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Tuesday, 01-12-2015

Christmas is a time of giving, and cyber-Wear's gifts provide dual benefits

Christmas presents prepared by the visually disabled for orphanage children

A form of giving which is doubly useful At the end of 2015 cyber-Wear is once more cooperating with the organisation 'Arbeitsring anerkannter Blindenwerkstätten-Schlich GmbH' for the purpose of benefiting orphanage children in Karlsruhe and at the same time supporting workshops for the disabled. As was the case at Easter of this year and in previous years, a donation will be provided to buy towel sets prepared by the visually disabled as a gift for the children of the St. Antonius orphanage in Karlsruhe. Each set consists of three children's towels in different colours and embroidered with attractive teddy bear decorations. The towels are combined with sweets in a little surprise package, which every child can put to good use.

With this donation and many others spread throughout the year, cyber-Wear carries out the social responsibility which is an integral component of the company's statutes. At all locations the subject of corporate social responsibility is put into effect by sustainable operations in terms of care for the environment and both ethical and social aspects. These are backed up every year by financial and non-financial donations generated by the company's core business, as well as sponsorship activities with which cyber-Wear makes a contribution to a range of projects and charitable organisations.