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Tuesday, 23-01-2018

At cyber-Wear hazardous goods are monitored and transported in line with statutory regulations

Two hazardous goods officers are responsible for carrying out the relevant tasks.

As soon as a company ships so-called "hazardous goods" or is involved in their transport, it must appoint at least one hazardous goods officer.  At cyber-Wear two members of the team carry out the tasks of the hazardous goods officer in addition to their main responsibilities.

Hazardous goods officers ensure the safe transport of hazardous goods in a number of different ways. Firstly they take stock of all the company's operations by obtaining the necessary information and the relevant documents . After taking stock they monitor these operations in order to ensure that the regulations on the transport of hazardous goods are complied with. As soon as hazardous goods are identified they are packed, labelled and documented in accordance with the regulations. The goods are then shipped by a carrier specially certified for this purpose.

Any defects and errors are reported by the hazardous goods officers without delay, which makes a further contribution to safe transport. A further role of the hazardous goods officers is to advise the company and its personnel on all questions relating to the shipment of hazardous goods, which ensures they are always up-to-date with the latest statutory requirements. They are also responsible for selecting the suitable means of transport, containers and packaging materials for dealing with hazardous goods. In addition they make sure that personnel dealing with such goods know the applicable regulations and receive the necessary training. They also take immediate action if there are accidents or incidents of any kind.

Before taking on these responsibilities, hazardous goods officers have to attend a four-day training course in accordance with § 5 of the Hazardous Goods Officers Directive and pass a Chamber of Commerce examination. 

At cyber-Wear such hazardous goods include lighters, power banks and batteries.