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Wednesday, 10-04-2019

Cybergroup for the future

Cybergroup is aware of its responsibility to employees, suppliers and the environment. With the move to the new headquarters in Mannheim, the company is putting even more emphasis on social responsibility, sustainability and quality awareness.

The new headquarters in Mannheim have set completely new standards in sustainability and are in line with the latest developments. Cybergroup thereby implemented its corporate philosophy to place special emphasis on ecological and social responsibility.


The company supported the new location and the local region even during the construction phase, by using regional construction companies and sub-contractors. Of course, the ultra-modern low-energy construction meets the latest requirements of the Energy Saving Act. The desired standard is not just achieved by clean architecture and optimum insulation, but also using energy-efficient building systems and technology. The latest window technology also prevents energy escaping unnecessarily, and this is not the only reason why the heat consumption of the building is lower. At the same time, Cybergroup applies the latest technology of the heating specialist Viessmann. Thanks to a solar panel, the building also has an independent energy supply, which does not release any hazardousCO2. The flat roof with greenery on it makes another contribution to the ecological orientation of the building. The greenery on the roof also helps protect against bad weather conditions, keeps the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and is also a natural filter for dust and hazardous substances.


There are also lots of details inside to ensure a positive ecobalance. The urinals in the men's toilets function without water, for example, while paper towels have been largely replaced with energy-saving hand dryers. With the consistent use of LED lights, Cybergroup has chosen the lighting of the future for the whole building. Drinking water is also available everywhere in the form of water fountains, meaning that wasteful PET bottles can be avoided.


In the medium-term the corporate fleet will be converted to electric cars. For this purpose, some charging stations had already been already set up outside of the building. For those who are able, traveling to work by bike will become even easier. For employees who live further away and can use public transport, commuter bikes will be available at the train station.