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Monday, 11-06-2018

"Party your brand" - the cyber team in cyber look

"We are part of your brand" is the Cybergroup slogan. "Party your brand" is the statement made by the company's own employee collection.

Cybergroup also gives its own employees a stylish look with their own corporate wear.  Under the "Party your brand" slogan, CG has designed a cool collection with which staff can show that:  "We are cyber-Wear!" To make new employees feel welcome and identify even more with their own brand, they can choose three pieces from the collection free of charge when they join the company.  Those who wish to continue shopping afterwards or would like to dress their family members in the Cybergroup look, can of course buy more items if they wish.


The collection naturally consists of bestsellers from suppliers with whom Cybergroup works regularly, and reflects the excellent quality standards that Cybergroup sets for the products it distributes.  The ladies and gentlemen in the team can choose from casual T-shirts, hoodies and sweat jackets or even warm waistcoats and rain-proof jackets.  For occasions such as trade fairs, where a more classic appearance is required, there are also simple polo shirts, blouses and shirts with discreet logo embroidery.


In line with CI, the collection comes predominantly in cyber-blue with white prints and a stylish shade of dark blue.  This look not only suits every taste - it also harmonises beautifully with the lemon-green prints with logo and skull designed in-house.  All items in the collection are above all sporty, casual and cool.  As seasonal highlights, the team also develops caps, hats and other goodies which meet everyone's mood and taste. 


Nobody needs a special occasion to wear his or her own collection.  Events such as trade fairs, the upcoming BeachCup or one of the company's many events are of course ideal.  However, the clothes are so cool and suitable for everyday use that even the boss can be seen at his desk in a CG shirt, while colleagues arrive at work in stylishly adapted outfits, simply because these clothes are fun to wear, whether it's in the warehouse, the office or at home!