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Friday, 05-07-2019

CG Lounge Talk hosts MAGNA sweets

Partner suppliers are now following each other on a regular basis as guests at the weekly CG Lounge Talk, Cybergroup's brand-new live format. On 10 July it will be the turn of MAGNA sweets.

After the idea of the new live format was announced, within only a few days the CG Lounge Talk sessions were fully booked for months in advance. The regular Wednesday morning talk informs customers and interested parties live and up to date about the latest products and news from the industry.


In the first sessions at the beginning of June, CEO Steven Baumgärtner invited the headphone start-up earebel and the porcelain specialists Mahlwerck to Cybergroup's Mannheim base. In the lounge of the company's new HQ building the business partners chatted in a relaxed atmosphere about the products and topics that are important to the individual supplier. High product quality, innovative developments and the topic of sustainability were important to both of them.


The next partner supplier on the way to Mannheim also represents these values. MAGNA sweets GmbH, based in Moorenweis near Munich, is one of the leading companies in the sector of confectionery as a promotional product. The company specialises in the packaging and printing of foils and tins with customer logos, and among other facilities has its own printing plant. Mario Siebig, a member of the Management Board, will be representing the company in the CG Lounge Talk.


A particularly hot topic at the moment is "Good Chocolate": for every five bars of chocolate sold, a tree is planted to counteract the greenhouse effect. In 2007 the then 9-year-old Felix gave a presentation on the climate crisis to his class at school. He ended by calling on his classmates to plant trees - thus starting a worldwide children's and youth initiative.  With the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation which he created, Felix then among other projects launched his own chocolate. With this chocolate as a promotional article, customers communicate the message of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to the world.


In April MAGNA launched the MAGNA sweets Challenge. The customers who ordered the most "Good Chocolate" bars by the end of the month were given trees to plant. Cybergroup won the challenge. In line with the motto "Stop Talking. Start Planting." Steven Baumgärtner plants the seedling together with Mario Siebig on the grounds of the Cybergroup HQ.


As is customary in the industry, for MAGNA sweets Christmas normally comes in May. This is the month when the Christmas catalogue with new promotional ideas appears. Mario Siebig is sure to present both some new products and proven classics during the conversation.