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Wednesday, 24-10-2018

Construction of the new building in Mannheim: Shell construction completed

Construction of the new office and warehouse building making visible progress. After completion of the shell construction, work continues on the building´s interior. Floor screed is laid, windows installed and work on electrical and sanitary facilities carried out.

After work on the building began in April 2018, rapid progress has been made on construction. Shell construction of the ground and first floors and top floor are finished. The walls and ceilings have been built, and work can continue inside the building. The last concreting work is being undertaken. All stairs in the building have to be planked and then cast. Then heating, sanitary and electrical facilities will be installed at the heart of the building. External protection of the building is completed when the windows are fitted. After this phase, interior plastering and floor casting can be done, making the rooms´ interiors weather resistant. They can then dry and harden properly.


Workers are protected by big nets fastened around the flat roof when it is insulated and lagged. Insulation boards will then be lifted by large cranes onto the roof, installed and sealed.

In recent weeks managing directors Roman Weiss and Steven Baumgärtner have chosen the tiles that can be laid on the hardened floors. Inner doors and stair railings can now be mounted. After the painting and varnishing phase, stuccoing - or  plastering and  furniture – and carpentry work, the building can in theory be moved into. The building´s facade is the last item to be finished.