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Wednesday, 22-07-2015

Premiere of the Ford Lifestyle Collection on

Articles from the Mustang range are moving on to another sale channel

The official merchandising collection from Ford is now also available from As of now, Ford partner cyber-wear will not just be selling its self-manufactured articles from the Ford Lifestyle Collection via its own website, at trade fairs and events, but also on this renowned e-commerce platform. This will make the lifestyle merchandising products available and accessible to a wider public. The first articles from the Ford Mustang Line have been available for a few days on under the search term "Ford Lifestyle Collection". After all, the Ford Mustang has fans who don't (yet) own the car, yet still identify so strongly with the associated lifestyle that they want to wear the emblem on their top, head or lanyard. cyber-wear takes on the sale of the products, while the delivery is performed by amazon - with the premium delivery program "Amazon Prime" next (working) day delivery is also possible.