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Wednesday, 28-03-2018

New product: PowerBar Natural Energy Cereal

cyber-Wear presents the power bar of all power bars, developed by athletes for athletes

Sport and nutrition are simply inseparable, because peak performance is not possible without the right nourishment . For both professional sportspeople or simply those wanting to keep fit, eating and drinking has a decisive influence on form, fitness, well-being and the ability to recuperate. The PowerBar is ideal for this, because it's a perfect snack at any time and meets your increased energy requirements with tasty, natural ingredients. And this is exactly the reason why it has been developed by sportspeople, because it provides the right energy boost at the right time.


This crunchy energy bar with its valuable carbohydrates and natural ingredients such as wholegrain oats, tasty chunks of fruit and peanuts provides an extra dose of magnesium in order to support your energy metabolism . The PowerBar features an improved recipe and consists only of vegan ingredients. In addition it contains no colourants or preservatives and is available in the Cacao Crunch and Strawberry & Cranberry flavours.

The bar weighs 40 g and has a shelf life of approx. nine months if stored correctly. The minimum ordering quantity is 504 pieces.


What could be better for such a popular branded product than the advertising sleeve? This is nearly as large as the bar itself, and will attract every eye during sporting events or at the gym. It's virtually impossible to overlook the advertising sleeve, because the bar can't be eaten without removing it. In digital printing operations the sleeve can be individually provided with your logo or slogan.


As a promotional product the PowerBar is ideal for any sporting event in which the focus is on energy and fitness.