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Friday, 27-04-2018

Behind the scenes

Movie time at cyber-Wear: What happens behind the scenes during filming

After the successful first client lounge at the PSI, together with its clients cyber-Wear discovered a range of distinctive, cool new products at the trade show. All new articles which are especially appealing and unusual are being described and explained in detail in the form of product videos. These include information on the uses, content and functions of the products, together with the availability of different colours and finishes.

Making the videos requires the right equipment, course. When the social media team is filming, all you hear is "Lights, camera, action!" The equipment consists of a video LED lamp to provide the right lighting, a tripod fitted with a Nikon camera, and a Sennheiser microphone. The products to be presented have been tested and are ready for filming, the cyber banner is placed in position and the cameras are ready to roll. Cameraman Michael gives the countdown to the start of filming. If the sound or the image isn't right, he immediately makes a sign and a new start has to be made. As director, he also makes sure that all the important information is included and explained.