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Friday, 24-08-2018

The Ford Lifestyle Collection is supplemented by a new video series showing the products

Ford fans can now enjoy the Ford merchandise articles from a new perspective: the functions and applications of a wide range of products are shown and explained in short videos.

The Ford Lifestyle Collection consists of a number of individual collections featuring a wide variety of cool products. To be precise there are 15 collections, which couldn't be more different. Their products are now presented in short videos, to enable fans to get to know and understand them better.


Compact, robust and ready to use at any time. That's the Ford Multitool. This practical tool is made of stainless steel and has 12 useful functions. When you open the Multitool and fold it out, the first function to be revealed is an astonishingly large and stable pair of pliers. A wire cutting function is integrated in the lower section of the pliers. Further functions are cleverly hidden in the handles of the Multitool. After the tools are folded out they are locked into place with a click, and you can work safely with them. A steel clamp is pressed to unlock them, and the tools are safely stowed back in the handle of the multitool. The tools include a sharp blade, a large saw, two screwdrivers and a can and bottle opener. The black plastic inserts in the handles provide a secure grip during working operations. 


The Ford Multitool from the Outdoor Collection is the practical companion for everyone, whether as a handy attachment to a belt bag or as a useful aid to keep in the car. The Multitool is also the perfect companion for farmers, metalworkers, logistics operators and machine builders, because it offers 12 tools in one.


The Ford Multitool can be found in the Outdoor Collection of the Ford Lifestyle Collection at