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Friday, 04-05-2018

Growth at Vitamaze and CG Fulfillment - thanks to a succesful cooperation

Together with Cybergroup subsidiary CG Fulfillment + Logistics GmbH, producer of high-quality food supplements Vitamaze has experienced successful growth in recent months, from which the end customer also benefits

Vitamaze develops and markets high quality food supplements at favourable prices. All the food supplements supplied comply with the strict Vitamaze guidelines. The company works in close cooperation with scientists and experts in the development of its products and in ensuring premium quality.


These products are produced in Germany under pharmaceutical conditions and are strictly controlled in accordance with the preventive HACCP system. They are free from any unnecessary, harmful or genetically modified additives and allergens. Good bio-availability is ensured by the fact that the company does not use magnesium stearate as a releasing agent.


Since November 2016 CG Fulfillment + Logistics GmbH, a Cybergroup subsidiary also based in Dossenheim, has been responsible for implementing a large part of the logistics chain on behalf of Vitamaze. The service ranges from professional warehousing operations via order picking, packaging and shipping right across to returns management.


On the basis of the 20 products which were initially stored, the cooperation for both parties proved so successful that the Cybergroup high rack shelving now contains a considerably larger range of products - and of course in correspondingly larger quantities. In addition to Vitamaze's own products, the service also covers products from other suppliers which Vitamaze sells via its website. CG Fulfillment + Logistics GmbH is delighted that the excellent cooperation with the initially small company has grown in line with the partner's business success.


Only one and a half years ago everything – from the receipt of orders to the delivery of the goods – still had to be processed and recorded manually. The fulfillment partner is now so well-established that implementation is fully automatic, and the brand has its own order-picking section. The customer is currently being served from the new warehouse in Viernheim, but the relevant stocks will also move to the newly completed building in Mannheim at the end of 2018.


CGFL also supported Vitamaze in the development of its online shop, for the management of which the client has now assumed responsibility. Last year Vitamaze changed from the xt:Commerce to the Shopware software system, because this proved to be especially customer friendly and represented the next step for the optimisation of the company's operating processes.


Today the entire Vitamaze stocks are warehoused by CGFL, from where orders are shipped to German addresses, while Vitamaze itself supplies other European countries via Amazon. In the course of the cooperation it has been possible to optimise operating processes in terms of storage and packaging to such an extent that free shipping can now be implemented for end customers. The fast delivery is especially impressive, with orders which are received by 15:00 hrs even being dispatched on the same day.