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Monday, 12-11-2018

cyber TV on the updated CG news portal

One year ago, Cybergroup restructured its Marketing department. The news portal of the company's own website now presents the company's intensified marketing activities in the form of a clearly designed news page, packed full of information and always up to date, as well as their own "cyber TV".

In the past year, the company has created a brand new Social Media department and, in the process, the Marketing department has been completely restructured. Since then, there has been much more intense activity in terms of texting, taking photos, filming and posting.  The social media channels have in part been launched for the first time, for example Instagram, and the existing ones filled with more life. The company's increased activities in this area will above all become obvious on the Cybergroup website. 


The most important social media channels are already presented on the website's Home page, where attention is drawn to the latest videos and notifications.  This of course includes Facebook and also YouTube where Cybergroup has been presenting weekly news from the company and above all their products since the beginning of the year.


With the newly launched "cyber TV", a link to the YouTube channel is included on the company's digital online presence as a menu point of its own.  Visitors to the website can now discover the latest videos directly on this page and enjoy being inspired by the company's expertise and their wealth of ideas.


The "News" section also provides a particularly comprehensive range of information. The website is updated up to three times a week with information about the company, the team, the products and current projects – as well as with regular updates on the Cybergroup BeachCup. At the present time, the team is getting started on the planning of PSI 2019, and here too it will possible to access all the latest information on the company's stand and events at the trade show.


For special projects, designated websites will also be created, such as right now for the PSI trade fair, which will be filled with new content, particularly during the period of the actual show, on a daily if not hourly basis, in order to provide information for customers on events and happenings at the trade fair. Cybergroup will also use these websites to show to best advantage the collections of their individual customers.


For internal purposes, Cybergroup uses their own intranet to allow colleagues to exchange information and to keep them up to date with current projects. All the posts from the company's social media networks also end up here; however, this doesn't by a long chalk mean that everything from the intranet ends up being posted on the external channels – we sometimes have quite a lot of fun here ;)