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Wednesday, 08-06-2016

Corporate Cupcakes & Cakes

cyber-Wear delights Shell staff with 4,450 little cakes

It's a year to the day on which, at the end of May 2015, Shell ClubSmart launched its price guarantee which ensures regular customers permanently favourable prices when they fill their tank. Since then the Shell loyalty programme has successfully registered 1 million new customers. To celebrate these excellent results Shell expressed its thanks to all filling station and administrative staff with irresistible sweet surprises: on behalf of Shell Deutschland cyber-Wear produced 1,800 'Sachertorte' cakes and 2,650 cupcakes, all with the ClubSmart logo, and distributed them to petrol stations and branches of Shell throughout Germany. cyber-Wear provided 1,800 Shell petrol stations each with a branded 'Sachertorte' ready packed for shipping, while the cupcakes with chocolate, marble cake and lemon flavours were distributed to the various Shell offices in packs of nine, with three of each flavour in each pack, also ready for shipping.