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Wednesday, 07-01-2015

A work horse for the wild pony

cyber-Wear expands Ford Kuga vehicle fleet, complete with Mustang branding

For several months now, the wild Pony has been galloping for the Airstream in the camper's Ford Lifestyle Collection role, but since it wasn't at the head of the team, a work horse with lots of HP has become part of the cyber-Wear vehicle fleet: A Ford Kuga has become part of the fleet of cars, towing the light metal camper. The popular SUV model is far from being just a means to an end, towing the Airstream from one event to the next for the camper to be used as a mobile shop. Large parts of the Kuga are covered with foil in the Ford Mustang design, just like the trailer, making it the centre of attention and a guaranteed eye-catcher! This latest vehicle addition to the collection represents another measure in the special, comprehensive scope of our full-service package and in the successful cooperation carried out between cyber-Wear and Ford of Europe. At present, all the motifs used on vehicles for the Ford Lifestyle Collection are in a Mustang design, however, since the foil can be removed without leaving any residue, after the official 2015 Ford Mustang European premiere, the Kuga can be used in the same way as all the others: covered with foil at a later date, but in a different design!