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Monday, 27-05-2019

CG Lounge Talk: Start-up Earebel is the first guest

With its live format "CG Lounge Talk" cyber-Wear is developing a brand-new way to present reports from the world of promotional products and merchandising. The first guest on 5 June will be Manuel Reisacher and Dietmar Hirsch from the headphone start-up Earebel.

On 5 June the CG Lounge Talk will celebrate its premiere with a completely new live format in which cyber-Wear will inform interested viewers about the very latest news from the world of promotional products and merchandising. From this date on cyber-Wear will regularly present its CG Lounge Talk live at 10 a.m. every Wednesday. The promotional products specialist thus enables viewers midweek to start their day with all the latest news. In a crisp and compact quarter of an hour the cyber team and its partner suppliers will provide their industry with the most interesting information about promotional articles, laws, regulations and standards.


The Allgäu start-up Earebel will be the first guest. This label from the foothills of the Alps sells stylish caps, beanies and headbands with directly integrated and removable high-end headphones. The products became known above all from the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" ("Dragon's Den"), in which Dietmar "Didi" Hirsch and Manuel Reisacher presented their unusual idea back in 2016. They were awarded the deal back then, but have since developed their label further with just as much power of their own.


One of the most groundbreaking steps for the start-up was certainly the uncoupling of the high-quality headphones away from cables to a Bluetooth connection. The high-end headphones offer brilliant sound while still allowing for ambient noise. The headphones can be easily inserted into various types of caps and exchanged as required. Finally, no more headphones that slip, become detached or put pressure on the ears - instead radically new comfortable wear with optimal sound.


From autumn 2019, the new Bluetooth® headset with "Sound by JBL®" will be launched. "The new cooperation with the renowned headphone manufacturer JBL® brings our sound quality to a whole new level," reports Manuel Reisacher. In addition to the sound upgrade, the young label promises various marketing effects, which push the prominence of the product and the brand again, so that Earebel soon becomes synonymous with the "most comfortable headphones worldwide".


The collection consists of light models for sport and leisure, as well as coarse knitted models for the winter season. Even hand-knitted headwear can be ordered directly from the founder's mother via the shop.


The first transmission at the beginning of June is confronting the cyber team with some exciting technical challenges, as everything has to run smoothly, especially at the premiere. There is still a lot to plan and prepare until then.  However, the idea has already been so well received that the dates for the first few months are fully booked.