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Tuesday, 04-10-2016

Coffee 2.0 at the Lenz Café & Deli in Wipperfürth

cyber-Wear tests a brand-new coffee-to-go cup made of china with an RFID chip

Coffee is a national drink in Germany, where the average consumption is 150 litres per person per year, while in other countries it can be even greater. In this country this development began at the start of industrialisation, with the coffee-to-go trend spreading here from the USA in the nineties. People on the go with a mug of coffee in their hands has not just become an expression of urban lifestyles which can be seen on every street corner, but also represents a real environmental problem: according to reliable estimates, in Germany alone around 2.8 billion cardboard cups are thrown away every year, which is 7.6 million a day or 320,000 per hour! All this in spite of the fact that there are reusable alternatives and for reasons of taste many people prefer china and avoid paper cups.

cyber-Wear has now launched a practical test of an appropriate innovative solution to the paper cup problem – a solution which simultaneously offers two other attractive options: a china coffee-to-go cup made by the firm of Mahlwerck which is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip and accordingly enables both cashless payment and a direct discount on the price of the coffee when the mug is used, as well as loyalty programmes for regular customers. A good example of this is the classical customer retention programme "Buy 10 and get the eleventh one free". The pre-paid credit is loaded in advance, which means that no cash is required at the point of sale. As a result the cup with its pre-paid amount is also ideal as a gift, which the recipient can enjoy for days, weeks or even months.

RFID is a technology for transmitter-receiver systems which enables the automatic and contactless identification and localisation of objects via radio waves. The code on the transponder of the coffee cup can be read by a reading device at the shop or restaurant. This means that all use of paper in terms of paper cups, banknotes or stamp cards becomes superfluous. The improved taste provided by the china cup is made even better by the feeling that the environment has not been unnecessarily burdened. Participating cafes, bakeries and other outlets dispensing coffee will clearly also benefit from this new high-tech coffee cup: for them it means less waste to dispose of and an attractive customer retention tool at the same time.

These benefits were also immediately clear to the Lenz Café & Deli in the Alter Bahnhof (old railway station) in Wipperfürth. This little cafe not far from the cyber-Wear office treats its customers not just to snacks, soups and cakes but also to really good coffee, espresso and cappuccino, either to drink there or to go. The attractive RFID cup is currently being tested there, and the feedback from customers so far has been uniformly enthusiastic. Early adopters from Wipperfürth and the surrounding area, together with everyone interested in a good deal and a clear conscience, are encouraged to obtain their own personal cup as soon as possible. After all, every day or every trip to the cafe means one less paper cup to be disposed of! And for local coffee fans there is no better, more unusual and at the same time personal gift for friends and acquaintances than this cup – with or without a prepaid credit. For the address and some photos of the cafe please see