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Friday, 22-12-2017

It's that time of year again – cyber-Wear sweetens up the Advent period for Deutsche Bahn customers

30,000 Advent calendars designed and despatched on behalf of DB Regio Nordost

Waiting for the train was transformed into waiting for Christmas this November in stations in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – promotion teams surprised thousands of passengers of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Regio Nordost who were waiting on the platforms by giving them a specially-designed Advent calendar filled with chocolates. For this high-publicity campaign, cyber-Wear commissioned 30,000 branded calendars to be made by Gubor, with their own special Christmas design featuring the DB Regio corporate design, and had these sent out to the responsible advertising agency.


This campaign, which has been popular with the various subsidiaries of Deutsche Bahn for many years now, gives cyber-Wear an annual opportunity to prove that it can handle large volume orders and deliver on time – 129 pallets full of Advent calendars left their warehouse this year bang on time, following a trend which has been established for some years now in the advertising industry – these sweet surprises enjoy great popularity in the pre-Christmas period as 24 little signs of appreciation, above all in German-speaking countries. It's clear that they make sense as a method of advertising because they give the person receiving the gift a daily reminder of the brand message of the company who gave it to them for a total of three and a half weeks. This is why cyber-Wear recommends all their customers to order a high-quality Advent calendar, available in a range of cheerful designs and filled with sweets from brand manufacturers, or even more unusual items, as a way of winning the approval of their own customers or their employees.


This year, DB Regio Nordost presented travellers in stations and trains with 24 very special little chocolates from the well-known praline manufacturer Gubor, with a packaging design by cyber-Wear – two trains carrying Santa Claus and the baby Jesus rush towards us at high speed, making a clever association between the way the Advent period rushes past and the brand message of the DB subsidiary.