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Tuesday, 29-08-2017

cyber-Wear is once again helping to integrate refugees

Samba Bah from Gambia joined the warehouse team at the start of the month

As cyber-Wear has been offering placements and jobs to new citizens from countries such as Syria and Nigeria since the large refugee influx of refugees in 2015, the latest team member comes from Gambia in West Africa. Samba Bah fled to Italy by boat in 2016 and then travelled to Germany by bus, where he now lives at a refugee community in Hockenheim. After being initially employed by an employment agency, he has now received another work permit and has been working at the warehouse at cyber-Wear's head office in Dossenheim since 1st August 2017. Samba, who is in his mid-20s, worked as a caretaker, warehouse employee, gardener and firefighter in his homeland, but didn't see any prospects there for him and his family. After splitting up with his wife, his young son stayed in Syria with Samba's mother - the biggest motivation for cyber-Wear's new employee is supporting them both from Germany.

Gambia is one of the twenty poorest countries in the world. Each year, thousands of people flee the former British colony. In Germany, approx. 3,000 Gambians applied for asylum in 2015. The smallest country in Africa by landmass was therefore the fourth-largest country of origin of African refugees in Germany, after Eritrea, Somalia and Nigeria. After unrest and the declaration of a state of emergency at the end of 2016/start of 2017, a last-minute bloodless change of power was achieved after 22 years. The former head of state, accused amongst other things of murdering many political opponents, is, however, said to have completely plundered the state coffers as he left office.