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Wednesday, 01-02-2017

Deutsche Bahn Web Special

Presentation of References as a Microsite of the cyber-Wear Website

“We drive progress and shape the future” is Deutsche Bahn’s mission statement. After six years and many, many promotional giveaways and campaigns, many of which were quite extraordinary, cyber-Wear is developing a high-end presentation platform showcasing some of the best designs created on behalf of the mobility company.

Instead of just providing a regular file, the reference products are getting an attractive microsite that will be permanently available online as part of the website. This is much more than a convenient way of quickly retrieving an overview of the promotional giveaways and tools with just a few clicks whenever required. Moreover, it provides them with a completely public stage: now everyone can admire the products, many of which were produced in very large batches, in detail – a great resource for anyone still looking for inspiration for their own promotional giveaways.

As a side benefit, the web special serves as an archive for promotional gifts that were realised for Deutsche Bahn directly or for one of its S Bahn subsidiaries operating in one of several metropolises – albeit one with no guarantee of being comprehensive. Because the development, production and on-schedule delivery of products has to be handled just as rapidly as one would expect of one of the world’s leading mobility companies – one of the reasons being that promotional campaigns frequently refer to extremely current events. And so it won’t be long before new, spectacular products in the DB corporate design become part of the collection. Of course, the web special provides the necessary update functionality to easily incorporate them. But for now, the site will set off into the worldwide online rail network with a representative cross section of previous products!