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Wednesday, 15-07-2015

cyber-Wear is not afraid of criticism

Bachelor dissertation helps improve the user-friendliness of the Ford Lifestyle Collection webshop

From layout and navigation to readability, cyber-Wear has had the user-friendliness of its custom webshop independently reviewed in order to improve the products and services offered. This time, however, the review was performed not by an official inspection body, but by a student at Reutlingen University. For her bachelor dissertation she thoroughly tested the Ford Lifestyle Collection's e-commerce platform and the software behind it from a user perspective. The title of her dissertation was 'Success factors in user-friendliness: A critical discussion based on a B2C webshop', and she focused on omissions, shortcomings and improvement opportunities in the shop system's usability As cyber-Wear uses the system in a modified form for many other business customers, this produced a number of valuable findings on how the operation of the webshop could be made simpler or more intuitive. These improvement opportunities were subsequently implemented straight away. That means the appearance of the cyber-Wear B2C shop, which was developed in-house, will now be much closer to the requirements placed on it by the intended end users.