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Wednesday, 30-05-2018

Cybergroup BeachCup on 23 June 2018 : Good to know

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming BeachCup, so that you can prepare yourself in body and spirit for this mega event: matches, teams, groups, arenas, match schedule, final

It's time for all teams to start their beach volleyball training, because there are now less than 39 days to the Cybergroup BeachCup. The BeachCup website ( contains full details of the match schedule and of all the teams, including all the ingeniously devised names that radiate their readiness for combat!


This year 32 teams from all over Europe - all of them full of the competitive spirit and confident of victory - will be participating. They include the 'Bärenbande', the 'One Touch Gamblers', the 'Unglaublichen', the 'UMAkers' and the 'Zerschmetterlinge'. And of course the winners of recent years will once more be taking part, eager to regain their title. They include the 'Print-Stars', the 'Zogis' and 'Heidiland'. The 'Reflects', 'Zogi' and 'Fare' are even participating with two teams.


The 32 teams are divided into four groups. Within each group all the teams play one another, with each match lasting 10 minutes. The two best teams from each group then compete in the last 16 against the two best teams from the other groups. This then produces the teams for the quarter-final, the semi-final and in the end for the final. So really get stuck in from the very first minute!


Initially each group will play in its own arena.  These include the Fare Arena, the Mahlwerck Arena, the Reflects Arena and the Kalfany Arena. The first match begins at 10 a.m.,  and the final is planned for 17:30. From start to finish play will go on for 1,305 minutes, a staggering total of 24 hours and 45 minutes' playing time in four arenas. Overall 32 teams consisting of 270 players will be dedicating all their physical efforts and motivation to winning the coveted BeachCup Trophy.


Which team will have the greatest fighting spirit, endurance and commitment this year?