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Tuesday, 04-12-2018

The countdown has started

There will be a very special highlight for cyber-Wear at the end of the year. Construction of their new office and warehouse building in Mannheim is due to be completed, and the company will soon be able to move into the new building.

We can still clearly remember the ground-breaking ceremony for the new building in Mannheim – the date doesn't really feel as if it was that long ago. Starting on 12.04.2018, the work progressed at a rapid pace, moving huge masses of soil on the 8,000 m² site in the Friedrichsfeld-West industrial park in Mannheim to create 3,950 m² of warehouse space and 1,564 m² of office space. The seven million euro investment will also include a 250 m² state-of-the-art design lab, as well as 270 m² of space for social use. It is intended that around 100 employees will be based at the new site by 2020, along with Roman Weiss and Steven Baumgärtner, where they will continue to write the company’s story of success. The dimensions of the building were almost unimaginable for cyber-Wear's employees and for the two Managing Directors, who were responsible for planning the new structure down to the finest detail.  There have been regular visits to the construction site and each time recognisable progress could be observed.


Once all the earth-moving operations and laying of concrete had been concluded, and huge heavy-duty cranes had set up concrete columns and struts on the relevant foundations, it became possible for the first time to get a sense of the scale of the gigantic building. This was the right moment for the traditional laying of the foundation stone. The Managing Directors placed a number of items in a time capsule, including some business cards and a small plastic bucket to symbolise their close connection to the global manufacturing company based in the Bergisches Land area of Germany. And of course, for a company selling promotional items, it goes without saying that classic bestsellers such as lanyards, ballpoint pens and USB sticks had to be included too.


The building quickly started to take shape. Whilst the shell of the building was still being constructed and the outer shell was being added, work also commenced on the interior of the building with heating, plumbing and electrical works. This has also gone very smoothly, meaning that the building will indeed be completed before the end of the year, on 18.12.2018. All the employees and of course the Managing Directors have been eagerly awaiting this day and there is not long to go now. After all the stress in the run-up to Christmas, the various departments and the warehouse will gradually start relocating into the new building as of January 2019.


To provide a bit of excitement in the days leading up to the completion date and to fuel the sense of anticipation, a countdown has been set up on cyber-Wear's website (