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Saturday, 18-06-2016

'Disguised prototypes' in real leather for Spain's top design fair

Ford displays cyber-Wear's Vignale Collection at the CasaDecor press event

At CasaDecor in Madrid, Spain's major trade fair for interiors, architecture, design and art, Ford has revealed the new Ford S-Max and the Ford Edge, each of them in their Vignale design. After the presentation 45 journalists from the principal international automobile industry media were invited to a special workshop in the Vignale Lounge, where they received a memorable insight into the world and behind the scenes of Ford's premier models. For this 'masterclass' cyber-Wear made available the appropriate premium articles from the Vignale Collection as prototypes. The luxury merchandising accompaniments to the vehicle equipment were made of the finest materials, including fine-grained leather, silk and fine bone china, many of them elaborately created by hand. The journalists were given a feel for this painstaking craftsmanship and its attention to detail by the workshop, at which they were not only able to observe the Ford design team at their work, but also had the opportunity to try their hand themselves. As a result these select articles produced by cyber-Wear were showcased in a suitable setting, which ensured enthusiastic feedback from the representatives of the press and perfectly rounded off the presentation of Ford's luxury automobiles.