2018

Deutsche Bahn to rely on Cybergroup for a number of further years

Cybergroup has won through with its concept for the promotional goods budget of Deutsche Bahn AG. The transport company with the largest rail network in Europe remains committed to... more >
Friday, 23-11-2018

How to create a great piece of promotional merchandise?

Promotional articles are an irreplaceable and integral part of the marketing mix. But how is an effective promotional article created? The fact that this involves hard work and som... more >
Wednesday, 21-11-2018

No trend left undiscovered

Thanks to social media, it's sure that during the upcoming PSI Trade Fair, too, no trend will remain undiscovered. There will not only be interviews between the trade fair organise... more >
Monday, 19-11-2018

Ford is pushing its new Omnicraft spare parts brand with the aid of Cybergroup.

With its Omnicraft spare parts brand Ford of Europe has, since last summer, also been offering spare parts and service for other makes. To support the new brand at its European loc... more >
Monday, 05-11-2018

New shop, new products - Viessmann and Cybergroup intensify their collaboration

This month the successful cooperation between the two companies is bearing fruit: the completely redesigned webshop went online, with innovative winter sports highlights such as a ... more >
Wednesday, 31-10-2018

Looking back and going forward, the MAN Trucker’s World Collection

Cool merchandise that fans also enjoy using in everyday life? No problem for Cybergroup. The company designs casual vintage wear and cool products for the MAN Trucker's World Colle... more >
Friday, 26-10-2018

Partnership with Montblanc

Montblanc, a manufacturer of luxury items, has decided to cooperate with cyber-Wear. cyber-Wear is now licensed to advertise these high-quality brand items to its customers. more >
Monday, 22-10-2018

Trust turns promotional traders into genuine partners

In the last 2 years, heating experts Viessmann and Cybergroup kickstarted numerous projects based on the Viessmann Selection. Contact person Jessica Crittenden is relocating to the... more >
Wednesday, 17-10-2018

Why is it that promotional items are an indispensable component of the marketing mix?

The traditional marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion comprises all the measures required to achieve the goals of marketing. The tactile promotional item is both out... more >
Monday, 08-10-2018

The Coolest Mustang of All Times -- Exclusive Special Edition for the Ford Lifestyle Collection

The special edition Ford Mustang BULLITT resurrects a legend: The Ford Mustang GT Fastback -- the car that achieved silver screen cult status in 1968. The Ford Mustang BULLITT has ... more >
Wednesday, 03-10-2018

cyber-Wear for Mercury Marine at the Genoa Boat Show 2018

cyber-Wear presents its specially developed merchandise collection for Mercury Marine, experts in outboard engines, on one of the most important boat shows in the world more >
Friday, 28-09-2018

cyber-Wear with the Ford Lifestyle Collection at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles

For the firth time, cyber-Wear is supporting their client Ford at the International Automobile Exhibition in Hanover more >
Friday, 21-09-2018

Aston Martin Merchandise Collection in the email inbox

Fans of the British luxury brand Aston Martin now also receive the latest products of the Aston Martin Merchandise Collection in their inbox regularly via newsletter more >
Monday, 17-09-2018


Keeping your eyes wide open wherever you go is a particularly good idea in the field of promotional materials. This is precisely how Cybergroup manages to surprise their customers... more >
Monday, 10-09-2018

"Trust in brave ideas" – strong statements on TRUMPF recruiting articles

TRUMPF GmbH, market leader in machine tools, is grabbing the attention of potential employees with a corporate philosophy that promises a relationship based on mutual trust and the... more >
Friday, 07-09-2018

Large summer order from the Ford Lifestyle Collection

French Ford dealer motivates its salespeople for its new training programme with 1,350 Ford items from the Ford Lifestyle Collection’s merchandising range, produced by Ford’s o... more >
Wednesday, 05-09-2018

What makes for a good promotional item?

