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Thursday, 28-03-2019

The future is now

The construction of the new headquarters and the associated relocation to Mannheim is one of the THE milestones in the 25-year history of cyber-Wear. And the results are impressive.

The new company headquarters clearly shows the way forward. In line with the motto of "The future is now", cyber-Wear is one again setting benchmarks - both in the industry and for its own brand claims. Ideas were already overflowing in the planning phase and after a quick construction phase of one year, they come true: The whole building and every detail in it exude the future.


After the completion of the building, the relocation proceeded in a structured manner in just a few days. Of course, there has still not been a moment of peace since this turbulent time. This is because the futuristic new building had been anticipated with excitement and curiosity. The website now offers a virtual tour of the headquarters. The images made the innovative visions of Cybergroup tangible for the colleagues in the subsidiaries as well as for customers and suppliers.


hello & welcome - This is one of the signs which indicate, throughout the building, what cyber-Wear stands for. The reception area is bright, open, generous and like the whole building, completely impressive. Nevertheless, every visitor should feel warmly welcome and can find their contact partner here directly. Opposite the reception desk, an on-side shop solution represents the modern application and visualisation of merchandising. Using the official Ford Lifestyle Collection as an example, cyber-Wear shows its portfolio of merchandising and corporate fashion in this compressed space.


Make it happen. Shock everyone. A clear statement to everyone outside, which dominates the adjacent cyber-lounge. Here visitors can stop by, get something from the candy bar and enjoy their first snacks and drinks since arriving. The lounge also encourages colleagues to stop by. The pleasant area with individual groups of sofas represents one of the many different points which make it possible to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and talk. The teams can also spend their break time in the cyber kitchen, the spacious canteen or the dining room in the heart of the building. Vintage aluminium signs relating to food capture the retro elements, which run through the design of the building. A fun little detail is the memory wall featuring pictures of the children of many employees.


One of the core areas comprises the generous admin offices for the Sales Team. Here every employee has the latest equipment at their fingertips. The workplaces are grouped into so-called islands, split by teams and customers. Virtually half of the area also refers to the future and growth: It has already been set aside so that the individual teams can be expanded from their current size of six to up to ten people. A meeting room which is just as modern and spacious provides sufficient space and a prestigious atmosphere for conferences and presentations.


Creativity is one of the core competencies of Cybergroup. Therefore it should be facilitated in the new building. The specially-developed design lab is now overflowing with creativity and innovation, on an impressive area of 250 square metres. That makes it much bigger than the previous design office and now it offers space not only for the design staff and their ideas, but also for workshops of all kinds. The latest textile collections and cyber's own corporate collection are presented against an urban-vintage backdrop. In line with the motto "think green", it presents a whole range of the latest, sustainable advertising materials, and clearly shows that environmental-awareness is a key component of the corporate philosophy. The innovative working environment is rounded off by a pleasant seating area, a meeting area and a fully-equipped photo studio.


Just as innovative, impressive and above all trend-setting for the industry, due to its dimensions, is the associated ultra-modern high-bay warehouse. The area of 3,950 sqm does not just mean more space and maneuvering options, but also provides completely new conditions. Finally, sufficient storage capacity can be provided to meet the volume of orders which has been growing steadily over recent years.