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Monday, 25-06-2018

#MusclesAchingLikeHell @ #CybergroupBeachCup2018

AND THERE IT WAS AGAIN: THE CYBERGROUP BEACHCUP 2018! What an amazing event, what an amazing weekend! That was the uniform opinion of all participants who made their way home on Sunday, more or less exhausted, but suntanned and happy. Conclusion: Fantastic weather, super atmosphere, great people – And terrific winners!

So that was it, the BeachCup weekend, for which 32 teams in the sector worked towards and trained for weeks. And what can we say; it was absolutely amazing! On the following Monday, back at our desks, the enthusiasm was still as great. The BeachCup is and remains a unique experience for all those taking part, as could be heard today and over the past days, and as could be seen and read in the social channels.


But we also had good luck. The weather was perfect for the occasion – beautiful sunshine and yet not too hot to play through the entire day long. In the run-up to the event, the cyber-Team from Heidelberg had been as industrious as ever, and had created a wonderful setting there in Ketsch, including branded sunloungers, pools with inflatable unicorns and decorated team tables. Friday traditionally sees a barbecue and at least some ambitious warm-ups. The holiday mood therefore emerged even on the evening before, while enjoying setting in the sand, chilled music and cool drinks.


But even by early on Saturday morning, the place was already really full. The Cybergroup was of course represented by its entire team. The 32 teams from Germany and abroad warmed up as many other guests stopped by the snack buffet or sought out the best places on the beanbags and sunloungers in the sand, as well as in the specially built spectator stands. “Every year there are even more people!” observed the organisers with delight as they surveyed the site, and their anticipation was infectious. And it was true; this year the cyber-Team was able to celebrate with more than 400 guests.


Punctually at 9:30am, CEO Roman Weiss opened the event. Accompanied by songs they chose themselves, the teams, often sporting extremely cool clothing and with humorous mascots, then entered the court amid cheers from the public. It quickly became extremely full around the court. A quick Mexican wave and a team photo – and then the fun finally began! The teams spread among the sponsors’ arenas. For many years, the companies Reflects, Mahlwerck and Fare have supported us in this regard. And for the first time, Kalfany too sponsored an arena. Even in the preliminary round, players had to survive a mighty seven games. Untrained calves soon capitulated into the sand. But everyone battled valiantly, having lots of fun as they did so. Every team was highly motivated, and the enthusiasm could be felt everywhere. Although it’s nice to win, that’s not the most important thing. Everyone had fun, enjoyed the day in the sun, in the sand and with wonderful colleagues. With a cool supporting programme comprising a bouncy castle, ice-cream vans and bull riding, even those who didn’t do battle in the sand had a great day.


And as you can read on our website, winning isn’t everything, but is of course extremely cool: This year, it was the team of bears from Magna Sweets who broke through for the first time. So that had to be celebrated! After a roaring final, the volleyball players plus followers climbed into cyber-Shuttles to be taken to the meanwhile legendary ZOGI Players’ Night at the Boothaus Mannheim. The dilemma that the World Cup match between Germany and Sweden took place at the same time was solved by a big screen at the location. The nerve-wracking game with the relieving outcome provided the perfect starting shot to the phenomenal party that followed. A quote from a party guest: “Cocktails at the ready, let’s get on with it!” Even the DJ had to be brought to a halt, because of course the awards ceremony had to take place. As well as the triumphant bears, the best, funniest, most hardworking and indeed the losers of the tournament were awarded with prizes and consolation prizes. As this took place, the entire hall was transformed into a single dancefloor. And thanks to the mild summer night, the celebrations could even take place outside. No wonder that the last shuttles only departed for the hotels at daybreak.


It really was an amazing weekend – and the next date has already been announced: 22 June 2019 sees the next event, the eighth BeachCup in Ketsch!