It's hard to imagine promotional gifts not being included as part of the marketing mix; they are after all the ideal way of amplifying the brand message which you are trying to get... more >
Wednesday, 29-08-2018

Ford Performance COVEL 2.0 in the carbon look

The Ford Lifestyle Collection launches its revival of the Ford Performance COVEL. The new COVEL features even higher quality, thanks to the special carbon structure which can be fo... more >
Friday, 24-08-2018

The Ford Lifestyle Collection is supplemented by a new video series showing the products

Ford fans can now enjoy the Ford merchandise articles from a new perspective: the functions and applications of a wide range of products are shown and explained in short videos. more >
Monday, 20-08-2018

HAPPY EVOLUTION! Sennheiser celebrates its most successful range of microphones

Sennheiser’s most successful range of microphones celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Evolution series turned not only Sennheiser’s world upside down, but that of the music in... more >
Wednesday, 15-08-2018

The Spectaculator makes maths colourful

Pocket calculators are intended to carry out their functions quickly and reliably, however, their businesslike design can usually only be described as boring. The Cybergroup presen... more >
Wednesday, 08-08-2018

Summer is over, Cybergroup is ringing the bells for Yuletide

The summer has gone, and Christmas is almost upon us. ARE YOU KIDDING? Can employees of Deutsche Bahn really be thinking that it's already time to be browsing through Cybergroup's ... more >
Monday, 06-08-2018

Minimal surface area, maximum effect

cyber-Wear has developed smartphone cleaning pads in order to promote the tool specialist Festool GmbH’s new Festool app. more >
Friday, 03-08-2018

Mercury Collection revs things up with its own customer newsletter

For over a year, Cybergroup has been looking after the Merchandise Collection it has designed in-house for Mercury Marine, the experts for outboard motors. The web shop as well as ... more >
Monday, 23-07-2018

Skilfully stirring up the excitement to fever pitch: Cool, cooler, camouflage

Dealers were invited to sample the newest developments in the world of Ford at the "Ford erfahren" ("Find out about Ford") event. But there's one highlight the company is being par... more >
Friday, 20-07-2018

What does sustainability have to do with the advertising materials field?

Isn't sustainability something for eco-warriors and tree-huggers? This cliché has long since outlived its usefulness. "Green thinking" is becoming ever more prevalent. Sustainabil... more >
Monday, 16-07-2018

Ford Lifestyle Collection at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The event team of the Ford Lifestyle Collection is presenting the highlights of the merchandise collection at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. Ford fans will not only be ... more >
Wednesday, 11-07-2018

Advertising materials and new technologies enter into a sustainable relationship

With the Plastic Free July campaign and World Population Day on July 11th, July is all about sustainability. Everyone knows the pictures of the growing mountains of garbage and the... more >
Monday, 09-07-2018

Great fun at the site anniversary – And the cyber-Team were there in full power!

In June, the site in Cologne’s Merkenich district celebrated its 50th anniversary. The perfect weather ensured this popular family day really was an event to remember. The cyber-... more >
Wednesday, 04-07-2018

RFID enters the advertising industry

RFID offers infinite solutions for problems faced by highly diverse sectors. Unsurprisingly, the technology isn't sparing the advertising industry, either, as it enables the creati... more >
Friday, 29-06-2018

You think transport - we think merchandise

Cybergroup has been collaborating with BPW, a globally operating logistics specialist, for almost four years now. In the meantime, the company has evolved into a major customer in ... more >
Monday, 18-06-2018

Heritage Collection for Jokey Plastik 50th Anniversary

cyber-Wear develops high-quality Heritage Collection for packaging specialist Jokey, consisting of sweat jackets, T-shirts and leisure bags in a Heritage design. more >
Friday, 08-06-2018

"The One 360° Mercury Experience“ - Mercury Marine at first hand

Under the slogan "The One 360° Mercury Experience“ Mercury Marine dealers and fans had the opportunity to experience the brand close-up in Baveno, Italy, from 28 May to 3 June. ... more >
Wednesday, 06-06-2018

Ice-cold drinks for your longed-for holiday

Summer has arrived and of course that's the start of the holiday season, when many people have just got one thing on their minds: off to the sunshine at last! l'tur wants to drink... more >
Monday, 04-06-2018

Grill like a pro – Wireless barbecue thermometer as a summer client gift

Vaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has ordered 1200 Bluetooth barbecue thermometers for its 2018 specialised tradespeople campaign. This wireless barbecue thermometer connects to t... more >
Monday, 28-05-2018

High quality six-pack for the World Cup

For the packaging specialists Jokey, cyber-Wear has developed and produced a six-pack comprising three different types of beer, for the occasion of the forthcoming World Cup in Rus... more >
Friday, 25-05-2018

Always up-to-date with the Cybergroup newsletter – subscribe now!

