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Friday, 03-08-2018

Mercury Collection revs things up with its own customer newsletter

For over a year, Cybergroup has been looking after the Merchandise Collection it has designed in-house for Mercury Marine, the experts for outboard motors. The web shop as well as the maritime collection are now being supplemented by a customer newsletter with special deals for subscribers.

Mercury Marine got Cybergroup on board as a partner for merchandising back at the end of 2016. Cybergroup has been developing all the advertising materials and point-of-sale materials for dealers, as well as a fan collection of the outboard motor brand Mercury, and has taken on the storage of the articles and the logistics, including the delivery to the sites and address of fans all over the Europe-Arabic-Africa region.


The official merchandise collection of the brand consists, on the one hand, of a customised clothing range with maritime-style textiles. For their kids, fans of the brand can also order cute hats, bibs and cool clothing. Other lifestyle and office accessories such as umbrellas, clocks and high-quality pens round off the look and feel of the collection. As is fitting for the brand and its association with water and motorsport, many of the articles are extremely waterproof, such as the branded swimming sunglasses or an iPad protective case.


Recently, the sale of the range and the web shop created by Cybergroup for the brand has also been supported by a fortnightly customer newsletter, which is sent both to the dealers of particular regions as well as end customers. In addition to popular articles and new items in the collection, subscribers can find out about other offers and specials. The collection is also regularly shown at events, such as the recent dealer event "The One 360° Mercury Experience" in Italy and the "boot Düsseldorf", the leading boat show and watersports exhibition in the world.


Mercury Marine has its HQ in Wisconsin USA, and employs more than 5,200 people at nine factories worldwide. It produces outboard motors under the brand name Mercury and inboard motors under the brand name MerCruiser. The company was founded in 1939 and named by its founder Carl Kiekhaefer after the Roman messenger of the gods Mercury.