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Wednesday, 20-05-2015

High-speed implementation under the strictest secrecy

cyber-Wear produces pens with the new DEA logo in record time under conditions of strict security

In parallel with its sale by the RWE group to the investors LetterOne, the oil and gas company DEA [DEA Deutsche Erdöl AG], which bore the name of RWE DEA AG from 1988 to early 2015, has received a new logo. To mark the “closing”, cyber-Wear has produced 2,000 ballpoint pens for the employees of DEA in a lightning campaign. Because the event was moved several times and the logo was supposed to remain under lock and key until the last minute, by the time it was released under conditions of top security cyber-Wear had just three days to fulfil the order. cyber-Wear therefore commissioned the production of the ballpoint pens with the DEA logo in Germany and their despatch to the DEA sites in various countries, including Egypt, Norway, England, not forgetting of course the domestic offices. The shipment was carried out in neutral packaging and the packages personally addressed in each case to one local contact, so that DEA employees were not vouchsafed a premature glimpse of the new logo. This flexibility of speed and creative design are among the reasons why DEA once again opted directly for cyber-Wear as their advertising partner when the company was sold.