Inspirations, ideas, finding out what's going on elsewhere – and of course the latest news from our company. This is what Cybergroup's first client newsletter will offer. more >
Wednesday, 23-05-2018

As individual as your personality

cyber-Wear presents a unique ball pen, which thanks to its many interchangeable modules with the widest array of surfaces, perfectly reflects all the nuances of your identity more >
Wednesday, 09-05-2018

Bob, always at your service!

This small multi-function tool with a variety of different functions is the ideal helper, helping out in many everyday situations more >
Monday, 30-04-2018

Classical plastic bucket becomes cool Bluetooth loudspeaker

cyber-Wear designs and develops the absolute product innovation for plastic packaging specialist Jokey Plastik more >
Wednesday, 25-04-2018

New product: Hand Sanitizer in the bumper

cyber-wear presents a practical everyday item that can be attached to bags or used as an accessory in meeting rooms or receptions, which leaves the hands feeling clean and fresh more >
Friday, 20-04-2018

Tiny trains, huge numbers

DB Fernverkehr AG orders 3,000,000 (in words: three million) little sachets of fruit gums in the form of miniature inter-city coaches as a welcoming gift for first class passengers... more >
Wednesday, 11-04-2018

New product: Wireless Charging Stand

cyber-Wear presents the beautifully designed, wireless charging station for the desktop, featuring a click mechanism for quick dismantling and storage more >
Monday, 09-04-2018

cyber-Wear is developing a new digital catalogue for the Ford Lifestyle Collection

The catalogue, which is presented in a new design, covers all the products in the various collections and will be updated as soon as new products are included in the shop more >
Wednesday, 28-03-2018

New product: PowerBar Natural Energy Cereal

cyber-Wear presents the power bar of all power bars, developed by athletes for athletes more >
Monday, 26-03-2018

New campaign: "Nix wie…"

cyber-Wear develops promotional articles for the new emoji campaign by l'tur more >
Friday, 23-03-2018

The COVEL® fitness towel - fast out of the starting blocks

COVEL®, from the cyber-Wear in-house design department, is the ultimate in functional fitness towels. In order to enhance awareness of the product further, the brand is using infl... more >
Wednesday, 21-03-2018

"3malE Bildung mit Energie“ – RWE and innogy are encouraging children

cyber-Wear is producing jerseys for the 12th innogy school relay as part of the "3malE Bildung mit Energie" initiative more >
Monday, 12-03-2018

DB Schenker invests in its image as an attractive employer

Logistics company DB Schenker orders promotional articles for recruiting purposes, enabling cyber-Wear to demonstrate its versatility: from small volumes to huge quantities, from f... more >
Friday, 09-03-2018

cyber-Wear presents new products

Brief videos present and explain the special features and functional characteristics of selected new products more >
Wednesday, 28-02-2018

A re-issue in new design

For a packaging specialist Cyber-Wear has redesigned a promotional article in a striking pop-art look. more >
Thursday, 08-02-2018

Even more fun in the Ford Lifestyle Collection web shop

Two new LEGO® Ford models will be coming to a children's playroom near you more >
Wednesday, 27-12-2017

Two new accounts at the end of the year – RWE is once again putting its faith 100% in cyber-Wear and is bringing its subsidiary innogy along too

The return of the energy supply group sees the first full-service customer in the history of cyber-Wear coming back after a short break more >
Friday, 22-12-2017

It's that time of year again – cyber-Wear sweetens up the Advent period for Deutsche Bahn customers

30,000 Advent calendars designed and despatched on behalf of DB Regio Nordost more >
Tuesday, 19-12-2017

Small gifts in large quantities

cyber-Wear produces 38,500 Advent and Print Calendars for Festool more >
Wednesday, 13-12-2017

TUI Deutschland now puts even more trust in cyber-Wear

cyber-Wear wins tourism giant’s budget for advertising material logistics and development more >
Friday, 24-11-2017

COVEL® in store - cyber-Wear presents its own product innovation

Made by our own in-house creative department, the sports bath towel is available right now more >
Tuesday, 17-10-2017

Prepare for Takeoff...

