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Thursday, 01-01-2015

Gingerbread and marzipan pigs from an "environment appropriate to their species"

cyber-Wear creates custom-made advertising materials from Jokey products and foodstuffs.

In December, cyber-Wear produced and assembled high-quality custom-made advertising materials for the Jokey Group's Jokey Packaging sector. Edible Christmas and New Year's gifts were filled into the packaging producer's own plastic boxes - in total 3,000 - thus demonstrating the merits of these small buckets for food producers. 2,000 pieces of JETB 365, a 0,36 litre bucket-shaped plastic box filled with Bahlsen gingerbread were presented as Jockey Christmas gifts. cyber-Wear staff placed marzipan pigs into 1,000 pieces of the JETB 190 model, a mini-bucket with a volume of 0,19 l complete with display window, so that the pigs could "see through" the transparent part of their plastic "pen". Jokey salespersons will be giving them to customers in January as part of their visits at New Year.

In both cases, recipients of the gifts can not only enjoy the sweets, but in a clever and pleasant way also get to know about this packaging option for their own products, as well as the scope for design and fastening techniques. In addition to developing these on-target ideas, cyber-Wear faced the challenge of assembling the product whilst complying with applicable food standards - these are usually relevant for food packagers, not for advertising material agencies. The successful implementation of these sophisticated projects and the underlying concept made it possible for Jokey products to be linked with advertising material production in a creative and meaningful way, allowing cyber-Wear to provide yet another example of its exceptional expertise.