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Wednesday, 11-07-2018

Advertising materials and new technologies enter into a sustainable relationship

With the Plastic Free July campaign and World Population Day on July 11th, July is all about sustainability. Everyone knows the pictures of the growing mountains of garbage and the overflowing dustbin full of 2go cups in particular. Products with RFID chips were presented last week, these technical ideas can be wonderfully combined with the current theme of "sustainability".

The advantage of using a reusable 2go porcelain cup over a disposable cup is evident against the background of sustainability. In addition to the avoidance of waste, the drinks from a mug of this kind also taste better, finally no more paper flavour in your favorite drink.  With a stylish print on high-quality porcelain you do not want to miss this mug.


One and a half years ago, cyber-Wear, together with its supplier of high-quality cups and the Lenz Café & Deli in Wipperfürth, presented the clever 2go cup with integrated RFID chip. The idea of ​​the collaboration was so innovative that even a consumer magazine of the WDR became aware of it and presented the cup in a TV feature.


--> Coffee_2.0_at_the_Lenz_Café&Deli_in_Wipperfuerth


--> West_German_TV_WDR_is_filming_in_Wipperfuerth_Say_hello_to_the_coffee_cup_of_the_future


In the meantime a lot has happened since the system was introduced, it has been steadily developed and supplemented with various variants. At the PSI 2018, Europe's leading trade fair for the promotional products industry, a variant was also presented and tested together with trade fair visitors.


In 2016, during the pilot test in the Wipperfürth Café, the RFID chip was integrated in the bottom of the cup. The current cups, however, now have a chip in the lid, which in turn is compatible with each cup from the supplier's assortment and thus much more flexible. In addition, the mug is even easier to rinse and makes the customer aware of its individuality at first glance.


Alternatively, the porcelain cups can be equipped with a printed scan code. Together with the corresponding machines, these 2go cups can then be filled in an effective deposit system and exchanged. The machine recognizes the cups from its system by the code. This system was tested at the PSI 2018 as described above, and is ideal for canteens, for example, in addition to the fair. Of course, if there is no possibility to purchase or install machines, the code can also be read easily with a suitable scanner.


For example, a petrol station chain is currently using another variant: customers can buy one of the high-quality porcelain cups at a favorable price on site, even including the first filling. With each additional visit, you can then exchange your used cup very easily for a clean and refill with a delicious coffee.


With various systems to suit, whether for owner-managed cafes, system catering, canteens, offices or even entire cities. We are very curious about which collaborations develop and pursue the whole thing!