The Ford Lifestyle Collection web shop is awaiting its relaunch more >
Friday, 13-10-2017

An award-winning advertising medium

Medals from cyber-Wear awarded to participants in the Viessmann corporate run more >
Tuesday, 05-09-2017

We'll keep you nice and dry!

Global innovation FARE-Stretch available in advance - exclusively from cyber-Wear more >
Wednesday, 19-07-2017

Fast-Paced Textiles for Porsche Sports Cup

cyber-Wear produces custom branded functional shirts, windbreakers and caps for participants of the popular racing series more >
Wednesday, 05-07-2017

The Return of Surfer Duck

After a three-year pause, cyber-Wear is relaunching the L´TUR cult article "El Pato" more >
Tuesday, 27-06-2017

A Toast to the Holiday Season

cyber-Wear produces prosecco and beer cans for L’TUR more >
Wednesday, 21-06-2017

Promotional articles in pop art design for packaging specialist

cyber-Wear applies new packaging designs by Jokey more >
Wednesday, 14-06-2017

The perfect screen for an important motif

cyber-Wear produces seamless umbrellas with the motif of the Jokey Group more >
Wednesday, 31-05-2017

Strong sales at Aston Martin works opening in Wales

Successful day for the UK Cybergroup team at their pop-up store more >
Wednesday, 24-05-2017

Ice hockey jerseys for Mercury Marine

cyber-Wear produces very special clothing for an event in Sweden more >
Wednesday, 17-05-2017

New supplies for All-American headgear

New caps for the Ford Mustang and Ford Heritage Line from the Ford Lifestyle Collection more >
Wednesday, 10-05-2017

Back to Basics with the Ford Lifestyle Collection

cyber-Wear is expanding the fan collections with lots of new articles in its signature look more >
Wednesday, 03-05-2017

New cult articles in the Ford Lifestyle Collection web shop

LEGO® toy set as a reminder of legendary Ford GT motor racing victories more >
Wednesday, 26-04-2017

It´s raining Audi brollies

Design umbrellas for the four-ring brand more >
Wednesday, 19-04-2017

Major dealer campaign for Ford Finland

cyber-Wear is supporting the all wheel drive campaign of Ford by providing give-aways and electronic cars for children more >
Wednesday, 12-04-2017

Black is the new black

The new Ford Vignale Collection is becoming more elegant more >
Wednesday, 22-03-2017

The Latest in Fashion: Tailor-Made Outfit Update for Vaillant

New Chinos to Make the Employees Look Good for the ISH 2017 more >
Wednesday, 22-02-2017

Back in the saddle - for good

The backpack from the Ford Mustang line could well become your favourite item. more >
Wednesday, 15-02-2017

Ford ST RECARO Merchandising

cyber-Wear supplies Ford and seat manufacturer RECARO with merchandising special collections more >
Wednesday, 08-02-2017

Cooperation between ALDI Suisse and cyber-Wear

Support for the "I'm an ALDI kid" campaign with starter kits filled with give-aways in three languages more >
Wednesday, 01-02-2017

Deutsche Bahn Web Special

Presentation of References as a Microsite of the cyber-Wear Website more >
Wednesday, 25-01-2017

The whole world profits from less waste!

Promotional Gift Award 2017 for reusable bamboo coffee-to-go beaker more >
Wednesday, 18-01-2017

Award-winning articles: Promotional Gift Award for Ford Vignale Weekender

Travel bag from Ford Design & cyber-Wear wins major sector award. more >
Thursday, 12-01-2017

West German TV (WDR) is filming in Wipperfürth: Say hello to the coffee cup of the future

TV report about the cyber-Wear coffee-to-go cup with the RFID chip more >
Wednesday, 28-12-2016

Haptic Heroes - A Double Win

cyber-Wear Takes Home Two 2017 Promotional Gift Awards more >
Tuesday, 01-11-2016

Full Deckchair Occupation is Back

cyber-Wear is reissuing the popular L'TUR swimming towels reading "BELEGT" more >
Tuesday, 25-10-2016

A Huge Logo Isn’t Everything

cyber-Wear has developed a stylish giveaway that conveys its brand message by ‘other means’ more >
Tuesday, 11-10-2016

cyber-Wear applies tailor-made solutions in every sense of the word

A new addition to the corporate-wear portfolio: made-to-measure men's and women's fashion more >
Thursday, 06-10-2016

