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Wednesday, 01-03-2017

Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd. makes a rapid start

New employee recruited, move to new office

Industrious, ambitious, fast - these are the traits most probably attributed to Asians and their work ethic. Whether it´s a cliché or not - it really does apply to Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd., founded at the beginning of this year: A new employee started shortly after commencing business, and the company moved to a new representative office. The new account manager is Alex Ma, who will be supporting sales specialist Helen Wang and her team during the office´s establishment phase. The company has already found new premises for this project. The Cybergroup subsidiary has rented offices in the Yuanzhong Industrial Park in the Xuhui district of Shanghai - an ideal location for newly established firms. The unit has office space whose size can be adapted to the company´s growth over time - a crucial factor with respect to what´s expected from Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd. and the space that will be required. Meeting and conference rooms are also located there as well as other public areas that can be rented according to requirements. All tenants in the shared office complex, designed in a loft style, can use existing infrastructure such as telephony and Internet connections, shared kitchens or equipment, e.g. printers, scanners, copiers and much more. The Yuanzhong Industrial Park is a prestigious business address, playing an important role in projecting the company´s image to visitors, and serving as the perfect networking location.

Shanghai is Cybergroup´s second Chinese business location, and the country´s commercial hub - a huge market whose appetite for Western products and earnings per head are steadily growing. Cybergroup Shanghai Ltd. was founded on 1st January 2017.