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Tuesday, 15-03-2016

Active integration aid at cyber-Wear

A Syrian refugee is doing a placement at the site in Dossenheim

A new project at the headquarters of cyber-Wear once again focuses on the issue of corporate social responsibility: Since the start of March, a young refugee from Syria has been improving his German at a placement in the design department of cyber-Wear. Mohamad Abou Kem (20), was able to gain some experience in Syria as a photographer, before he started his escape which took him via Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Austria to Germany. He now lives in Dossenheim. He has German lessons in the morning and then has the chance to use and develop his newly-learned language skills in the afternoon during a four-week placement at cyber-Wear, where he is also able to gain an insight into professional product photography and the design process. cyber-Wear is happy to give him this chance, in fact it was on its own initiative that cyber-Wear sent a request to the refugee aid authorities in the municipality. At cyber-Wear, corporate social responsibility is firmly anchored in the articles of association as a way of making a positive contribution to sustainable development, which also includes the active integration of refugees.