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Monday, 17-09-2018


Keeping your eyes wide open wherever you go is a particularly good idea in the field of promotional materials. This is precisely how Cybergroup manages to surprise their customers again and again by coming up with just the right article, as they are doing now with a set of high-quality sports underwear for the sports sponsor VIESSMANN.

The collaboration project between TUFTE, the Norwegian sports underwear brand, and the Cybergroup customer VIESSMANN arose from a visit to the ISPO, the leading trade fair for sports professionals. This special collaboration shows that it is worth keeping your eyes wide open wherever you happen to be. With their vigilant, flexible approach, the Cybergroup manages to present their customers with completely new ideas again and again, ideas that provide the ideal support for the company and the particular campaign in question.

It was in this context that VIESSMANN ordered 1,000 pieces each of the sports underwear articles CREW NECK & LONG JOHNS. What makes these items particularly special is the use of the material BAMBULL®. This was developed to make the garments more comfortable for the user when doing leisure activities in cold winter weather. The name BAMBULL® is made up of the two Norwegian words "Bambus" meaning bamboo and "Ull" which means wool. This newly-created word is a play on the type of weave construction used. BAMBULL® clothing is made up of two layers, with bamboo-rayon on the inside and merino wool on the outside. They are sewn together in such a way that the wearer avoids any contact with the wool, so even people with sensitive skin can enjoy the warmth of wool when doing winter sports. 


The brand was first created by the Norwegian oarsman Olaf Tufte. Olaf Tufte was world champion in the men's single sculls in 2001 and 2003, and in 2004 and 2008 he won Olympic gold in this class. This is where we find the link to VIESSMANN's activities as a sports sponsor.


VIESSMANN are experts in heating systems, industrial energy systems and cooling solutions, and the company has been sponsoring winter sports athletes for the past 25 years. Yet it is not only important to the company that their brand ambassadors demonstrate sporting success, but also that they come across in public as likeable personalities. Under the slogan, "We are fans of winter", VIESSMANN is also showing increased commitment to climate protection in order to ensure that coming generations will be able to enjoy winter sports too.