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Monday, 30-04-2018

Classical plastic bucket becomes cool Bluetooth loudspeaker

cyber-Wear designs and develops the absolute product innovation for plastic packaging specialist Jokey Plastik

This year the Jokey group, producers of plastic buckets, containers, boxes and bowls for filling with food and non-food products, is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. This major anniversary required an out-of-the-ordinary, novel and unique idea! When it comes to creativity and innovation cyber-Wear is of course always the right address and – in the course of a six-month development phase – a Bluetooth speaker was integrated into a classical plastic bucket in the typical Jokey design.


A speaker in the form of a bucket is a real product innovation, linking the traditional plastic bucket with modern technology. With a height of 14cm and a plastic handle it's easy to carry to a favourite place in the garden or to the next party. The integrated loudspeaker makes an impact with its powerful sound quality, which can be enjoyed wirelessly with a transmission range of 10m from the end device. The battery can be recharged with the help of the micro USB cable, which is also supplied.


The Bluetooth speaker is a real eyecatcher: its exterior loudspeaker design gleams in a shimmering steel look. Its interior makes an impact with an incomparably powerful sound. With its exclusive design the Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for employees and VIP guests.


It's no coincidence that the Jokey Bluetooth speaker has been submitted as an entry to the Promotional Gift Awards, because it has tremendous potential. It combines the original product, the bestselling Jokey 1-litre bucket, with a classic promotional article: the Bluetooth speaker. The bucket receives an elaborate and high quality finish, because the stainless steel look is created by a premium-quality metallic label, which is integrated with the bucket during the injection moulding process. Close coordination enabled the customer's wishes to be implemented to the last detail. As a result the bucket has a high recognition value, top usability and frequency of use, combined of course with the fun factor.