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Friday, 09-01-2015

Ford Lifestyle Collection on tour in the UK

Pre-Christmas sales to employees at four locations

In cooperation with Ford UK, a cyber-Wear team went on a short tour throughout the United Kingdom with the new Ford Kuga and its Airstream trailer, plus the Ford Transit, in order to present the Ford Lifestyle Collection to Ford employees, live and in colour. One-day sales campaigns were held from 25th - 28th November at four Ford Locations - Dunton Technical Centre in Essex, Henry Ford College in Loughborough, Leicestershire, Daventry Parts Distribution Centre in Northamptonshire and Ford Headquarters in Warley, Essex. The latest articles from the official merchandising collection were presented to more than 5,000 people at the four stops. As at many other locations before, the fleet of Kuga, Airstream and Transit vehicles covered with Ford Mustang foil motifs proved to be big crowd-pullers. Of course, the cars also served as pop-up stores and sales were made from them. The pre-Christmas mood may have contributed towards the products having an enormously high turnover, in any case, overall feedback was more than positive. United Kingdom, we'll be back!