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Wednesday, 20-06-2018

Meet our team: Chris Ashworth, UK managing director

Our latest staff member interview introduces another colleague from the UK – this time the managing director of the UK office, Chris Ashworth. With his many years’ experience, he founded the UK office two years ago, and is therefore part of Cybergroup International’s holding structure, which also holds the majority stake in CGUK. Since then, he has been able to convince many well-known clients of the benefits of a partnership with Cybergroup.

After last month’s interview introduced the first colleague from the Cybergroup UK office, based in Manchester, this month we present the country managing director Chris Ashworth. Just like his colleague Rachel Oliver from our last interview, he has at his disposal a great number of years’ experience in the world of promotional materials. Two years ago, with the appointment of our colleague, the UK office was founded in north-west England. Just a year later, a further colleague was appointed. Chris is also assisted by his wife Lynn.


In the interview, Chris is somewhat reticent to concede that he has been active in the sector for an impressive 16 years; among other things in similar fields to Cybergroup’s managing director. This means that, right from the start of the partnership, he was able to bring his knowledge and relevant contacts to the table. CEO Steven Baumgärtner and Chris Ashworth met each other at an industry trade fair, where they came upon the idea of founding a further subsidiary together.


Now, in his position as managing director, Chris emphasises the range of responsibilities in his role. Whereas today he might be facilitating partnerships with suppliers, tomorrow he could be working on marketing topics with the international teams. Chris also maintains regular dialogue with colleagues in the USA and China, because some of the collections developed in the UK are also sold in those countries. This also brings with it a high degree of bureaucracy, requiring an in-depth understanding of country-specific import regulations and taxes, while at the same time ensuring that the products remain competitive.


But what makes his role so special is not just the wide variety of duties, but above all the sheer range of well-known clients and brands. The managing director regards himself as lucky to be able to work for such well-known names and to be able to travel around the world representing their interests. And of course, every client serves different target groups with very different requirements, which must be perfectly aligned. Chris has always been fascinated by being able to find the perfect solution in such cases, and this still gives him a kick 16 years later. So today too there are lots of projects on his to do list, which he will devote himself to straight after this early morning interview, before the telephone never ceases ringing.