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Tuesday, 25-10-2016

A Huge Logo Isn’t Everything

cyber-Wear has developed a stylish giveaway that conveys its brand message by ‘other means’

On behalf of Deutsche Bahn, cyber-Wear has developed a Lanybook notebook with a design so striking that it almost completely eclipses its functionality. The cover is in the S-Bahn’s trademark green, and its entire front and back is embossed with a map of Munich’s light rail network. The matching rubber band closure is designed to look like rails with a movable metal button in the shape of a train ‘driving’ along them. The pen holder also has a rail-themed print. No wonder then that the logo print itself is comparatively tiny – after all, the overall appearance of this lifestyle article already speaks for itself.

The inside of the 17.8 x 17.8 cm Lanybook contains a reference calendar for 2016 and 2017 and chequered pages for notes – because despite its eye-catching qualities, this exquisite notebook is also functional. Its square shape can even be interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek reference to an app icon and thus as a reminder that you could also be taking notes digitally on your smartphone. You could, but you won’t, because the analogue alternative is so much more appealing!

The Deutsche Bahn notebook communicates its brand message in a smart and clear manner. It unmistakably refers to the advertised company, S-Bahn Munich, without displaying an obtrusive logo, but rather by impressing customers with real lifestyle article qualities. Its design is unique, but absolutely clear in what it conveys. Due to this and because of its high quality, the notebook is predestined to be a sought-after giveaway that will become part of customers’ and employees’ everyday lives, simply because it gets used.