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Wednesday, 19-12-2018

A sports shop becomes a lifestyle programme

The Viessmann Selection celebrates its 20th anniversary and for this occasion, cyber-Wear has developed an anniversary catalogue, in cooperation with Viessmann, with many new and well-known articles.

Be it clothing, leisure, travel or winter sport fan articles - the Viessmann Selection provides the right equipment for young and old for any occasion. And has been doing so for 20 years. Starting out as a sports shop at the end of the 90s, winter sports fans were initially able to stock up on fan articles of the Viessmann Team athletes. For example, jackets, hats and bags were available in the typical, luminescent "Vitorange". Over the last 20 years, the Viessmann Selection has become a lifestyle programme. Since 2016, interested parties and fans have not only been able to browse the head office in Allendorf (Eder) but also find the whole range in the online shop. The latest additions include, for example, a ski bag which protects the skies from sliding around while travelling while at the same time protecting them from damage, moisture and dirt, as well as a Wolffepack Escape rucksack, the perfect organiser for office and leisure purposes.


Back then, as now, focus was placed on providing unique products of the highest quality. When selecting and designing the individual articles, the priority is on functionality and individual design, so that the fans are offered a selection which meets their needs and expectations.


As one of the latest sustainable supplements to the range, cyber-Wear has developed a collection of bags made of recycled Viessmann banners, which had been used at winter sport events. Due to the material, which is made of advertising tarpaulin, the bags are very robust and durable. Each individual bag is unique and an absolute eye-catcher due to the use of the existing banner material.