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Thursday, 11-01-2018

The course has been set: 2017 was awesome, and 2018 will be even better!

2017 was an exciting, strenuous but above all successful year for the promotional goods specialist Cybergroup!

New business units such as Consulting and Fullfillment are establishing an excellent foothold, enabling Cybergroup to reach clients who would otherwise never opt for a “classical” provider of promotional articles or full-service agency, and the newly acquired portfolio contains some correspondingly prestigious names. Cybergroup is continually expanding its operations in the fullfilment and logistics fields, which in turn enables the improved use of resources and the achievement of even higher parcel volumes.


Exciting new additions to our client portfolio are proving to be highly enriching, in particular because some of these clients have now returned to us after a number of years with the competition. Other clients such as well-known automobile brands are opening up entirely new possibilities, thanks to their luxurious and exclusive product range.


In addition to the acquisition of impressive new clients, there have also been significant technical developments. Last year the first client shop was created with the Shopware software and a number of others with xt5, followed by security tests implemented by the TÜV technical monitoring organisation. A new social intranet has been launched at all locations, enabling team members to exchange information more easily and faster. And finally, as the biggest technical challenge of the year, the switch to Sage 7.1 was successfully implemented. 

Our technical optimisations will continue in the coming year for the purpose of relieving the back office and the warehouse of some of their work, thus providing more time for their core activities. Last year, in under 10 weeks two complex shops featuring prominent brands were set up, adjusted, linked to the client’s own SAP system and with xml order import - a clear demonstration of how fast and efficient Cybergroup is in these areas. 


The most important feature of Cybergroup, however, is our cooperative and friendly interaction with one another, not only within the team but also with our clients and suppliers. In these relationships our daily contacts with our partners, the shared implementation of projects and solving of problems all play an essential role. Of course in this context we immediately think of the “Beachcup”, which has become a firm entry in the diaries of an increasing number of partners as an event to be looked forward to together. In fact we already have a waiting list for participation. 


Early in the new year Cybergroup – in cooperation with Reflects – had its own client lounge at PSI, the most important trade show for the promotional goods industry. This new development reinforced both new and existing customer relations, while the International Sales Meeting which preceded it enhanced the global strengths of our team. In addition to the teams from Heidelberg and Wipperfürth, this event gave our international colleagues from the UK, the US and CN the opportunity to prepare for the trade fair and for the coming year. Already a prominent feature of Cybergroup, this international dimension will continue to grow in the years to come and attract further clients.


The next major project to kick off early in the year is the construction of the new HQ in Mannheim, which is to be completed by the end of the year. The planning alone and getting to this stage have provided the company with new impetus in many different areas, while presenting it with new challenges and opening up incredible new opportunities.


With all these opportunities the company can look back on the past year with more than satisfaction, and forward towards the coming year with more than confidence. Here, too, the teams will once more pull together, concentrating all their efforts to the benefit of our clients, and mastering their tasks with innovation, commitment, flexibility and also with determination. We have a clear objective: remaining the No. 1 and extending our edge over the competition. 


It is our aim to continue our growth as a strong, high-performing and internationally successful enterprise! A big “THANK YOU” to EVERYONE, and best wishes for a successful 2018!