Sponsoring for the Endurance Racing Champions

cyber-Wear is supplying the FORD WEC Team with sunglasses from the Ford Performance Collection more >
Tuesday, 04-10-2016

Coffee 2.0 at the Lenz Café & Deli in Wipperfürth

cyber-Wear tests a brand-new coffee-to-go cup made of china with an RFID chip more >
Tuesday, 27-09-2016

Cybergroup golf shop tees off in the UK

Themed B2B shop launched for the public more >
Tuesday, 19-07-2016

Combating the beaker mountains: reusable coffee mugs made of bamboo

cyber-Wear produces coffee-to-go beakers on behalf of S-Bahn Berlin more >
Friday, 15-07-2016

Vignale Collection Receives Design Award

Award-winning merchandising products for the Ford accessory line more >
Saturday, 18-06-2016

'Disguised prototypes' in real leather for Spain's top design fair

Ford displays cyber-Wear's Vignale Collection at the CasaDecor press event more >
Wednesday, 08-06-2016

Corporate Cupcakes & Cakes

cyber-Wear delights Shell staff with 4,450 little cakes more >
Friday, 03-06-2016

Ford Ranger 4 Kids – This e-car for the little ones is now available in the online shop

A fulfilment service forming part of our Ford full service agreement more >
Wednesday, 18-05-2016

L’Eimer Tricolore by Jokey – A Class of its Own

For the European Soccer Championship 2016 in France, cyber-Wear is developing high-profile advertising media made from the packaging manufacturer’s own products more >
Monday, 09-05-2016

Articles with a smile

Frisbees and skateboards to put TUI customers in a good mood more >
Wednesday, 27-04-2016

VIGNALE COLLECTION Catalogue: "Haute Couture" available as "Prêt-à-porter"

cyber-Wear produces print directory of the most luxurious Ford lifestyle articles more >
Wednesday, 27-04-2016

Visual enhancement of the Pursuit of Perfect Sound...

To celebrate Sennheiser's 70th anniversary in 2015, cyber-Wear gave the company's entire range of promotional articles a new colour design. more >
Wednesday, 20-04-2016

A 24-door model for Audi

cyber-Wear produces Advent calendar in the R8 design more >
Wednesday, 13-04-2016

Very welcome giveaways

cyber-Wear accompanies the sports sponsorship activities of Audi with the appropriate little tokens of appreciation more >
Wednesday, 06-04-2016

Corporate Gingerbread

For Audi cyber-Wear is now having creative 'Lebkuchen' (gingerbread) produced in the form of an automobile more >
Thursday, 24-03-2016

Toys for boys

In the official Ford fanshop cyber-Wear is offering cult model cars made of LEGO® more >
Wednesday, 23-03-2016

Out of the ordinary but ideal for the occasion

cyber-Wear produces popcorn in special packaging for Audi cinema event more >
Wednesday, 16-03-2016

Order for Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong fulfilled by a Chinese supplier.

Excellent infrastructure provided by Cybergroup greatly impresses Chinese purchaser more >
Thursday, 07-01-2016

Standard articles are setting new standards

For TUV Rheinland, cyber-Wear is dressing an old classic in new robes more >
Wednesday, 23-12-2015

cyber-Wear launches website for the Ford Vignale Collection

Information and webshop for the high-end product series go online ready for the gift-giving season more >
Wednesday, 18-11-2015

more >
Wednesday, 11-11-2015

A last bastion of style in the digital age

cyber-Wear produces a notebook for Ford VIGNALE more >
Wednesday, 21-10-2015

cyber-Wear for Ford VIGNALE: a touch of Italy for the home

Espresso cups made of exclusive porcelain have been added to the Premium collection more >
Wednesday, 14-10-2015

Mini Mustangs in two sizes

Ford Mustang models are top sellers more >
Wednesday, 07-10-2015

VIGNALE COLLECTION Catalogue: "Haute Couture" available as "Prêt-à-porter"

cyber-Wear produces print directory of the most luxurious Ford lifestyle articles more >
Wednesday, 16-09-2015

Coffee mug with automatic distance control for Ford

cyber-Wear produces an exceptional article which responds to temperature more >
Tuesday, 15-09-2015

