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Wednesday, 05-08-2015

Ford Mustang web special

cyber-Wear delivers a stand-out reference work with impressive design features

cyber-Wear is releasing a very special development just in time for the German première of an American legend: The Ford Mustang is coming, and as well as the huge buzz produced by its long-standing fan-base, it is also accompanied by a web special that is causing quite a stir. You can immerse yourself in a detailed presentation of the origins and background of the Ford Lifestyle Collection Mustang Line via the homepage or directly at From the design process and extravagant promotional events through to the finished products - with just a few clicks you can find out everything there is to know about the official merchandising collection. The integrated magalog available for download allows you to marvel over each article in full detail. The magalog - a cross between a magazine and a catalogue - is also produced by cyber-Wear. The photographic production values are extremely high, so it looks as great as you would expect. Fans of hard-copy publications are also advised to turn up the sound on their computers, as when you turn the pages of the web version it makes a noise just like a paper copy!