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Wednesday, 29-08-2018

Ford Performance COVEL 2.0 in the carbon look

The Ford Lifestyle Collection launches its revival of the Ford Performance COVEL. The new COVEL features even higher quality, thanks to the special carbon structure which can be found in many products in this collection.

The Ford Performance Carbon COVEL shines in even higher quality than its predecessor. This begins with the material itself. The Carbon COVEL consists of 100% cotton with a weight of 450g/qm. Due to the thick cotton terry material, the COVEL feels good and is much more absorbent.  Since the Ford Performance Collection and its products regularly feature the carbon look, this look was also be reflected in this towel.  The carbon structure has been cleverly and almost perfectly implemented by means of a high/low weave.  The structure extends across the full length of the towel.  The Ford Performance logo has also been implemented in very high quality.  With a border print it appears simply but very effectively at the lower end of the towel. 


The Ford Performance Carbon COVEL is a highly functional sports accessory. Just imagine, the weather's nice, you've been jogging in the forest, it was very muddy and you're really sweaty.  Nobody wants to get into their car in this kind of condition.  This is where the COVEL comes in, because it functions as a seat cover and towel at the same time.  You first use it to dry off and then cover the car seat with it so you can drive home clean.


The COVEL can simply be fitted over the headrest and the seat and, thanks to its hood, it can no longer slip and doesn't need to be fastened in any other way.  Its width covers the entire seat and keeps the car clean.  It offers unbeatable added value for joggers and all those who do outdoor sports, e.g. cyclists, climbers, tennis players, riders and many more. The large label on both sides with the Ford Performance logo is also perfectly arranged.  It is always visible on the hood of the towel.


In addition to outdoor activities, the COVEL is also perfect for a day on the beach, where its size is especially useful.  The hood is ideal for storing things like sunscreen and your smartphone, which need to be protected from the sun.


As a multi-use sports accessory the COVEL combines the ultimate in functionality with appealing lifestyle features. Developed by athletes, for athletes, the innovative combination of seat COVer and hand towEL is a unique, sexy car seat cover, because in fact it isn't a car seat cover at all but is a premium hand towel made of thick, 100% cotton terry cloth.