Behind the scenes: How the Ford VIGNALE Weekender is produced

cyber-Wear have produced a video showing how the award-winning travel bag is made more >
Wednesday, 02-09-2015

Special editions of the Ford GT

cyber-Wear issues a limited edition resin model of the racing car more >
Wednesday, 26-08-2015

The Ford Mustang News is accompanying the vehicle première

cyber-Wear produces a sophisticated print and online medium for the presentation of the official merchandising collection more >
Wednesday, 12-08-2015

Fresh off the printing line

cyber-Wear produces and distributes the Deutsche Bahn catalogue of standard advertising materials. more >
Wednesday, 05-08-2015

Ford Mustang web special

cyber-Wear delivers a stand-out reference work with impressive design features more >
Wednesday, 22-07-2015

Premiere of the Ford Lifestyle Collection on

Articles from the Mustang range are moving on to another sale channel more >
Wednesday, 17-06-2015

cyber-Wear provides samples for Ford dealerships in Italy

New articles for the Ford Lifestyle Collection were presented in dealer packages. more >
Wednesday, 10-06-2015

Cushioning befitting the status

cyber-Wear produces luxury cushions for the Ford Vignale lounges more >
Wednesday, 27-05-2015

A badge with what it takes to be a brand hallmark

cyber-Wear helps Ford approach customers with a high-quality accessory more >
Wednesday, 20-05-2015

High-speed implementation under the strictest secrecy

cyber-Wear produces pens with the new DEA logo in record time under conditions of strict security more >
Wednesday, 13-05-2015

The official merchandising of HondaJet takes off with the plane

E-commerce platform went online just in time for the initial delivery more >
Wednesday, 04-02-2015

Country-specific lifestyle article

cyber-Wear produces coffee cans for Ford Finland more >
Wednesday, 28-01-2015

Play the game to get: A holiday under palm trees!

TUI commissions cyber-Wear to develop a custom-made puzzle for children more >
Wednesday, 14-01-2015

More than the sum of its parts: A puzzle as a gesture to young guests

Cybergroup produces puzzles for the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong more >
Thursday, 01-01-2015

Gingerbread and marzipan pigs from an "environment appropriate to their species"

cyber-Wear creates custom-made advertising materials from Jokey products and foodstuffs. more >
Tuesday, 19-05-2020
Generous donation to station missions
Thursday, 02-04-2020
Tuesday, 31-03-2020
Wednesday, 18-03-2020
Bath towels for the little ones
Tuesday, 21-01-2020
cyber-Wear once again sponsors the ‘Felix’ emergency ambulance for babies
Wednesday, 18-12-2019
A festive tradition
Tuesday, 17-12-2019
30 small packages to delight 30 children's hearts
Monday, 26-08-2019
Donations instead of gifts
Monday, 08-07-2019
cyber-Wear sends another donation in kind to Mogilev
Friday, 22-03-2019
Baby emergency doctor's vehicle "Felix"
Monday, 18-02-2019
cyber-Wear promotes a family-friendly world of work
Monday, 15-10-2018
Cybergroup donates 240 T-shirts to Regine Sixt's "Kinderwiesn"
Friday, 12-10-2018
Support for Blindenbetrieb Arbeitsring
Monday, 13-08-2018
Largest donation in cyber-history
Monday, 02-07-2018
cyber-Wear once more supports a children's home in Belarus
Wednesday, 03-01-2018
cyber-Wear once again supports social projects with a donation
Friday, 29-12-2017
cyber-Wear makes children’s eyes light up
Tuesday, 21-11-2017
cyber-Wear donates bath towels to children’s home
Tuesday, 29-08-2017
cyber-Wear is once again helping to integrate refugees
Wednesday, 07-12-2016
Win-win situation in Dossenheim
Friday, 27-05-2016
Sponsorship in support of the local community in Wipperfürth
Tuesday, 15-03-2016
Active integration aid at cyber-Wear
Wednesday, 20-01-2016
Unforgotten: cyber-Wear donates to children living near Chernobyl
Wednesday, 16-12-2015
cyber-Wear puts neighbourhood help into practice
Tuesday, 01-12-2015
Christmas is a time of giving, and cyber-Wear's gifts provide dual benefits
Sunday, 05-04-2015