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Monday, 28-05-2018

High quality six-pack for the World Cup

For the packaging specialists Jokey, cyber-Wear has developed and produced a six-pack comprising three different types of beer, for the occasion of the forthcoming World Cup in Russia

Fittingly for the Jokey Group’s core business, a company that specialises in the manufacture of plastic containers for food and non-food products, cyber-Wear has developed a six-pack containing three different sorts of beer, packaged in an appropriate World Cup bucket, for this year’s tournament. The beer bottles’ modern design features a footballer’s back as he appears to be waiting for the starting whistle. cyber-Wear produced the design for the labels on the front, rear and neck of the bottles in partnership with Jokey’s lead agency.


The six-pack features two cellar beers, two shandies and two non-alcoholic beers, meaning there is a beer to suit every taste. What is unique about this type of beer, known in German as ‘Zwickelbier’, is that it is an unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer that can be enjoyed directly after the fermentation process. The usual cold maturing process is not required, meaning it therefore has a lower carbon dioxide content than other beers.


The six-pack, in its matching World Cup-design bucket, naturally produced by Jokey themselves, will be distributed to customers before the World Cup.


This unique, high quality customer gift clearly stands out from other promotional tools. Furthermore, the products themselves are of top quality, with the raw ingredients being sourced from German farms.