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Wednesday, 04-01-2017

Cybergroup Shanghai Limited starts operations

New sales location for booming Chinese market

cyber-Wear is expanding into the Middle Kingdom at the beginning of 2017: The newly established Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd., an additional Cybergroup International subsidiary, is due to commence activities on 1st January. The team, headed by Helen Wang, who is joining Cybergroup together with two staff from our competitor Tanhoo Creative Design Corp. Ltd., also in Shanghai, will at first be providing services locally to existing German cyber-Wear clients, such as Audi and TÜV Rheinland. China´s enormous market acts as a magnet for all global players. For the German market in particular, it´s incredibly important to maintain German quality standards in China, and in equal measure for accompanying products such as advertising materials and merchandising.


During a second phase, this experienced sales lady will be using her excellent contacts to 100% Chinese companies to acquire new customers. The new team will have plenty to keep them busy: Shanghai is China´s economic hub - the demand for Western products in this gigantic market rises parallel to its per capita income. Shanghai is the second base that Cybergroup has established in the country - procurement, quality management and sales for the rest of Asia will remain at the Hong Kong location.


Employing local staff when expanding into new markets has proved successful at other Cybergroup locations too, and in fact, it´s a must in the Asian region. Chinese corporate culture is very different from Western European customs. In China, employees deal with conflicts and criticism in a different manner, which can easily lead to misunderstandings arising. We´re pleased that Helen Wang and her team are joining us! Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd. will profit from their abilities as native speakers, familiarity with cultural norms and the strengths of their personal networks - of particular relevance in China.