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Saturday, 01-06-2019

Summer, sunshine, BeachCup

Summer has finally come, and with it the BeachCup! Only three weeks to go until the sporting mega-event of the promotional goods industry. 32 teams have been eagerly looking forward to it for a long time, and train several times a week in order to win the coveted trophy.

38 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes, 19 seconds: that' s the current countdown to the big Cybergroup BeachCup 2019.  In barely more than three weeks it will be that time again.  The popular BeachCup, which was already fully booked after only a few days, will take place for the eighth time this year. Like last year, the list of participants consists of an impressive 32 teams from 28 companies. Of course, the participants are not only from Germany, because the rest of Europe will also be arriving in large numbers to engage in combat in the sand. The event is sponsored by Reflects, Mahlwerck, Zogi, Fare and Senator!


On Saturday, 22 June 2019, the Cybergroup BeachCup will again take place in Ketsch, Baden. From 09:30 the teams will be able to warm up briefly on the four beach volleyball courts. At 10:00 sharp the whistle will sound for the start of the first game. On the eve of the event the familiar grounds in Walldorfer Straße in Ketsch will be open for team training from 18:00. The mega event will be opened with an enjoyable barbecue.


Everybody looks forward to the BeachCup, not just because it will finally be summer and the weather will be warm. Cybergroup will once more fill the weekend with summer highlights which our colleagues, the teams and the families are already looking forward to. The slogan for 22 June is: "Play + Fun + Party = BeachCup". 


And while Cybergroup suppliers, partners and employees face each other on the field of play, the players’ friends and families will be playing their part in the stands: it's their job to join in and cheer on the teams!  The kits for all the teams will once again be designed and provided by cyber-Wear. As in previous years, the matches will be refereed by professionals, and the players will once again be provided with physiotherapists and masseuses who will take expert care of tired and injured muscles. The entire event will receive energetic support from members of the Ketsch sports club, and this year, too, it will be moderated by Christian Pudlo, DJ and radio presenter with Radio Regenbogen. Together with DJ la Dous, who will once again be responsible for the music programme, he'll make sure that the loudspeakers are doubly certain to provide pure motivation. The grand final will take place around 17:00. Afterwards, from 20:00 hrs the award ceremony and the annual ZOGI Players Night will be held at the new location of Playa del MA.