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Friday, 14-06-2019

Second CG Lounge Talk a resounding success

In the second live talk, Steven Baumgärtner spoke with Tobias Köckert, Managing Director of Mahlwerck Porzellan, about his company's latest products, innovations, forms of finishing, production processes and trends.

The first CG Lounge Talk on 05.06.2019 was highly successful. For the second live talk cyber-Wear wanted to add a further dimension. Whereas during the first talk only one camera streamed the conversation, this time three cameras were used.  One camera showed close-ups of the interviewees while another camera showcased the respective products with close-ups. In addition, a further camera naturally showed an overall view of the studio. Thanks to the change of perspective, the stream seemed even more gripping and the cameraman was able to react to the conversation and the focal point at short notice thanks to his camera work.


Tobias Köckert, Managing Director of Mahlwerck Porzellan from the beautiful town of Kolbermoor near Rosenheim, presented his latest products, innovations, forms of finishing, production processes and trends in conversation with CEO Steven Baumgärtner. A special tradition at Mahlwerck is that all employees can put forward their ideas for new products and then it's just a matter of trying them out. Two brand-new glazes, for example, which have a deceptively realistic concrete and asphalt look, were created as a result of this process. Almost in the same way a very special glaze has been created in which three different coloured glazes are sprayed on top of each other in so-called 'wet finishing'. Thanks to these different processes every cup is unique. The cup becomes an absolutely one-off piece as a result of individual finishing, for example the engraving process. The most distinctive of the cups developed in-house by Mahlwerck is a cup in a completely new form. Its corners and edges in the so-called 'polygon' shape make it an absolute eye-catcher on any table.


Sustainability and the concept of reusability are particularly close to Tobias Köckert's heart. Accordingly Mahlwerck has developed a vending machine system that can dispense returnable cups 24 hours a day. These can be returned after use and the deposit is refunded. At the same time Mahlwerck is also working on replacing plastic packaging in staff canteens with more sustainable alternatives. Here, too, there is a deposit system in which microwaveable containers made of glass with sealed lids are dispensed in a keep-warm bag. This means that staff can eat conveniently and at any time in their office, and then return the bag and collect their deposit later. 


Mahlwerck also offers refreshing promotional items which are ideal for hot weather. The smoothie-to-go glass mug in a healthy design and the cute ice cream Jogi in an appealing cult shape completely dispense with cardboard and plastic and bring the summer directly to the customer with a smoothie, sorbet or frozen yoghurt. They are ideally suited for when you're on the go, at home or in the office, and can of course be used again and again.