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Wednesday, 17-05-2017

New supplies for All-American headgear

New caps for the Ford Mustang and Ford Heritage Line from the Ford Lifestyle Collection

During recent days and weeks, six new baseball caps have been added to the Ford Lifestyle Collection web shop - all sharing the most iconic and typically American images the Ford brand offers: Place orders online at for the new Ford Mustang caps in beige, navy blue and black and Ford Heritage caps in grey, navy blue and red.

The Ford Mustang Line is the must-have collection for fans of pony cars, V8 engines and, of course, the wildest motorised pony on U.S. roads. Now officially available in Europe too, the Ford Mustang, together with big pick-up trucks, symbolises American road culture at its finest - the epitome of the fun, road trips and manliness that this iconic car represents. The mustang logo with the galloping wild pony takes up almost all the front of three new baseball caps in eye-catching haptic 3-D embroidery.

The Ford Heritage Line pays homage to the legacy begun by Henry Ford in 1903 Detroit, whose introduction of conveyor belt production 10 years later heralded a radical change in automobile manufacturing methods. The three new baseball caps are in the trendy vintage look, displaying the embroidered original Ford logo and the company´s founding year.