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Friday, 27-05-2016

Sponsorship in support of the local community in Wipperfürth

cyber-Wear donates materials to a local integration festival

First Dossenheim, now Wipperfürth: At its second location in Germany, too, cyber-Wear has taken the opportunity to get involved in supporting refugees and aiding integration within the local community. At the “See You Again“ festival, which is being held in Wipperfürth-Thier on Saturday, 28.05.2016, the security personnel will be wearing high-visibility jackets donated by cyber-Wear.

The aim of the event is to create – in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere – opportunities for cultural dialogue and promoting mutual contacts, generating a sense of community and creating possibilities for breaking down prejudices. In the afternoon people will be able to sit on the grass and chat against a background of laid-back guitar sounds and South American drumbeats, or find out about possibilities for contributing to refugee support at the stands of the various aid organisations. In the evening the volume will be turned up and participants in the festival will be able to dance to rock 'n' roll, hip-hop and reggae music. The money raised by the “See You Again“ festival will go to WippAsyl, an organisation which helps refugees within the community.

In order to support the work of the security personnel at the event cyber-Wear has donated 50 yellow high-visibility jackets with the word "Ordner" printed on them in large, reflecting letters. Awareness of its social responsibilities – which of course and in particular include support for the local community at the Cybergroup locations – has always been an integral part of the cyber-Wear corporate philosophy.