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Wednesday, 29-05-2019

CG Lounge Talk: Not just „something to be done“

Live streaming is not a hype, but THE trend in marketing. So it was clear that the CG Lounge Talk should be broadcasted live. The technical background posed exciting challenges to the team.

Live streaming is the tool of choice when it comes to communicating much information simultaneously, accurately and authentically to a large number or a specific group of people. In addition, this medium brings a very high level of authenticity. (...) The factor of simultaneity is crucial - because nothing can be cut or manipulated on a live stream.


The emotional impact is enormous and can be further enhanced by the possibility of direct reaction to the viewer (and vice versa). The recipe for success of live streaming is thus: authenticity and emotionality through simultaneity and interaction. Nowadays, anyone can easily send a live stream, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or, if necessary, a PC or laptop, including a webcam and a stable Internet connection.[1]


Compared to a simple stream via webcam, which theoretically every internet user can implement at home, the Cybergroup's claim was different and far greater. The inspiration were morning magazines on TV, which inform and entertain at the start of the day with professional camerawork and varied image changes.


The model was set, and so it was clear that the team must work with multiple camera positions and accordingly several cameras that provide a high-quality FullHD image. Cybergroup uses professional NIKON D800 full-frame DSLR. The image of the NIKON's is sent via so-called capture cards to the directing PC, also here it was due to the quality needed they had to fall back on high-quality capture cards.


For a professional end result, above all, the shadow-free illumination must be right. This is done by various STUDIO-PRO studio lights, each with a power of 1200 watts. Of course, excellent audio quality is just as much a must have, so Cybergroup invested in audio equipment from Sennheiser and Behringer. For perfect voice recording, the team uses several Sennheiser lavalier microphones, which are fed into the PC via a Behringer mixer.


As streaming software Cybergroup uses the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for the CG Lounge Talk. This is probably currently the most popular program among the streamers. In order to ensure that this huge number of video and audio devices come together smoothly and run in the software, you finally need a lot of computing power. Since the headquarters in Mannheim has a very strong internet connection, it is possible to stream live in FullHD.


In addition to the excellent Internet connection, the new headquarters with the cyber lounge provides the best spatial conditions and so the Marketing Team based in Wipperfürth as well as the discussion partners travel to Mannheim for the weekly live stream. Michael Bienert from the Lounge Talk Team of the Cybergroup is solely responsible for the technical implementation. He is supported by his teammates from the marketing section, who take over the organization as well as the graphic implementation and the press work.