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Wednesday, 23-09-2015

After the game is before the game

Registrations for the Cybergroup BeachCup 2016 are being taken via the waiting list only

Just a few weeks after Cybergroup BeachCup 2015, the list of entrants for the 2016 competition is already fixed: 28 teams registered as early as July and August for the event-style tournament, which will take place for the 5th time on 25th June 2016 in Ketsch. This represents the maximum number of participants who can register.

Since there's still a long time to go, cyberWear is letting latecomers put their team on a waiting list, and will be informing them if any other teams drop out. During the past four years, since the 2012 premiere of the BeachCup, steps were taken to increase the number of spectator places around volleyball fields, to cope with the growing demand. To date, the grounds are being used to their full capacity, but, as we know, one should never say "never". For this reason, late registrations - for the time being only for the waiting list - can still be sent to